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  1. WB should just trash the other loser films & focus on the Batman. Who cares about GL, Aquaman & the Flash.
  2. Even being Avengers 2.5, it still failed to exceed previous Marvel big team releases, along with Iron Man 3. And this had all of the big heavy-hitters available at the time. Justice League will be telling, as that is the actual team movie versus Batman v Superman, which had three of the characters. If anything, those three are what drove the movie to exceed $800MM, even though the critics and partial movie-goer responses. Huh? The movie title is Captain America: Civil War....C-A-P-T-A-I-N--A-M-E-R-I-C-A! Where can I find this so-called Avengers 2.5...(Netflix, HBO, CraveTV)? Even WB avoided the same release date! And GotG2 will be better than JL (IMHO)
  3. Agree to a certain extent. If Wonder Woman is a hit that will help to change perspectives. I think Suicide Squad's popularity at the box office and with the 12 - 25 crowd did that a bit already for DC. That being said, I think there is a general malaise towards comic movies now. Both BvS and Civil War failed to live up to the hype/expectations (although Civil War did way better at the box office). Unless it is something different/new and exciting the responses are primarily from non-comic fanboy friends/co-workers. Noone I have talked to at work that saw Dr. Strange said it was great or awesome. The responses are the same - it was nice to see something slightly different from Marvel but it was just okay. Otherwise, it just followed the same formula as their past movies. That being said, GotG 2 and Wonder Woman have a lot of non-comic people interested at work which is nice to see. WRT excitement at trailers.....not in any theatres I have been two over the past two years. The gushing over comic movie trailers has waned locally. At Rogue One over the holidays, the Transformers trailer is the only one that had a couple of fanboys clapping or oohing and aaahing over. C'mon, Civil War exceeded everyone's expectations, especially at the Box Office ($1.15B WW) & 90% RT. BvS failed to hit $1 Billion at the Box Office (currently 7th) & 27% RT. Who would have predicted that CAP3 would win the 2016 WW Box Office crown.
  4. Nice book I'll say 4.5 It would grade higher if not for the marvel chipping / tape on front cover as well colour breaking creases and slight water damage on the back cover. I am assuming the book is complete and not restored but then again like you said 1972 $25 was big bucks to spend for comic book.
  5. Wow, what a great looking book, incredible. Thanks for the validation. I know better than to engage people on pressing, my only point here it there is a look,a 'blueprint', for the way pressed books look today. IMO, this collection has obviously been pressed. Fear mongering! You're not going to get the ASMs cheap. IMHO, the ASMs don't look pressed.
  6. I was planning to buy The Art of Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Hardcover) book for my nephew. Resellers are asking over $200+ for the hardcover. Iron-Man (2008) & Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) are around $75+. Any idea why the asking price is so bloody high among resellers?
  7. That's a bit of a stretch. Civil War couldn't reach AoU or even IM 3, so I doubt GOTG 2 will reach JW totals. I'm certain it pass 1 billion, but I don't see it bringing in 2x GOTG 1. Anything is possible with Disney though. The new trailer has certainly got every viewer hooked, line & sinker. I just really hope Gunn will come back for GOTG 3. I can't imagine it being as good without him. I think that GotG2 will do better than Civil War, and has a decent shot at topping AoU and IM3, due to the franchise's popularity now. The first GotG was held back by the fact that it was an unknown entity at the time. I had plenty of friends that did not see it as a result of that. Add in a more popular Chris Pratt for the ladies and Baby Groot for the kids, and this film has more widespread appeal potential than the first one did. The only major competitor for GotG2 in May will potentially be the latest Pirate's of the Carribean flick two and a half weeks later (why Disney would do two major releases in the same month is a bit puzzling), but that franchise is not what it used to be. I agree with you re: Gunn. If he leaves it will be tough to replace what he has pulled together with the franchise. Actually, POTC is out May 26th & GotG2 is out May 5th (3 weeks). POTC will probably create addition box office competition for Wonder Woman. Also, with the high US dollar, foreign currency exchange might hurt GotG2 worldwide box office.
  8. I suspect this will be the biggest superhero blockbuster of 2017 at the box office. Wonder Woman while this will do great, it's still science fiction, and unfortunately that doesn't bring everyone in. Wishful thinking for WW. Wonder Woman is being released on June 2nd & competition will be tough. June 9th: The Mummy (Tom Cruise), June 16th: Cars 3, June 20th: Transformers: The Last Knight, June 27th: Despicable Me 3 GotG2 will almost certainly gross over a Billion in worldwide box office.
  9. ***TRANSLATION*** Sorry...He's full of schitt! I worked part time in a comic store in Toronto (Bakka on Queen West) in the late 70s & comics were delivered in bundles with bundling straps. I don't recall comics being shipped in boxes/cases in the 60s or 70s. Here you go, then, a box of unopened comics: You see, retail sellers may receive their comics in unboxed bundles, but the distributors who supply them may receive larger quantities (up to 300 or so) by the box. Solving this apparent confusion is, of course, thinking outside the box. Hmmm...learned something new today. Thanks
  10. ***TRANSLATION*** Sorry...He's full of schitt! I worked part time in a comic store in Toronto (Bakka on Queen West) in the late 70s & comics were delivered in bundles with bundling straps. I don't recall comics being shipped in boxes/cases in the 60s or 70s.
  11. TOS59 (11/1964), common in high grade? Like ASM33, or FF48. The owner is full of Schitt!