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  1. I wish I had bought Negation original art back in the day.
  2. It looks more like vintage original illustration art from a science or science-fiction magazine than comic art.
  3. Had no time to scan some pieces so my last minute addition is : PUBLISHED Gen13 Chromium Trading Card #78 (Front) : Rainmaker and Fairchild vs Coda
  4. PUBLISHED Abare Hanagumi chapitre 67 page 86 by Yuichi Oshiyama
  5. PUBLISHED Earth 2: World's End #1 page 38 by Eddy Barrows and Eber Ferreira
  6. Copy paste 2020 goals ... remove a few, here are my 2021 goals : - A nice X-Men/Batman/Spider-Man page - A Perez/Davis/Wieringo page - A Crossgen (Negation or Ruse) or Wildstorm (Majestic, StormWatch, Wildcats, Jet, Gen-Active ...) page - A page from a fumetti and a page from a Archie comic - Frame some pieces, - Maybe commission a piece or two (that would be a first for me) As always, the key is finding art that matches my tastes and my (small, by the forum standards) budget ...
  7. During Comicartlive, I bought those four pieces from Eddy Barrows.
  8. Well, I bought two pages featuring Batmen (the main universe one and the one from Earth 2, not yet on my CAF) I had opportunities, but nothing I liked enough within my budget. I found a small Gen13 OA for a trading card ! Three comic strips by Mike Roy, including one featuring Nero Wolfe, one of my favorite detectives Three manga pages came home (one is already on CAF). No framing, no commissioning, although I may pull the trigger soon ... (I payed for a small remarque by Bob McLeod, though)
  9. One example among too many : Deathstroke The Terminator Original Art By Mike Zeck Teen Titans 2 MH991 (without description) Already for sale from another seller : DEATHSTROKE THE TERMINATOR ORIGINAL ART BY MIKE ZECK TEEN TITANS 2 BATMAN 1 PC BUT ... described as "This is a print done by Zeck that was
  10. Some websites like or sell manga OA from little known and/or old titles. I have no reason to believe they would be fakes considering the low prices. I bought this one from artcoholics :
  11. George Perez : Marvel comics vs DC comics (his choice of characters, at least 20 of each). Nuff said ...
  12. Like in the US, it depends on popularity and scarcity ... You can't understand the prices if you don't know the european (well, mostly french) comic market and his fads. Grzegorz Rosinski is the artist of the long lasting series Thorgal (1977-2018) and a some well received mini series and storys arcs.