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  1. And there's the Encyclopedia Brown comic strip, which ran as a daily and Sunday from 1978-1980. It's just what you're looking for, including the upside-down answer in the last panel of the Sunday strips.
  2. My criteria for paperbacks is pretty simple - I buy books I want to read.
  3. This should be a poll. Worst or best time. But I really can't imagine anyone voting for "best"!
  4. Does anyone know if Heritage requires a minimum value for a consignment? I seem to remember them mentioning $5,000 minimum at one point.
  5. You're all Alone is my absolute favourite Fritz Leiber - it's so bizarre and creepy. Though I read it in the 1972 Ace paperback.
  6. I like this one too - beautiful composition and the jack-o-lantern sidebar is just the right touch. Here's mine:
  7. Raises an interesting point - since there is only one paperbacks thread on the boards - which happens to be on the Golden Age forum - is it ok to talk about 60's and up paperbacks here?
  8. You should not be allowed to make us all feel so old and heart-achingly nostalgic about the past. Curses (and kudos!)
  9. Nothing to do with Finlay, but couldn't help but wonder at the name on that cover: Nictzin Dyalhis. Seriously? Well, apparently it really was the guy's name: Wikipedia entry Anyway, now on the deluge from Finlay fans!
  10. Here's Kirby's version of little people, from Sky Masters.
  11. I dunno how you do it. These pulps are beyond rare. Wow, just wow!