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  1. Hello, It has been quite a while since I was active on this board. I have moved on to other hobbies so I am selling a group of Miller Daredevils as a lot. The price is 320.00 plus 30.00 shipping for the miller lot (I will pay the rest of the shipping charge.) Rules 1st wins the lot. This will be decided by timestamp and supersedes any ongoing negotiations. Shipping is only to Canada and the lower 48 states. Payment is by PayPal only (not personal) Returns will be accepted for any reason up to 30 days. Please feel free to ask any question you may have. If you want a photo of a specific book, just let me know Now for the books... #158 CGC 8.5 WHITE pages #175 CGC 9.6 CR-OW #177 CGC 9.6 OW-W #181 CGC 9.6 WHITE #182 CGC 9.6 WHITE #183 CGC 9.6 WHITE #185 CGC 9.4 (Old Label ) OW #187 CGC 9.6 WHITE #190 CGC 9.6 WHITE ALSO includes What If #28 CGC 9.4 (old label) WHITE Thanks for viewing my post.