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  1. I have to agree with bisquitodoom, Saga of the Swamp Thing 30 is the best cover from the Moore run (I may have my own selfish reasons for that vote but there it is)! I do not intend to hijack the "Purchase of the Year" topic, but with the recent dust up caused by the surfacing of the Swamp Thing 37 cover, I did a little basic internet digging into the covers for the Alan Moore Swamp Thing run and it looks like out of the roughly 45 potential covers (issues 20-64 and the Annual 2), only 11 are officially accounted for out there. Between CAF, Heritage, and CLink, I counted the following: 24, 28, 29 (which is - I think - an unpublished version), 37, 38, 40, 43, 47, 51, 56, and 57 So where are the others?
  2. Agreed on all fronts and not sure you are missing anything Malvin. This price seems awfully high for a Bradstreet Punisher cover when reviewing comps, but I can certainly see someone (or several someone(s)) bidding up and potentially overpaying for a good example from this run. Ennis-penned Punisher Max pages - including to some lesser degree the Bradstreet covers - have always seemed under-valued/under-priced to me, particularly in light of the fact that many view these Max stories as among the best, if not THE best, Punisher stories ever produced and as they appear to remain very popular with multiple trades, hardcovers, omnibuses, and “complete” collections keeping this run in print since the original publication (which is now 15 years ago and counting!). Proving though that I could be way off the mark and not really know what I am taking about, I have had posted on CAF for over 3 years the first splash from the Punisher Max #50 issue, the opening title page behind the now record-breaking $5K Bradstreet cover, and it has only captured 213 views as of today (and 0 comments). Charley
  3. Pretty big numbers on the Miller DD and Watchmen pages. I mean, both pages are great but these are top of market amounts being paid for “non-key” pages right?
  4. Natt the Hat
  5. Sixpack.
  6. You can reach Travel on CAF: Very nice guy. Have had good dealings with him.
  7. Need a little help here. The attached (if the image doesn't attach for some reason please follow this link: Kevin Maguire piece was done for the Adventures of Captain America series that came out in 1991/1992. This image was used for a t-shirt (I have seen a picture before but did not save it) and (if my memory serves) for comic shop poster ads in the early 1990s but I can't seem to find images of either. Not sure if the image has appeared in any reprintings of the series into trade format (I don't own any of the trades). Can anyone out there help me find some pictures of where this image was published? Striking out on Google images! Thank you in advance.
  8. READ SCALPED! Can't say enough good things about it. Best book Aaron has written and one of the best books in at least the last decade or so. Great story and beautiful art. I'll say it again: READ SCALPED!
  9. PM sent.
  10. Raising funds so I have a couple of originals for sale for a limited time. First is my Scalped #60 page 19 by R.M. Guéra. It is the last meaningful page of Dash in the entire series, up on which he reflects about his life on the “Rez.” Here is the link to my CAF: As you may be aware if you have hunted a Scalped original, R.M. Guéra pages are not cheap. R.M. charges fairly high prices for his originals and most of his pages seem to remain in the hands of the original buyers. This page was roughly $950 US Dollars when I bought it from R.M. in 2012 at the then Euro exchange rate. As I would not want to sell at a loss, I would be looking to make a whopping $25 on it and will sell for $975. Second is my Manhattan Projects #11 page 10 by Nick Pitarra. Here is the link to my CAF: It is a really cool early full team splash that predates the issue #13 splash that sold on eBay for over $3,500 in 2013: I would be looking for far less than half that amount, and will sell the MP splash for $1,250. I will gladly cover the shipping on these if you are in the states. Please contact me via email at: or through CAF messaging. First responders will get the page(s). Thank for looking. Charley
  11. Here are links to a couple of pages that I think satisfy this topic. Enjoy. Charley