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  1. Sean, please don't plant ideas like this in people's heads. Hijinks like this would be completely unprecedented in our hobby!
  2. This must be why I continue to keep my complete run of "Strikeforce Morituri".
  3. So the trick is to convince the studios to use obscure characters from comics that you own.
  4. There is an insane amount of quality OA and comics (for a change) in this auction. Fortunately I don't collect Batman, otherwise I'd be telling my daughter it's time to consider taking a gap year.
  5. We've got a number of boardies who were regular contributors to CBM.
  6. There are similar sentiments expressed in Rocket's Blast Comic Collector. From the 1970s. Which is why I've always discounted all the prophets of doom, because I've been hearing them for 5 decades. Also why I laugh when I hear people say that if they could've just been born 10/20/30 years earlier, they would've loaded up on a ton of fantastic comics because they would've seemed cheap. Comics never seem cheap at any given moment in time, only in hindsight as the result of rising prices. They may have been more affordable (e.g., as a percentage of average income), but that's not the same as cheap. The only time a comic is genuinely cheap at a given moment in time is because it's mispriced, either through an error or the seller doesn't understand the value of the book, and then it gets snapped up immediately.
  7. So someone paid $200k for it in mid/late 2019 and now is putting it up for auction? Yeah, I imagine they won't want it to go for less than $200k, unless they're a motivated seller.
  8. Yeah, so that some of the same people in this thread predicting $200k+ would have an opportunity make lowball offers of $20k.
  9. Interesting, I hadn't even heard about this. I see now that it sold for $325k at Christies (I'm assuming that includes the BP). That seems surprisingly light to me, particularly in light of comic OA collectors paying much more than that for a small panel drawn by Herb Trimpe.
  10. I think that will cross the $250k mark It'll probably blow by $250k by Day 2 of internet bidding.
  11. The multiples that Marnin was asking were really breathtaking at the time for SA books. Not until the Pacific Coast collection came out did I see comparable multiples for SA. Of course in retrospect, particularly with the verification by CGC that the books were as high grade as advertised, they were all bargains.
  12. Where I live, millionaires are literally a dime a dozen. There are over 120,000+ millionaires in SF and Oakland, two cities that collectively have about 1,200,000 residents. But, most are just middle class folks who are not dropping $1,000,000 into anything other than safe retirement investments. Being a millionaire does not mean you have a million you are willing to drop on a comic book. Exactly. Being a millionaire doesn't mean what it used to mean, and much of it is probably not liquid. To change the scale a bit to make it a bit more understandable, if your total worth is $150k, are you going to go and buy $100k books? Or even $50k books? Probably not. Your net worth probably needs to be at least several multiples of any collectible that you'd be willing to buy.
  13. It's funny how we can all see the same thing and draw completely different conclusions. I can't believe there are as many as 6 people willing to spend more than $1m on a comic!
  14. It's a good point. Has any other superhero been depicted from the back even half as much as Spidey?
  15. I had plenty of love for Mass's! I just couldn't get my hands on enough of them!