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  1. Finally took the time to scan a different kind of OA : Vellum overlays featuring the original lettering of Todd Klein for Deathblow, Supreme ... (He sold them through his website as a bulk, years ago) You can have a look at them in my CAF gallery : Klein&order=Title&pi=18 That led me to think about the different kinds of OA, apart from pages, like the Style guide, Studies, Character Design, licensing art, advertising art, ... Do you have any oddities like that to share ?
  2. I see you're selling them at comiclink ... Would have liked to know if i was right about those pages ...
  3. You can : share the link to my post : right-click ont the video : Copy video url at the current time. Here it is :
  4. of the 7 pages I bought 2 years ago only one remains on the site. Good !
  5. Some facts : This was The Artist's Choice website in 2006 : Now look at the current site : Notice how the list of artist was way longer then ? That is not the look of success ... comix4fun, you said : I don't believe this is true ... It may have been, a long time ago ... but not currently. A lot of his inventory has already been sold ...
  6. My latest acquistition, with art by one of the finest super hero artist of the last years.
  7. Goals ... mine are like my budget : quite low, but large and diverse enough that I can have hope to reach one or two next year - A nice looking painted book cover (thriller, action, science-fiction) - A good X-Men/Batman/Spider-Man page - A Perez/Davis/Wieringo page - A Crossgen (Negation or Ruse) or Wildstorm (Majestic, StormWatch, Wildcats) page - A comic strip - A page from a fumetti The key is finding art that matches my tastes and my budget ...
  8. When i search Alan Davis : All results are greyed. I filter for galeries : results appears. I filter for makerplace : all greyed gain.
  9. Looks like it's a hidden group ... can't access it, doesn't appear when searching among facebook groups ... It's the CABAL !
  10. They are quite easy to find, but since someone asked for links in another thread, here are somes, with the descriptions : Original Comic Art (Public Group) This group is being established on Facebook as an open forum for anyone who'd like to show off professional original artwork, gawk in amazement at the original art of others or simply hang out at yet another online venue that is both hip, educational and mindbogglin'. Feel free to post artwork done by professional comics artists, respond to other pieces posted or simply hang back and appreciate the skills of others who are skilled in the ways of pen & ink. PLEASE be aware that this group is not meant to be a place of commerce. Posting posts with the sole intent of selling is a downer. (That means that sales posts will be removed.) It shouldn't need saying, but NO insults will be tolerated and will be immediately deleted. Disagree, but make your posts respectful. Collectors of Original Illustration Art (Closed Group) A place to share, trade, sell and talk about original illustration art, in all categories. Commissioned (An Original Comic Art Collectors Group) (Closed Group) COMMISSIONED is a group for original comic book art collectors. Whether you collect interior pages, con sketches, blank comic cover doodles, commissions or cover art- Commissioned is your place to talk about it. This is NOT a group to advertise your commission list. Even personal trade and sales posts are prohibited outside the "SALES Master Post." This group has been made FOR THE FANS AND BY THE FANS. If you are an artist or rep, please only share your commission availability in the applicable document. Comic original art sale, trade, show (Closed Group) This group is for collectors of original comic book artwork. Show off your art, sell it, or offer it for trade. The key is "comic book artwork". Preferably published work Original Comic books / art / inking / hiring / buying / selling (Closed Group) This page is for Original Comic book and non comic book art!!! Collectors of Original Illustration Art (Closed Group) A place to share, trade, sell and talk about original illustration art, in all categories. The House Of Tharg Original Comic Art Group (Closed Group) The House of Tharg Original Comic Art Group is simply for collectors and fans of original comic art that is in some way, shape or form connected to 2000AD and its sister publications. If you can show a connection then it's welcome! UPDATED : ORIGINAL COMIC ART COLLECTORS (Closed Group) A group to share and discuss Original comic book and comic strip artwork. Not a site to advertise art for sale. MOVIE POSTER original artwork (Closed Group) A hang out for Original comic book art collectors and fans who live in the Mid-Michigan area. Show off your collection, and plan meet ups and other events. Sketch Prices - Comic Book Sketches, Commissions & Autograph Prices (Closed Group) A discussion page to talk about comic convention sketches, commissions & prices by your favorite artists! Find us at Research and get the latest updates on prices for convention sketches from your favorite comic artists! PLEASE see the Guidelines in the pinned post or the Files section before posting!
  11. For me it's all about information. When posting on CAF, I signal : "this page exists" "it belongs to me" "if you want it, you will have to wait or make me a crazy offer" "if you're Scott Dunbier and you need a scan of this for your book about (add random comic book superstar's name from whom I wish I had a page), here I am" And, of course, it's cool to feel validated when someone likes a page you own ...