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  1. Just made a fun announcement on this project in the News @ Comicartfans section on CAF - link as follows; There will be some additional fun announcements in coming weeks. Special thanks to Bill Cox for his help in getting the Lance Hallam word out!
  2. Hey The Voord and ShallowDan - I've been so busy tracking down Lance Hallam strips that I've not been back to update this post in way too long! I just posted three brand new additions to my Lance Hallam gallery this evening, which you can see at - that brings the tally to 57 of the 84 strips necessary to complete the story. And, another collector agreed just tonight to part with another of their Hallam examples - that will be 58 once I receive and post. On a somewhat related note, The Voord - I understand your comment about there being some potential drawbacks in going public with such a search. But, I have to say, I have received nothing but positive support, feedback and assistance from collectors all over the world at this stage of my search. I'm sure the odds are that I'm going to run into a difficult situation, but for the moment I've been humbled by the enthusiastic outpouring of help in tracking down Hallam examples. Sure hope it stays that way!
  3. Just a short note to report on progress while also continuing to solicit Carol Day strips from the Lance Hallam storyline. The help from fellow collectors in tracking down strips has been extraordinary! And, as importantly, so many collectors have graciously agreed to part with some great Lance Hallam examples as part of my quest. As of this writing, there are now 44 of the 84 strips that comprise Lance Hallam in this gallery ! And, spoiler alert, there is a 45th one being mailed to me on Monday. After starting with 24 of them, I'm thrilled with the progress - and even more thrilled with all of the help and encouragement I've received. Thanks to all who have responded to this topic. I know I've said it before, but it certainly bears repeating - any and all help in identifying the location of Carol Day dailies from the Lance Hallam storyline would be GREATLY appreciated!
  4. Following up on my previous posts, I've set up a separate Carol Day - Lance Hallam gallery on my CAF page; four recent additions have been added in the last few days for anyone who would like to see them. I won't update this post every time I add one, but will certainly let folks know when a few have been added. Images of 28 of the 84 strips necessary to complete the story now sit in that gallery. Thanks to all that have contributed and are contributing to the quest! Gallery link is below - Needless to say, looking for any and all examples from the Lance Hallam storyline from Carol Day!
  5. Hey ShallowDan & Taylor G - thanks for the commentary, the clarification and the support. This will not be an easy task, for sure - and, I think I'm appropriately realistic about the odds of putting it together in my lifetime. I've already had dialogue with collectors in two other countries...and I'm sure examples for the story are more scattered than that! But, in my mind, it's certainly a task worth undertaking and I've already had the great side benefit of our hobby come into play during this initial part of the search - meeting other collectors! I plan to do my best and see where the chips fall. I'm actually waiting for a delivery today of an example that resulted from this posting, so making some progress! You'll see what I find in my gallery as I find them.
  6. A quick note of thanks to those that responded to me off-line about having Carol Day examples from the Lance Hallam storyline. I've had the chance to acquire a few, now know where some others are and have gotten some leads to other folks that will hopefully result in un-earthing more. Having said all of that, I remain interested in acquiring any and all examples from this storyline. If you have one, I'd love to hear from you!
  7. Looking to buy Carol Day examples from the Lance Hallam storyline (any example numbered between 105-188). If you have one and would be interested in selling it, please private message me. Thank you!
  8. I'm not the most frequent visitor to these boards...and this thread reminds me why. My posts are rare to non-existent, but hard not to highlight this snippet from the back and forth - All matters of opinion. Because opinions differ on most topics for most people, even if only to degrees...we live in a social arrangement that does not favor the dictator. Thank God. 'All matters of opinion'? Wow. That is just wrong. I would feel incredibly remiss not saying so. Later, gents. Done with this thread for sure. - Chris