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  1. That's right Ben...the funny thing is that we rely on that top label, in the CGC slab to tell us what the amount of pages that our books have, and we never see the actual pages of any books unless we crack them other words I bought the book for what it was...the cover, I did not care that the inside pages weren't complete because it did't have a big origin in story or special character's first appearance, they are dud I stand a chance to pickup a coverless copy to complete it much better than finding this monumental cover out there... I am perfectly happy with my copy a 0.5 Blue Label, as is it presents well and was lots more affordable that a complete copy when I bought it.
  2. Thanks Todd, So that would mean 16 story pages are missing?
  3. Guys...this is very confusing, my book is missing the following pages according to CGC Just checked my copy of Suspense and it is missing...pages 2, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19...which is so weird. Can anyone help me in figuring this out.
  4. Looking forward to another Great Show...Lots of Golden Age, Silver age books as well as Bronze, Copper and modern! Let's get the excitement brewing because this show will be Epic!
  5. Great picture...binder holes and missing's still a thing of beauty!
  6. Hi all, Looking to see if anyone has the CF to a Wonder Woman #1 or a Captain America #3...any help would be much appreciated, I am trying to complete my babies! Thanks
  7. Wow ...three days to go I am Super excited...Great Books, Awesome Dealers and an Amazing group of Collectors... and now an Invicta Hulk Watch that you might WIN!!!! Â
  8. Everyone's talking about this show... can't wait till next week!!! High grade CGC books... Golden Age Keys, Silver Age Keys, Bronze Age and Moderns!
  9. It's going to be a Great Event...We have a lot of real comic book dealers and collectors coming and the Hilton is outstanding... bring those books that you want to sell or trade because there will be lots of Golden Age, Silver age, Bronze and Modern books available!