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  1. Thank you Bill Robinson for a great transaction. If this isn’t in the right spot, I’m sorry. Just wanted to thank Bill publicly.
  2. Used to work at a print shop and can verify all that was needed was to change the “K” or black plate with the extra line on it at a predetermined time. Cost for a new plate was negligible and the two variants were bound at different times. All in in one run with a stop to switch plates. Hard to believe anyone would think that was drawn with a sharpie!
  3. I don’t really agree with any of those statements. Such is the fabric of life, I suppose.
  4. I remember that being an issue. It was pretty prevalent.
  5. I’ll take these! Thor 137 Copy B 3.5 $8 Thor 141 3.0/3.5 $5 Thor 142 3.0/3.5 $6 Thor 143 3.0/3.5 $5 Thor 147 3.5/4.0 $7 Thor 148 Copy B 3.0/3.5 $5 Thor 149 Copy B 3.5/4.0 Subscription crease, otherwise lovely copy. $7
  6. Hey guys, I usually lurk but since I’m digging through old boxes I wanted to poke my head out and ask about something that’s been in the back of my noggin for years. Back in the 90s, I bought Bloodshot #3 from my LCS. Upon reading, I discovered parts of the contents were doubled. Not double the page count. It seems the first two signatures (folded pages of a comic used when binding) were used consecutively. In other words, you read the first half of the story then read those same pages again without the proper pages for the ending. Grades at 9.6 or 9.8. It’s beautiful. Has anyone else come across one like it? I can find no reference to it online at all. I also have a correctly bound copy. Any info would be appreciated. I also have Magnus 0 with two coupons bound in grading about 8.5 to 9.0 Are these worth getting slabbed? If this gets any interest, I’ll try to post pics. Thanks!
  7. Surprised no one mentioned Astonishing Tales number 25. Has a humor back-up that is Perez’s first marvel work. Also is first appearance of Deathlok. Had mine signed at HeroesCon in the late 90’s. Not copper, but man what a book! edit: looks like someone did mention it. I missed it in my first read-thru. Getting old, I guess. ?
  8. Check this one on ebay now! All Flash Quarterly on the tag dates it to perhaps as early as the mid-40s!
  9. Love the show and as soon as I figure out how to load a pic, I'll show ya mine! (Granted I haven't spent much time on it yet! ?)
  10. And though a bit dated now, I really enjoyed all the Mr and Mrs Superman stories in Superman Family as a kid. Still have a VF and up run of those!
  11. I remember that also. Can't imagine why an image of sick Spidey would be good cover fodder as it is so closely related to the story it originated from. I suppose the person who picked it didn't read the story. Very odd, I agree.
  12. Great sale! Hope to bid once I've built up some goodwill on the boards. Still great to watch it happen, but it kept this old man up soooo late! ??
  13. So lovely! I could read this forever. I like Alfred quite a bit. Just curious : Any particular reason you skipped on "Fat Alfred"? This version helps forward the story for sure and avoids straight out slapstick so I approve but I just want to pick your brain (as opposed to your nose). KUTGW!!!