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  1. Those are for nerds! Isn't that what they used to say about guys who collect comic books, or was it something even worse than that? No way, collecting comics has always been considered to be very cool and prestigious. Didn't "Prom King" usually go to the senior with the best comic collection?
  2. I'm wondering what the point of asking for that is. I'm trying to think of why a seller would think that was to their advantage. I'm assuming that CC's BP is different from Heritage's by going to the consignor, as opposed to Heritage's BP, which actually goes to the auction house (unless the consignor negotiates a rebate on the BP). Otherwise I agree that it wouldn't help the consignor at all.
  3. If they won't have a calculator and it won't be obvious that there's BP and how much you're going to pay on top of the hammer price, then I totally agree with you.
  4. I'm not sure I know anyone who has ever paid Seller's Commission. Heritage will offer to drop it almost right away, sometimes even before the potential consignor has asked for it.
  5. BP is non-negotiable for the most part...Whale status circumstances aside... SP may be negotiated if you are selling an item/items that are "very desirable" that the auction house must have Everything is open for negotiation.
  6. That belonged to an eccentric guy who went to war and never came back.
  7. Not Marvel. Nah. Just not one of the covers that I think of from that run, and I think about that run a lot. Well drawn, but just not a compelling cover IMO. Congrats to whoever bought it though, because there aren't that many out there! Many Marvel covers that are way more mediocre, by artists not nearly as popular as Neal Adams, sell for more. Because Marvel.
  8. I'm disappointed. From the wording in the link, I thought it had sold for $52m. But it was only $5.2m.
  9. No, it just means that it takes the cooperation of the owner because it's not sitting in Heritage's hands. I don't know what steps Heritage can take if an owner lists a book using the BIN function and then doesn't follow through when the button is pushed.
  10. Anderson doesn't seem to be as much of a completist as Brulato. I'm sure if he wanted those various books (as well as the Church run of Flash, GL, All-Star, etc.), they could've been his. He also could've had the AT Cap 1 if he had really wanted it, as its whereabouts before Verzyl bought it were not a secret.