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  1. one of my all-time favourite covers (and incidentally one of the first comics I purchased...)
  2. At those prices I'll take the lot of them! (because Superman is awesome!)
  3. There are two things I like in comics: 1) DC Comics (they're just awesome) and 2) great comic sellers! Derek is the latter of the two. I bought some great Spectre comics that I was having a heck of a time finding and they got here stupid fast and in great shape. The comics look great, the shipping was fantastic, and Derek was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks Derek! I look forward to buying from you in the future! Rob
  4. Just because Superman is awesome and no one else has jumped on this....
  5. as per PM because the Spectre is awesome - not as awesome as Superman mind you, but awesome none-the-less....
  6. I got two Showcase comics that were on my Bucket List from Randall and frankly put the whole experience was super smooth and really just a great transaction. Totally positive and pumped from my interaction and I'd gladly buy from him any time soon! Great comics and Great Shipping too! Thanks Randall!
  7. I just bought a bunch of books from Jim. Great experience and a great seller. Very happy with the communication and the shipping was impeccable! I'd definitely buy from him again!
  8. I just got a whack of books from Jerry (because Superman is awesome and that's all there is to say about that .... ....) and it was a great experience. Jerry was fast to get in touch with me with my invoice, responded to my emails lickety-split, the shipping was superb, and the comics look awesome! Very happy with this one and I would suggest everyone but stuff from him!