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  1. If you're asking what it might grade if you send it in, I'd say conservatively probably in the 3.0-3.5 range with that staple issue & the major creases....CGC hits hard for that stuff in my experience....most of the slabbed 4.0's I've seen don't have anything that major
  2. +1 It looks very similar to the 7.5 I have defect-wise.
  3. Oh, & I'd have to say for sure a 3.75 on the grade....a sweet-looking 3.5....or a poor man's 4.0 Or how bout this.... A 3.0 if the grader hasn't gotten laid in a while... A 3.5 it's he's gotten lucky in the last 3-5 days... Or a 4.0 if he got a BJ that morning before work. ........
  4. I would have to 100% agree with William's professional assessment.... it would be a much higher book if not for the water damage....
  5. I have a 6.0 IF 14 & a 4.0 copy of ToS 49, but are very decent presenters for their respective grades
  6. I have a couple signed copies in that range.... PM incoming!
  7. I have one!! A very decent 1.5 blue label that I was just getting ready to list on ebay
  8. I have this unpressed gem, as well as a ton of others (BBolt 112/114, Spook 23/25/27/30, Terrors 17/18, Ghostly Weird 120), but they're all in the 3.0-5.5 range....
  9. I have a decent 9.0 copy that looks to be unpressed as of yet....