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  1. I don't know about a line-up but back in the 90s the following titles had a lot of buzz to get a copy: 1) Legends of the Dark Knight 2) New Spider-Man title art/story by McFarlane 3) After my time, but the Death of Superman had a lot of hype
  2. That store doesn't ring a bell. I remember Grey L(R)egion, Silver Snail, and another store that escapes my memory. SS was the worse of the three. They had the quantity but not the quality. Rent back in the day was around $4k for a tiny store. I don't know how shops are sticking it there without a gov backing or a reduced lease.
  3. I remember the day when the 3 greatest stores were on Queen but they all had to close shop there. Good times. I think LCSs have a chance now with retail being so bad but the price for a book is so costly and you get what you want online without the trek to the store. I wish my kids could experience the fun but they have a greater time at cons.
  4. Is Silver Snail still on Queen St? If so, they would be one of the last to remain in such a high rent area.
  5. There is a cost to getting comics graded. If you are making good money on raw books without grading them then there is no need. There are likely other reasons but I think this is an obvious one.
  6. No fooling around in this thread
  7. Has anyone ever bought a comic of lesser $ value because they liked the grade of the book better over that of a similar copy that was graded higher? You should see the expression on some dealers when you buy their cheaper copy because you think it has fewer flaws. Maybe 10-15% of the time I would say a book is 9.8 or 9.6 and agree with CGC, IMO they are overly strict and grading is so subjective. I think a lot of people really are paying for the number. If you have the money, then go ahead and pay for it. I like nice things too but you aren't necessarily getting a superior book.
  8. There is some pretty stupid prices for books that were reasonably priced not so long ago. Movie hype is primarily spiking the price for most books. I generally don't go after 9.8s because they always command at least double a 9.6. I really can't tell the difference between one grade or the other so it's hard to justify the price difference.
  9. I think you’re grading system and CGCs’ are different. Their grading system is strict. It takes a bit of practice to figure out but once you understand it then your expectations will be in the ballpark. I don’t submit frequently mainly because of the cost factor. I don’t really sell too many books. Whether you agree or not with CGC grading, as a seller it is still important to be familiar with it. If you make more without the grading then you don’t need CGC. However I personally would rather purchase from someone whose grading is on par with a reputable grading company.
  10. So if you knock down the grades at least 3 spots, what did they really lose?
  11. Not registering a book is a dealbreaker? Really, is that what we worry about these days. I'm lucky enough I have money to buy quality books at all with my upcoming family vacation. As collectors we really lose our stack over silly things. I've done it. In hindsight I wish I hadn't. There are other things I could mention like asking for a refund after 2 months, but isn't the possession of a book that you've been wanting the most important thing?
  12. If you think this wasn't there before, then it could only have happened during grading, or in shipping prior to grading. In my opinion, grader's couldn't do that kind of damage. It honestly looks to me that somebody missed it in prior grading, or your recollection of the book is different than what you thought. In any case, all those bends seem to be easily pressed out. There is nothing breaking colour so your book can be restored to a pretty good grade. Try not to fret. It's good that you pressed the others.
  13. Amazing Spider-man 138 NM $42.00 Amazing Spider-man 139 NM 1st appearance Grizzly $48.00 Odd ASM cover perhaps but 138 was actually a decent story. It's hard to compare anything to 1-100 of that series.
  14. Yes, Although it was advertised as 1-4. I don't know the story behind that.
  15. Punisher LS Reread it many times. Loved Zeck's art.