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  1. In a nerdy hobby like comics and comic OA, it's safe to say that lawyers are over-represented. Off the top of my head, I can name at least 10 boardies who are lawyers or have a legal background, and probably more if I put my mind to it. Scary.
  2. I wouldn't want the Corvette because I wouldn't want everyone who sees me driving around in it to automatically assume that I must be a d-bag (or hung like a chicken).
  3. OK, the new question is: $50K in cash or $100K in art that you and your heirs can never sell, trade, donate/gift if you receive a tax write-off or any kind of benefit (whether monetary or otherwise), put in trust, sale-leaseback, settle debts with, charge rent/display for profit, use as collateral, write derivative contracts upon or put in a structured product, etc. It's sure relaxing to come to these boards to get a little break from my day job as a lawyer!
  4. I would take the cash because I have learned from wise people here that due to bad demographic trends, Japan, inevitable drying up of the tidal wave of liquidity that has been washing over us the past 10 years, Japan, lack of super-wealthy collectors, lack of celebrity collectors, lack of foreign collectors, lack of super-wealthy foreign collectors, lack of super-wealthy foreign celebrity collectors, an impending economic downturn that will have us yearning for the nirvana that was called The Great Depression, and Japan, buying $100k of comic original art would be the equivalent of burning up 99,000 $1 dollar bills.
  5. Surely you aren't suggesting that there is collusion among several parties to artificially drive up prices! That would be unthinkable! And illegal!
  6. Even if you meet the minimum valuation for entry into a Signature auction, if you don't specifically tell Heritage that you want the piece to go into a Signature auction, they'll invariably try to push it into a weekly auction.
  7. You have to tell Heritage that you want your pieces to go into a Signature auction. Otherwise, unless it's a piece that they definitely want to go into a Signature auction, they'll always try to push stuff into their weekly auctions to boost the weekly auctions.
  8. And this is exactly why they avoid the Boards.
  9. They've never included that in any of their descriptions. Nor does any other auction house or dealer that I'm aware of.
  10. Exactly. Even if they read these Boards, they don't necessarily believe or agree with what's written here. Most of them, if they're even aware of these Boards, look down on them as being populated by a bunch of penny-ante know nothings.
  11. The way I would describe it is that the story/characters are based on DD, but the art was more similar to Frank Miller's style during his Ronin phase.