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  1. Guess I'm left to sift thru the leftovers once again.... I'll just go ahead and take these 7 from the scrapheap @ 10% off Awesome thread Rick!!
  2. Fantastic Four #1 cgc 4.5 Restored (small crack in case) 1st Fantastic Four I gave $6100 at auction for this on ebay back in August 2018 knowing that it had a cracked case (the 25th to be exact - it's on gpa), so I'm just looking to break even after fees & such: $6299 - open to partial/full trades &/or time-payments...hit me up with any offers!! BACK COVER:
  3. Need more diapers... Normal Apply: No probies or Bad-List B-Holes 1st unconditional wins the book, but PM's & offers are more than welcome! Priority shipping is covered by me to anywhere in the U.S. (international buyers PM for prices) I accept paypal, check, money order, or any other reasonable form of payment (no magic beans please ) Returns are accepted if the reason is reasonably reasonable. My ebay handle is topcitycomics....I have over 2075 feedback on there...all positive except a toolbag 2 different toolbags who had to leave me negative feedback for being out of stock on a $10 book & not realizing (yes, after I refunded him them instantly) ....and for even more reading, my kudos thread is quite thrilling: THANKS FER LOOKIN!!!
  4. Bah! - I misread your list, Dang it...I have Diary Secrets #11, #13, & #18, , all copies you already have! Good luck with the search!