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  1. Detective Comics #117 cgc 9.0 White Bob Kane Bondage Cover Old case beauty! Presents very nicely for a 9.0! Last sale in this grade was for $1200 back in July. $1250 BACK COVER:
  2. Chamber of Chills #14 cgc 4.0 Lee Elias monster cover. Only 24 universal copies on the census - this one appears to have some pressable defects. Only recent sale was an 8.5 for $675 last July. $295 BACK COVER:
  3. Blue Bolt #114 cgc 3.5 Classic Swap Spirit Cover. Unsure of pressing history, but this is the (much) nicer of the two 3.5's I own...if you prefer a slightly cheaper option that's also slightly faded, hit me up! A 4.5 went for $1995 in February. $1650 BACK COVER:
  4. Blue Bolt #107 cgc 5.5 (crack in case) LB Cole Dinosaur cover 24 copies on the census Gave $500 in trade for this bad boy last summer. $495 BACK COVER:
  5. Blonde Phantom #17 cgc 6.5 Bondage Cover Old case, does not appear to have been pressed, but exact history unknown. Last comp was a 7.5 for $1177 about 18 months ago. $1095 BACK COVER:
  6. Amazing Spider-Man #14 cgc 2.0 1st Appearance of some green A-Hole. This book has definitely been punched, but not sure about pressing history. Last 2 sales in this grade were $675 & $731 $725 BACK COVER:
  7. Amazing Spider-Man #14 cgc 1.0 1st Appearance of some green A-Hole. This book has most definitely NOT been pressed! Last 2 sales in this grade were $625 & $465 $525 BACK COVER:
  8. All Top Comics #14 cgc 2.5 Matt Baker art / Used in SOTI This book has most definitely NOT been pressed! A purple label 2.5 just went for $250 in January. $395 BACK COVER:
  9. Adventures Into Weird Worlds #11 cgc 4.5 A sweet Stan Lee & Bill Everett collaboration! Appears to have a few pressable defects, but I don't know the history. Paid $372 + shipping for this one about a year back. $395 BACK COVER:
  10. Adventure Comics #35 cgc 1.0 Fred Guardineer Bald Eagle Cover Does NOT look to have been pressed (not that it matters on this one) No blue label sales on this bad boy since 2012 $995 BACK COVER:
  11. OPEN TO OFFERS, TRADES, TIME-PAYMENTS, & ANY COMBINATION OF THE 3!! Normal Apply: No probies or Bad-List B-Holes 1st unconditional wins the book, but PM's & offers are more than welcome! Priority shipping is a flat $10 for one slab ($5 ea. additional) to anywhere in the U.S. (international buyers PM for prices) I accept paypal, venmo, check, money order, or any other reasonable form of payment (no magic beans please ) Returns are accepted only if the reason is reasonably reasonable. My ebay handle is topcitycomics....I have over 2200 feedback on there...and for even more reading, my kudos thread is quite thrilling.... THANKS FER LOOKIN!!!
  12. Hey there everyone, I'm on the hunt for a copy or two of this key Doom issue, open to any low grade on up to 5.0 range depending on pricing...maybe higher than that if you're open to time payments &/or trade. So ya, definitely open to trades (partial or full) from my extensive collection of Golden age & Silver/Bronze keys....or cash is good too! Hit me up! -Adrian