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  1. I am going to ask the OP’s question again. Anyone open a shop for collectibles or anything else? If so, what are your experiences?
  2. So many places are going online that eBay is asking for trouble. I'm already not happy about using PayPal anymore.
  3. Well as I said... I think I hold the record. My package that was sent from the USA on Sept 4 2020 arrived yesterday Jan 12 2021 after being sent first to Australia, and then here to Canada. This is a badge I hope not to hold for a long time. This is a first for me in almost 15 yrs of ordering online and receiving packages.
  4. I believe this may be the case. Canada Post will let you buy up to about $1000 insurance. Fedex limits are higher. I learnt a few things about USPS during this experience.
  5. You'll get this answer from other people as well. It's never acceptable in my opinion.
  6. I think my story beats everyone else's. I ordered a book that was sent from the US back in early Sept through USPS. It accidently got sent to Australia. It got redirected back to Canada in early Dec. It landed in BC today, and it still needs to travel to Ontario. Oh, and it's not an inexpensive book I haven't purchased a single book since this all went down. Sorry to miss the Christmas exchange this year. I'm sure it all turned out well for everyone. With the lockdown and my new home I had plenty to keep me busy.
  7. I’ve had an attempted transfer once which was reversed by PayPal. Took a while and nothing happened again after changing my password. PayPal has become increasingly harder to reach and use. I prefer not to use them anymore.
  8. I will concur that a lot of markets (as well as comics) are actually becoming seller markets during the pandemic. It might seem counter-intuitive but it seems to be the case.
  9. Penguin I think from the quantity of stories, more so in the early half of the series.
  10. Digital currencies offer a different payment method. If you work with a buyer/seller you already trust and ship with tracking, there is no need for protection.
  11. He had a great DD run as well. Obituaries are really starting to make me feel older.
  12. Originator of so many great Batman stories. This is truly a loss.
  13. The med clinic is the worst for me. They could have kept them open and automatically tested everyone through the door. The health system is not overrun here.
  14. Very little open. The fact that clinics, dentists, and optometrists are closed irks me the most.