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  1. I’ve had an attempted transfer once which was reversed by PayPal. Took a while and nothing happened again after changing my password. PayPal has become increasingly harder to reach and use. I prefer not to use them anymore.
  2. I will concur that a lot of markets (as well as comics) are actually becoming seller markets during the pandemic. It might seem counter-intuitive but it seems to be the case.
  3. Penguin I think from the quantity of stories, more so in the early half of the series.
  4. Digital currencies offer a different payment method. If you work with a buyer/seller you already trust and ship with tracking, there is no need for protection.
  5. He had a great DD run as well. Obituaries are really starting to make me feel older.
  6. Originator of so many great Batman stories. This is truly a loss.
  7. The med clinic is the worst for me. They could have kept them open and automatically tested everyone through the door. The health system is not overrun here.
  8. Very little open. The fact that clinics, dentists, and optometrists are closed irks me the most.
  9. I can look at Perez's art all day. Unique, realistic, monumental detail, and very pleasing to the eye. I like Byrne too, but I'd vote Perez.
  10. Supes I will always give a shout out to the first and one of the best comic book hero films to hit the big screen. A memory to treasure for my whole life. I have nothing against Thor.
  11. Quite a few places accept bitcoin as currency. You can buy gold for it for instance. It's acceptance as a currency depends on its' popularity as any other currency. In Canada, it is considered equity and taxable under capital gains. If you buy or sell it there is no issue. If you make money or make a purchase then the tax man becomes interested. When I transferred for my deposit it was roughly 1.5% fee. There will also be a fee if I transfer out. I think if you convert currency your are looking at least at that kind of percentage fee. Bitcoin is volatile, so it is not for the faint of heart. If you are interested to see how much you would have made with Bitcoin if you had invested at a particular point in time there is this link.
  12. To be clear, the pandemic was the catalyst for bursting the economic bubble, not the cause.
  13. I don't think they are equivalent. My wife is not interested too much in the bitcoin I have but when she sees the amount of comics I have stored... then she gives me that look
  14. I personally would like a new Amazing Spider-Man series starting at 121 with an alternate storyline where Gwen survives.