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  1. You would still have to test the theory, and everything is based on the last sale. I also don't know who has the copy that would want to part with it.
  2. I'm thinking the best grade copy of Action#1 but I honestly don't know.
  3. Thank you. Yes it was a shocker. I think they're making an extra bit on the shipping. I can't figure one book would cost so much to ship. It appears you need to get multiple wins to make it worth your while.
  4. I hope they didn't go after passwords.
  5. Quoting CGC stats and saying it is asymmetrical because "it is" doesn't really answer the question. Why is the deviation so small, or the skew for the curve so far to the left? If there is a factor that I haven't thought of I'd be happy to say I was wrong or that I missed something. In the case of modern comics though, I think the factors should warrant a more regular occurrence of those grades.
  6. What's causing the asymmetry? In the case of moderns comics, and fair equally balanced grading scale, I would think it should happen with 0.1-1% prob of slabbed books.
  7. I can't believe I have to debate stats after all these years. You're proving my point here. In all cases it's a bell. 3 of the 4 curves indicate proportionality at dead center with varying standard deviation. Let's say the green curve were further to the right, than the left. That could be skewed as in the case where everyone tanked their final, and the prof had to slide the curve over to prevent failures.
  8. The median is the chosen middle item of the submitted samples. In every case you should see the semblance of a bell curve. Most samples should hover towards the 50th percentile (top of the bell). For moderns you will likely see the higher end of the curve only, since most people will submit only the high end items for grading. For older items, you are more likely to see the full shape. I don't think a 9.9 should be a unicorn. There should be a pattern to their occurrence.
  9. This thread has been done before and I still can't remember. I believe ASM 194 but I honestly can't remember.
  10. The title of this thread should be the title of a comic book. You should trademark it.
  11. From a pure statical point of view, grades should roughly reflect a Gaussian curve and those stellar grades should pop up with a known percentage over time. If not, then those grades reflect something else.
  12. The quality of the process for making a book is pretty impressive for moderns as opposed to the days of pulp. If you buy a 100 unread books and submitted them all, wouldn't you get at least one 9.9?
  13. I finally won an auction for a DD issue that always eluded me. However, I am kind of shocked how much CC takes for shipping. I might not have bothered had I known. I can't remember it being that expensive the last time I won from them.
  14. 9.8 gotta have it nonsense. They just command stupid prices. The difference between 9.6/9.8/9.8 is minimal if even decipherable for a BA book.