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  1. Ian's post reminded me why so many people here disliked him.
  2. That's impossible, I've got a bunch of DCs sitting in my house right now.
  3. If the book still has an old label, I'm pretty sure it's been looked at up and down and sideways and been determined to not be a good crack and press candidate.
  4. How can a book with such a big miswrap get a QES sticker? AS 3 has always been massively undervalued. It's the issue that features the very first superhero team. It must've blown kids' minds when they saw it on the newsstand. I've always rated it among the very top tier of GA keys, but apparently I've always been in a very very small minority.
  5. Some amazing stuff. Looks like some people are making hay while the sun still shines.
  6. Not that I'm defending pressing or resubbing in any way, but it kind of drives me nuts when you (and others on these boards) base a grade solely on a scan of a slabbed book. Even when you're holding a comic in hand, you can't grade it accurately through a slab or through a mylar. When you try to grade a scan of a slabbed book, you're now trying to grade something that is two steps removed from the real thing, plus the only thing you're looking at is the exterior of the cover.
  7. Because, as was stated earlier in this thread, Westerns are deader than doorknobs. But maybe this is your opportunity to start a Reddit page on the huge upside opportunities in the last untapped sector in comics and team up with some other collectors to start driving up the market in ultra-HG slabbed westerns. It's all about momentum these days, so if the speculators start seeing big moves up in Gene Autry and Tom Mix comics, they'll quickly pile in.
  8. To make Tim happy, mostly.
  9. hey laugh if you want but there's about 3m of this signature that will be games. Its not a rounding error anymore. I know, but it's a hobby that's the equivalent of collecting file copies only. None of these games ever made it into the wild. It all seems to be unsold inventory.
  10. I think Weird Science 16 is its only rival, as that was the inspiration for the Mars Attack cards. Good point.