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  1. LMFAO! I had no idea there was such a person....but I guess that would make a lot more sense!!
  2. I have a nice low grade #2 on hand.... PM incoming!
  3. WTB: CLOSED!!Action Comics #242 CGC 4.0 Pay $2,000

    I have the nicest 4.0 copy of this book you've ever seen! PM incoming!

    Holy Bat Turds the hell is that only a 1.5?!?
  5. For God's sake people, help this man get his grail!! GLWTS Bro!
  6. WTB All Flash 12 any grade unrestored

    I have this...... PM incoming!
  7. Golden Age Joker covers

    I have this little nugget of joy.....
  8. Tales to Astonish #36 CGC 4.0 Off-White to White Pages *3rd Henry Pym/Ant-Man This book DOES NOT look to have been pressed....definitely one of the nicest 4.0's I've seen! The last 3 sales in this grade were $170, $205, & $130, so let's go with.... $150 shipped
  9. Tales to Astonish #35 CGC 4.0 Cream to Off-White Pages *2nd Ant-Man/1st in Costume This book DOES NOT look to have been pressed. 12-month GPA = $478 (4 sales) 2017 average = $484 (5 sales) 90-day GPA = $490 (1 sale) Last Sale = $490 (October 2017) $500 shipped
  10. Tales to Astonish #27 CGC 2.0 Light Tan to Off-White Pages (Ralph Macchio Marvel Masterworks Pedigree Collection) *1st Henry Pym/Ant-Man I'm obviously not the original owner, but this book DOES NOT look to have been pressed, for whatever that's worth.....() The last 5 sales in this grade were $1475, $1200, $1200, $1250 & $1391, with a 12 month GPA of $1260, but, you know, it's the Karate Kid.....sooooo let's go with...... $1300 shipped & insured
  11. What's up people! I know I've been on a bit of a hiatus whilst juggling a few things , but I'm ready to make my triumphant return! I know you all missed me so much! Sooooooo without further adieu..... Normal Apply: No probies or Bad-List B-Holes 1st unconditional takes it, but PM's are welcome! Priority shipping (including signature confirmation on any books over $100) is covered by me to anywhere in the U.S. (international buyers PM for pricing) insurance can be added as necessary. I accept paypal, check, money order, or any other reasonable form of payment (no magic beans please ) My ebay handle is topcitycomics, I have over 1675 feedback (100% positive) and my kudos thread is below......thanks fer lookin! My Kudos: