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  1. I have a sweet raw copy in this range that I was getting ready to press & send to cgc....
  2. This may very well be the they seem to be in nice shape leaving Impaler's in Canada, & would think that if he opened them before sending to cgc he'd have noticed the damage if it happened en route back to the U.S. One thing that's bothering me is that he stated on I.G. that CGC was offering to compensate him something like $1k-$2k for this....and if that's true (not saying it is or not), then isn't that them ADMITTING wrongdoing on some level? I mean, just to play Devil's advocate....wouldn't they just tell this kid to kick rocks if his claims were complete B.S. & they handled the books properly?
  3. So CGC is essentially stonewalling/blowing off everyone who has attempted to get answers for how this is legitimate?
  4. +1 While I have no Earthly idea what exactly is going on here, I did watch the Superman 1 "handling" video...and it scared the mess out of me...and I have also heard from multiple other sources that have had books damaged by while I don't have any clue on the specific details or happenings of this event...I also DO NOT trust CGC to have any kind of quality control in the slightest...and instead have seen/heard several cases of them covering up/hiding/not owning up for their mistakes in the past...even going so far as to remove complaints posted by customers who had legitimate beefs and were attempting warn other people...sooooo they don't have the best track record of "being honest" either IMO...
  5. Dang, I have 11/13/15/18/19, but no 14
  6. I have an old-case 3.0 on hand....can't remember if I already showed it to you in your last search or not....
  7. I have 4-5 Diary Secrets books on hand at the moment....not sure on the exact numbers but will double check vs. your list
  8. Hey fellow boardies!! I'm on the hunt for these 3 books in the order listed below, & open to any of em in most any grades up to 5.0-6.0, but might need a short-term time payment or partial trade for the bigger value pieces. I have a ton of keys up for grabs, including some silver grail-ish books (Avengers 1 & 4, ST 110, Showcase 8, etc), Bronze keys (Tomb 10, ASM 101, MS 5), and a ton of PCH classics (as well as GA Superhero). Preference of pickup order (but not set in stone, and could potentially swing more than one book at once, and might go for multiple copies if the price is right): FF #5 X-Men #1 FF #1 Lemme know what you guys (and girls) have to offer!! Thanks in advance!! -A