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  1. I regret to inform you all that I am back. 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 How is everyone?!
  2. I need to go back and reread everything from issue one. I can't believe TWD is approaching 200 issues!
  3. I leave for a few months and come back to this last ISSUE??!!!???!!! How is everyone?!
  4. Interesting to say the least. Wizard has had a rough go, but I've never seen a celeb list from their end and thought "what on earth are they doing?"
  5. I thought it was a wonderful harkening to the comic, but man. It was intense. And a bit too much, no? I didn't feel good watching it. It definitely teetered into something that wasn't entertaining.
  6. So much happening in the WD world. How you guys holding up?
  7. There are some proper grails in here. Did I miss the Jock opp? KUBERT(s)?!?!
  8. There are some decent indicators we can look at when it comes to panel pages, how much similar KJ, or other big-time panel pages have gone in the past. I think a lot of them are apples to oranges (this compared to the first panel appearance of Wolvie to me is a tough comparison. I think these these are two different targets/buyers on era alone, let alone a bunch of other factors). I think some of them though in terms of overall value, are spot-on. Either way, I want this page, if it ever does go up for auction, to break records. I find it beautiful, and the perfect encapsulation of the tone that little aside story on the Joker had in the book. It's a proper museum piece. I'm no expert. I'm happy I'm not, because it makes things like these fun, and I get to dodge the accountability. This has been a fun thread to lurk and read over the past few days, right, gents and ladies?
  9. If someone offered me the page for $300K right now and said I had 30 seconds to decide whether to buy it or not (so I couldn't shop it to potential buyers first), I'd pass on it. I think it's cool, but I was never blown away by KJ (pretty art, yes, but overrated in terms of story and importance IMO), so would have no interest in owning it personally at that kind of price, and would not be confident of making a profit by trying to flip it (at least not enough to make it worth the time, effort and risk). On the other hand, if someone offered me the cover for $300K right now with 30 seconds to decide, I'd take it and either sell it or use it as trade bait to get something I wanted more. I'd be highly confident of getting my money out and more in that scenario. Coming out of retirement to join the fun in this thread. The cover to me fetches $350K. Way too popular of a book, globally known, and while there have been some stunners sold in the past few years that have been grail-worthy, I think this would be right up there with some of the more marquee auctions. The panel page is beautiful. I can't fathom a panel page going for more than $120K. That just doesn't happen, and while there's precedent with the Babs page, $120K is stupid money, and I'd rather hold off on another stunner of a cover and dump the money there. Covers to someone else's point earlier are overrated to some extent, but the serious money from serious buyers usually is spent on covers and cover-worthy splashes.
  10. Tough one. Large art is great, but it doesn't have any main characters, action sequences, and doesn't depict any notable scene from the book. The best thing this has going for it is it's large art and early issue. Some of these pages have barely been able to break $400. Some if you get it at the right moment go as high as $600. It's SDCC time, so now would be a good time to pop it on the eBay. That's the place I'd suggest you pop it up, with a BIN/Best Offer option.
  11. I'll be missing you guys this year, but my love to all of you crazies!
  12. And bumping this back to be on the page it should be!
  13. And screw you guys-- that's the only page I've ever seen from Adlard with text on it. $100!
  14. Agreed. It'll be interesting to see how prices will be affected once pieces are inevitably separated. Some nice sales as of late on some great Adlard pieces!
  15. Tony told me a directly a while back that someone in TX has it. I've tried to backtrack and see if there were any leads for dear old James, but to no avail. Rooting hard that he finds it!
  16. +1 Couldn't disagree more. I thought he nailed it. I was on the edge of my seat, and was terrified. I thought his expectations were insane, but he met them to me.