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  1. Grader Notes: Now attached... CERTIFICATION DETAILS Certification Number: 0264228001 Grade Date: 07/09/2015 Issue: 15 Issue Date: 8/62 Publisher: Marvel Comics Country: Variant: Pedigree: Category: Universal Grade: 3.0 Page Quality: OFF-WHITE TO WHITE Grade Text:
  2. Amazing Fantasy 15 CGC BLUE Label 3.0 OFF WHITE / WHITE PAGES! $19,750.00 Looking to sell this beautiful book. Serious buyers only, NO low ballers! Send questions / inquiries. Details: Never been pressed or cleaned, submitted straight to CGC Raw myself a few years back. PICS: Pics of both book in CGC is listed and if you scroll down the pics of the Raw Pre-CGC books are listed as well of the ENTIRE book which was completely documented / photographed before it was sent to CGC. Payment: Cashiers Checks (Item ships when cleared) / Cash (Meet in per
  3. I want to buy the following 2 items: - 1984 Secret Wars Spider-Man sealed in package (clear bubble) - 1984 Secret Wars Spider-Man sealed in package (clear bubble) Please message me as I am looking to purchase soon (please do not send me auction links) looking to buy from another collector.
  4. Sold a very nice Early ASM to Adam, he was pleasant and very communicative. It was a pleasure talking with him about books and easy to work with during the entire process. A+++ Superstar!!
  5. Your over thinking it and good luck with the Choice A @ 18K probably not going to happen that cheap.
  6. Thank you, I have not seen this as common either but I have from time to time came across listings like this and when I looked within the description I didnt see anything noting what it was about. Thank you for taking your time to reply.
  7. How often do you find those with AF 15 + ASM 1 - current 810 (or whatever). I am curious how hard / rare etc it is to accomplish such a feat.
  8. What does it mean for example a seller has put this in their title (see below) I have always wondered what it meant, could someone advise? "F9 121 cm clean"
  9. This is where it was originally purchased! (Stamped)
  10. WTB: FCBD 2007 Amazing Spiderman Please PM and let me know if you have a copy and how much.
  11. I believe it was originally inside of the magazine, the information has been out there for some time. Here is some information about it: Eye Magazine: Amazing Spider-Man #42 Mini Insert Comic printed horizontal Contained In: Eye Magazine (Vol. 2) #2 (Story 2)
  12. I just thought it was odd that the supply was low on ebay since I last looked. I also don't think that it is an issue of people not wanting to sell because prices are dropping, if that were the case then a lot of books would not be listed in general. If someone wants to sell (is motivated) they will regardless of the supply in most cases. I was wondering myself if the low supply could indicate price increases or a building up of demand.