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  1. Below your post it's noted there are guidelines for selling here. Here they are. I noticed that you aren't asking a specific price that you will sell for. You need to.
  2. Three months later, it's listed at $82,000.
  3. Yet, there is a 24K offer on Clink for a 9.6 SS. Is Stan's signature really worth an extra 9K ? I consider myself quite a bit more paranoid than most people I meet, but I give absolutely no thought to the significance of offers that I see on comiclink anymore. What would be the difficulty in someone asking his friend to make an offer on comiclink at his bottom line price? It would certainly help avoid all of the "ridiculous" offers between 50% of his asking price and his bottom line "might consider acceptance" price. It would also indicate an interest that doesn't really exist.
  4. What's the certification number on the 129?
  5. What I said was as clear as I cared about saying it. I didn't know if everyone was really looking that closely, but what I saw at the top, I would not pay a 9.6 premium for it. Clearly, it's thought of as a 9.6, or it wouldn't have been graded that. Plenty of wraps I don't like get 9.6 slabs too. If your reaction is "+ 1,000,000" and "best graders notes EVER", good for you. You might have also noticed that I said it was beautiful.
  6. The first comic month that I bought from a comic shop was January '76 cover date. Joe Sarno's Nostalgia Shop in Chicago. It was Spider Man #150, and I hadn't even found #149 at a 7/11 or my previous sources yet. I'm pretty sure the first month I saw a diamond was mid 190s, probably #194. After that it was years before I even realized that all of those issues still had newsstand copies as well.
  7. I have to say, that fresh 9.6 is absolutely glorious! Colors are vivid, nice centering and the back cover is pretty white. It will be interesting to see if and what it sells for. It absolutely is a great looking 9.6. I'd be completely happy with that book and spend the other $50K plus on a lot of other sweet books. +1,000,000 That is one of the nicest 9.6s I've seen... of any book Not sure if everyone is zooming in to the top left on the 9.6 on CL, but I don't think I'd be willing to quite go 9.6 premium for that book graded last year. It is beautiful though.
  8. Indeed. It's showing no grader's notes available on the 9.2 cert.
  9. I'm not saying anything isn't possible. From what I've seen the OP post, I think it's completely plausible that he slipped up somehow taking those books out the slabs. I'm sure he was careful. How can I judge that from where I'm sitting?
  10. I'd still like the OP to divulge the notes. Since they both significantly went down in grade, perhaps they were both dropped in the process somewhere ? It's possible. As for sending in the's not supposed to have any effect on the grade or the grading process. Remembering the situation where a blue label came back as Purple, Harshen came on the Boards and stated you should send the book in the slab, let them crack it out. Not being a SS player, can the book be cracked out of the slab by the SS representative ? At comic cons, CGC reps will not de-slab a book, however, they will show you how do it. A rep will witness you de-slab the book and will stay with you(and the book) and witness the sig. They will walk with you to the person signing the book and stand in line with you. This way they can ensure the de-slabbed book is the same one being signed. If the line for the sig is very long, they will hold the book for you while you stand in line. When you are close to the front of the line, you can go get the rep who has the book and they will stand to watch the book signed. You just need to hope a friendly person will hold your spot(this usually isn't a issue). The book or books then are carried back to the cgc booth by the rep to be registered. They ask you to include the blue label with the book to be regraded so it can be taken out of the registry as a blue label. It's a pretty straight forward to remove the book when they show you the proper way to do it. I've found the CGC reps great guys and gals at the cons. I'm not sure how third party sig services like NYcomics work as I have never used one. Hope this helps Yes, it does. So, it sounds like the rep witnessing you deslab the book and passing along the old label would be the proper way to go about it. Good to know. Thanks. I wanted to also say thanks to the post you responded to, and note that there are way too many variables to just throw this at "new graders". Looking forward to a report on what the graders notes are tho. I'm holding my breath....starting......NOW.
  11. Very nice. I'm so disappointed with my off-white 9.4. Did they definitively only buy one copy of each book? I remember seeing something in GPA that would be kind of sad if they did.
  12. It's an extreme example, but it popped into my head. I just can't see how a transaction could happen for something like a 15 year old slab 9.9 Hulk 181, if both parties aren't certain of what they're dealing with. If there's a chance something could possibly change after ten years that isn't clearly visible, like scs. I have no idea if it is or it isn't still in its first slab. Just wondering.
  13. Thank you! That's exactly the reason I raised the point. Good to know.