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  1. Some websites sell manga OA from little known and/or old titles like or I have no reason to believe they would be fakes considering the low prices. I bought this one from artcoholics :
  2. George Perez : Marvel comics vs DC comics (his choice of characters, at least 20 of each). Nuff said ...
  3. Like in the US, it depends on popularity and scarcity ... You can't understand the prices if you don't know the european (well, mostly french) comic market and his fads. Grzegorz Rosinski is the artist of the long lasting series Thorgal (1977-2018) and a some well received mini series and storys arcs.
  4. Considering I also bought a bundle of art with it, add 16 € (half the total shipping cost) for shipping.
  5. 23 € (without shipping) for vintage Gen13 OA bought in 2020 :
  6. Ask on a french forum :
  7. I was looking through HA next auction and there was two pieces where HA could not tell where they were published. One right-click, search Image with google on the image and ... bam ! First piece (for TSR fans) : Second piece (for Dark Age: Feudal Lords CCG fans) :
  8. Apparently, one piece of the next Heritage auction may be a TSR piece :
  9. A small (and cheap) Gen13 piece, a nice find for a Wildstorm fan : Three comic strips by Mike Roy I had forgotten to post about (including two written by superman co-creator) :
  10. I'm doing it right now. I think I may like the art more of the images were bigger, making the details of the works easier to see.
  11. A few thoughts I have and wanted to share : Among the things that bug me are the CAF stores : You can't add art from those stores to your Favorite Artwork Galleries You can't comment the art (to tell the seller got the artist wrong for example) I can understand reasonning behind the latter, not the former. And there is a bug that makes it impossible to see artist with an hyphen in their first name in the Art By Artist your page (I signaled it)
  12. For 2000AD OA, you should look here :
  13. You should use with various law-related keywords ... I tried with trial and found some interesting pieces like the trial of deathstroke.
  14. Did you ask Nick Percival ? You should ask the 2000AD OA community :