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  1. Have you noticed the paperback thread? It's always on page one, very active. Maybe people are just getting tired of golden age comics.
  2. Hi everyone, I have a large lot of Prince Valiant Sunday strips (nearly 400 pages, tabs and halves, 1943-1956) for sale on eBay. Let me know if you have any questions.
  3. I have one comic in the current ComicLink auction: Melvin the Monster #3 CGC 5.0 Single highest graded 1957, Atlas; Joe Maneely cover & art Later reprinted as Peter the Little Pest #1 in 1969. Check it out - and thanks for looking!
  4. I wonder why, of all these magazines and papers, the only ones hermetically sealed in plastic cases today and commanding huge amounts of money are the comics.
  5. Here's a pretty interesting Bloomberg article (and video) from 2019 about the company. This is before they were doing comics, just classic cars - but it does answer a lot of the points people have brought up here. The fact they're still in business today and branching out into other collectibles is interesting. As Bloomberg points out, the target investors are certainly Millennials (not grumpy 50-year-old collectors like us ).
  6. And there's the Encyclopedia Brown comic strip, which ran as a daily and Sunday from 1978-1980. It's just what you're looking for, including the upside-down answer in the last panel of the Sunday strips.
  7. My criteria for paperbacks is pretty simple - I buy books I want to read.
  8. This should be a poll. Worst or best time. But I really can't imagine anyone voting for "best"!
  9. Does anyone know if Heritage requires a minimum value for a consignment? I seem to remember them mentioning $5,000 minimum at one point.