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  1. Going to put this up for sale here to see if there is any interest. Its 8.5/11 in side with inked blue lines on what I believe is vellum ( feels like tracing paper ) looking for $500 for it + shipping which should not be more then $20 and will be shipped between Masonite boards. any questions, just PM me here
  2. Thanks for the input guys, all this will make me feel better when it goes up for sale at some point.
  3. Well, I never heard back from Albert, so I am just going to assume that it swims like a duck and quacks like a duck...I will assume its genuine.
  4. Here is a Pic I took of it, might be better then the scan.
  5. its my concern as well. the main one really.
  6. it is 8 1/5 x 11 and I can try to get a pic of it. this was a scan from my printer. Off hand I cant remember where I got it, it was at a time where I bought quite a bit of art from a few places. I also sent Albert a Email with the Scan, maybe he can help some.
  7. YEah, I really have no idea. Its so different from my other pieces. Its not on standard stock paper, its very thin.
  8. Greetings all, I got this Bruce Timm piece a while back. It looks to be done on tracing paper and is made up of blue lines. I am looking to sell this but I do not wish to mislead anyone Any information on if this is a production piece for something or what. Thanks much!