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  1. I like this one too - beautiful composition and the jack-o-lantern sidebar is just the right touch. Here's mine:
  2. Raises an interesting point - since there is only one paperbacks thread on the boards - which happens to be on the Golden Age forum - is it ok to talk about 60's and up paperbacks here?
  3. You should not be allowed to make us all feel so old and heart-achingly nostalgic about the past. Curses (and kudos!)
  4. Nothing to do with Finlay, but couldn't help but wonder at the name on that cover: Nictzin Dyalhis. Seriously? Well, apparently it really was the guy's name: Wikipedia entry Anyway, now on the deluge from Finlay fans!
  5. Here's Kirby's version of little people, from Sky Masters.
  6. I dunno how you do it. These pulps are beyond rare. Wow, just wow!
  7. Tom Corbett, Space Cadet by Ray Bailey. Third Sunday from 9.23.1951. From later in the run, 1953:
  8. WW 2 covers reflect the horrors happening in the world at the time. The Tim Holt on the other hand is just a random comic that might have some connection to one case. One type sums up a period in history, the other is a unique - if totally unsubstantiated - bit of trivia. By the way, who the heck first noticed this possible connection - a comics fan?
  9. There's simply no one else quite like Dan Gordon in comics.
  10. I think the key to pedigrees is not the books - that's not the romantic heart, it's the owner. And many of the owners were a mystery, adding immeasurably to that romance. And I wonder if that the shadowy nature of the owners and pedigree finders may, in some cases, have made the pedigree book a non-starter. It needs that hook of the owner's story, and the discovery story for each pedigree - but I'm guessing that those people may not want their stories to be public. And so... no book.
  11. Bethlehem. Mysterious owner, thousands of prime 50's and 60's comics, legendary "E. J. Kery Kodak - Film - Magazine shop" stamp... and I owned one once upon a time.
  12. From today, this thing runs for another 78 days. That's one looooong auction.