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  1. Great picture...binder holes and missing's still a thing of beauty!
  2. Hi all, Looking to see if anyone has the CF to a Wonder Woman #1 or a Captain America #3...any help would be much appreciated, I am trying to complete my babies! Thanks
  3. Wow ...three days to go I am Super excited...Great Books, Awesome Dealers and an Amazing group of Collectors... and now an Invicta Hulk Watch that you might WIN!!!! Â
  4. Everyone's talking about this show... can't wait till next week!!! High grade CGC books... Golden Age Keys, Silver Age Keys, Bronze Age and Moderns!
  5. It's going to be a Great Event...We have a lot of real comic book dealers and collectors coming and the Hilton is outstanding... bring those books that you want to sell or trade because there will be lots of Golden Age, Silver age, Bronze and Modern books available!
  6. God Bless you Rick and your family...I know how devastating a hurricane can be and wish you prayers for a quick recovery!
  7. Flash #1 - One of the Toughest Golden age Keys out there! This copy comes from the collection of Ron Goulart - Writer and Comic Historian, Stamped on the first page with his name. With the First Appearance and Origin of The Flash, Hawkman, Johnny Thunder and The Whip... the first three becoming members of the First great DC Superhero Group The Justice Society of America, This copy is coverless missing the last page with cream to Off White also comes with a Fantastic reproduction Front and back cover. With a complete coverless with tan to off white pages selling for $10,500 I believe that my copy at $6,900 is priced right again I will contemplate reasonable offers or questions on the book. Asking $6,900 Preferred Form Of Payment PP, money order or check TERMS OF SALE First unconditional in the thread gets the book and will trump any ongoing PM transactions. PMs welcomed for additional information. Returns accepted within 7 days. No probies or HOS members. SHIPPING Free to US (Canada $20)
  8. Take ...Metamorpho 1, First Power girl and Showcase 61.
  9. This is a complete joke...snow white pages on two copies of action 1... the paper stock from the golden age books are a thicker stock and the reprint stock is glossy and thinner just like the ones in the pictures.