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  1. I do not visit the boards much anymore since I hate the format that they were changed to. However, I figured I would post this as there maybe people trying to figure out what grades the Hero Initiative Captain America Project books got.
  2. Thank you. I made sure to window box the areas so I could control where they went. This is one of my favorite comics so I needed to have it come together right.
  3. Fantastic Four 33 is a partial photo cover, I posted my copy as an example, but it is not NYC. I really have no idea what it is.
  4. I wish I could have done better grade wise, but at least when I cracked the blue label to get it double signed by Stan Lee and Joe Sinnott it did not drop in grade.
  5. I am very lucky that I had the chance to get my copy signed by Stan Lee and Joe Sinnott back in 2016. I think the gamble of cracking the blue label paid off in this case. I also think the ultra fine blue looks great on this book.
  6. I bought this as a blue label 9.2 and cracked it to add Stan Lee and Joe Sinnott signatures to it back in 2016. I always meant to get a good scan, but since that does not seem to be happening the picture will have to do.
  7. That is good to hear. Congratulations, that is a very nice piece you picked up.
  8. Did you receive this yet? Anthony has owed many board members commissions for years. Most of the commissions, if not all, were paid in full and then he dropped off the face of the planet. I wish you the best, but would not be surprised if it never shows.
  9. Unfortunately this is the last thing I was able to get Stan Lee to sign. I haven't really been on the boards in a few years, but when I heard the sad news I wanted to post. Goodbye Mr. Lee and thank you for all of the amazing stories that you have shared with us. I should point out that I broke a long standing rule of mine about only getting Stan Lee on books that he worked on, but the chance to get five creators on this book was something I could not pass on.
  10. This is the first time I have been on the boards in a long time. I still hate the design and will probably not be back for another year or so. While a search brought me to the boards in another thread, I always meant to post this so here it is. I had two of these done back in 2016 and both came back 9.8s. I was not expecting it, but I was happy with the result. They are still the only two 9.8s as of now. Vernon Wells - Wez Kjell Nilsson - Lord Humongous Bruce Spence - The Gyro Captain Virginia Hey - The Warrior Woman Emil Minty - The Ferral Kid
  11. While I have avoided the boards since they were changed to the horrible way they currently look, I popped on after doing a search for the name Herb Dolph. I just bought the Fantastic Four 34 which has Mr. Dolph's name stamped on the first page last Sunday at NYCC from High Grade Comics. Almost a decade after the first, and even the last post, this thread became relevant to me. Blazingbob, I assume you were the gentleman I dealt with when buying a batch of 10 Fantastic Four books and 2 Captain America books. I am glad to hear that Mr. Dolph reached out to you and hope that almost a decade later he is still in good health. I wish both of you the best. Respectfully, Jay Ward
  12. The one to the right is the Deluxe version and if you look at the top left you will see that word underneath the word X-Men. The middle one is the newsstand Deluxe version, which I believe is the only version the newstands got. The one on the left is the regular non-deluxe version. The difference is that the Deluxe versions, which I believe there are more of than regular, have better paper quality.
  13. I just popped on to take a look and everything here still looks horrible. I will check back in another few months I guess. Too bad, I once was reading threads several times a day.
  14. THIS is an inferior product. I used to read the boards several times throughout the day. It was easy, I could turn my phone to landscape and see everything just fine. I also did not have to scroll through every name in a PM thread. I only have come on the boards a handful of time since this dreadful style began and I really only look in here. You posted this on 2/14 and I saw it today when I clicked the dot to see new posts. I admit that I stopped reading at the point because I just do not understand what "the brains" at CGC have against giving their customers what they want. This is like a repeat of the moronic case that no one wanted to admit was crushing books inside. Then when submissions declined, they popped back up with another case that had an inner well. This new look is horrible and is not used friendly. People will not get used to it and be happy. They will stop or slow down on how often they come here. Facilitators will get less orders, members looking to have sales threads will not have their items seen, advertisers will pay less to have their banners displayed because the site gets less traffic and CGC will make less money. You can defend it all you want, you are allowed to be wrong. I would ask though that you do not defend another poor choice by your company to people that have supplied it with income, in many cases for years, because they are upset about a useful tool being made into a mockery of its former self. I will not be frequently checking back so if you would like to reply please do so and send me a PM to let me know which page of this ever growing thread to check. There are already a ton of pages ahead of the one where I found this and I am not reading them all. The good news is you will not have to worry about another 9 million posts, unless they are in this thread.