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  1. I used to own the Comic Cavalcade #10 7.0 copy as well, but sold it a couple years back....I believe this is my lone remaining Cookeville:
  2. Glad it finally cleared on your end. Came out of my bank first thing Monday morning...I called Paypal Tuesday to find out how long & they said 5-8 days, which I assume are "business days", so I'm glad this didn't push on into next the only remaining objective is to pass Tim's box of phone books thru customs...
  3. I would do that, because I trust you...and I also know I may have to make some concessions from time to time to prove myself to not actually be a practicing member of "The Dark Side" as someone so eloquently put it earlier in the convo.
  4. Come on man... You think I'm gonna put phone books in the box or something??? I forgot Tim's book, that's it...not on purpose...but from having way too much on my plate at the time. I then tried to fix it in numerous ways once he alerted me. I obviously would've "forgotten" the $2k book instead of the $700 book if that was my goal, right? Or maybe just not sent a package at all? I'm not a scammer, and even @G G ® ™ (who you were quoting) stated above that he knew I wasn't, so why spin it that way?
  5. It's not going to come thru over the weekend obviously...banks only operate M-F for these things. From my experience e-checks take anywhere from 5-8 days to clear, tho if he doesn't have the paper check by now, it should hopefully be arriving tomorrow, as it was mailed over a week ago.
  6. Fair enough. lt seems like you're doing a bit more than just "making that point"...but I guess I deserve whatever I get here at this point. I brought it on myself. Blacklist away!
  7. You don't have to continue on this point, everyone already read previously that you wouldn't ever buy from me...what's the point of saying it again...and again...and again? I get name has been sullied forever and some people will not buy from me again...I'm on the probation list...neat! Apparently you want to make sure that NO ONE ever buys from me again...which is just a bit much. I have thousands of satisfied customers every year. I made a couple mistakes & let my ego get the best of me for a while, but you seriously don't need to keep piling on at this point. Lee's refund h
  8. From what I understand, paper checks clear after one or 2 business days, and e-checks take like a week or longer (from my experience of waiting on them from the other end). I was literally just giving him the option to get it faster since he has 2 refund options to take. The ball is in his court on that decision, I just wanted to offer the idea.
  9. I see that Lee is very selective with the screenshots of our PM conversations he I also told him on Wednesday after the check hadn't shown up yet that I could get him the money INSTANTLY THAT DAY via Venmo or Zelle when I let him know that it would probably come as an e-check if I sent it via paypal. He stated that he did not use either of those, but Zelle is literally just a bank to bank transfer, and ANYONE can link their bank to it in minutes without giving me any of their info, so this could've been done in days ago if he wanted the cash fast and not had to wait on a paper
  10. It sent as an e-check because they money wasn't in my paypal account, it was in my bank account....I alerted Lee to this before sending & let him know that this would be the case, which he did not mention to the group...instead making a point to say it's "pending" and leaving it for other people to pick apart like it wasn't known ahead of time. He knew 100% that if we went the paypal route it would be pending, and the check was sent last week, so I assumed it would be there by today, so I thought he would have the option to cash the paper check and cancel the e-check if he wanted the
  11. I was just trying to get you your money IF the check showed up today, you could've cancelled the e-check and just deposited the paper check...obviously you'd want to wait until the paper check clears but it would be faster than waiting a week for the e-check to clear, right???? Literally just trying to give you the option to get the money faster. The check was sent last week, sometimes they take a while, I assumed it would be there by today, so I wanted to give you the option so we could end this and not have to do another week of waiting for a pending e-check. If you
  12. "Hoping" what? You picked a $600 book and I've already offered to add the difference of value in cash...and offered various slabs that were worth more than the differential....but you continue to post here about pictures of raws and wanting more options....who's really dragging this out at this point? Wouldn't cash be the easiest solution? Why are you turning this down & continuing to act like I'm not attempting to fulfill my end?
  13. Had already done "the right thing" before you posted this, but I appreciate the advice...and I never intended not to. I sent his payment within minutes of him sending me his PP address in the PM (before posting it here again)....I never had it in the prior PMs as we dealt only by check. And again...just for the record...the check (his requested form of refund and original payment) was sent last now he technically has 2 refunds.
  14. He was paid approximately 10 minutes before you posted that comment...but I notice that said paid party is nowhere to be found when it comes to confirming payment / ending this nonsense... Hopefully he doesn't cash the check at some point too, cause now he's got me by the balls on that whole thing....because of his demand to be paid via paypal AFTER demanding to receive his refund via check....(that I sent out last week)...
  15. Again...never gave any care to his paypal...I sent a check last week...per his request.
  16. I never gave a holy he ll about his paypal address when he was screaming to be paid by check.
  17. Why, because he said 8 PM? After he demanded to be paid back via check??? That I sent out last week? I'm not on his schedule, but I have been in communication with him and will paypal him tonight so he can burn the check tomorrow, but I KIND OF NEED HIS PAYPAL ADDRESS BEFORE I CAN PAYPAL HIM...which I requested in the last message to him.
  18. Yes, I have been in contact with Lee and Tim both throughout the day. Lee will be paid in full before the end of the night, and the check will show up tomorrow for him to rip up. Tim has selected his big book, and I just need to make up the difference with cash in the box at this point. I'm just waiting on his reply on valuation differential. It will ship tomorrow with cash differential.
  19. Just trying to get this complete...he picked the book already....
  20. Like literally I owe a hundred and a half...maybe a bit more on top of the book he already selected..
  21. Just now seeing all this... Wtf.. He decided on the big book... I just need to get him a SMALL VALUE book or reimburse cash... What exactly is all this?
  22. Just logged on for the first time today, not trying to ignore anyone... Lee's check is in the mail 100% and it will 100% clear. Hopefully it will be arriving tomorrow. I have reached out to him via PM to see if he prefers to rip it up/burn it instead. Messaged Tim as well...the main replacement book has been chosen...offering a list of options to get us to whole value this evening so we can put that to bed as well. Thanks everyone for your time in this matter, your suggestions have been (mostly) helpful.