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  1. On the other hand you get another Ross Rocklynne story - what more could you want?
  2. Picked this up recently. These DC war covers are just so great - over the top fantasy, or are they?
  3. Seriously? You need a grading service to help you buy pulps? After all these years? Sorry, don't believe it.
  4. The FIRST prominent comic collector.... Hiram J. Jinks? Myram Q. Flamme? Julius J. LeMarge? Pettifogg R. Mysticus? Oh, none of these guys? Wow.... who'd of thought?
  5. I do not want pulps or paperbacks graded. Why? Is there a problem with restored paperbacks that I didn't hear about? Sorry, it's absurd.
  6. Lambsliedown is a great seller. His collection is epic!
  7. As a Europe-based collector, I'd have to say.... well, there's nothing to say if you're determined to do this. No conventions, only Ebay and HA, Clink etc. But what's wrong with that? The only downside for us is the exorbitant shipping costs - that you will simply have to live with. We're not at that much of a disadvantage. No matter where you are, it's equally impossible to find a decent deal on a Sunday night Heritage auction! If your'e willing to jump into a hobby at the highs, then jump in!
  8. I have to say, it was "When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen." One of the greatest taglines ever.
  9. The Gift by Ray Bradbury, with an incredible fold-out illo by master illustrator Ren Wicks.
  10. It's a pure and perfect art form, that's for sure - but now so valuable that it's inherent beauty is always going to be secondary to it's "worth." Oh well...
  11. Wait a 'sec... boys bought Wonder Women comics in the 1940's? Wha----???
  12. Does anyone know what goody is buried in this otherwise obscure 50's issue of Esquire?
  13. Well, swipe or not.. why the heck are those Gangbusters pilots wearing those weird goggles?