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  1. If you were expelled from New York and told you could never return, where would you live?
  3. If I ask if you’re a policeman you’re obliged to tell me, right? The whole way. Didn’t want to be out on the coronavirus highways for any longer than I had to be. 2000 miles in two days. Had to go a little further the first day than we planned since all the hotels in a couple Colorado counties were closed due to government orders.
  4. Aren't you on a cross country drive with your daughter? we’ve been home for over a week. Taking classes and working from home.
  5. Let me guess, 420 and 69 for the next two squares?
  6. Am I missing a grid, or is this pre-emptive? I think that’s grid 66 in the coronavirus map.
  7. I'm just shocked it lasted as long as it did.
  8. Anyone who thinks these lockdowns can go on as long as 8 weeks is crazy. It's not sustainable for that long. We, both the private and public we, cannot be propped up for that long without major damage being done. I don't think anyone will go much longer than March 31st before things happen. What those things are, we cannot discuss here further. But 8 weeks in lockdown is not going to happen. I’m with lighthouse on this. The government just approved a 2 trillion dollar package to deal with the fall out. That doesn’t sound like they are thinking this will be over quickly That’s 5 weeks of US GDP.
  9. Can they mow the yard? Can they? Sure. Though the effort to get them to mow the yard might be more than the effort to just mow the yard yourself.
  10. What will you trade me for two college kids who are stuck at home? Wait I think I need to sweeten the pot. How much extra do I need to pay if I throw in two college kids who are stuck at home?
  11. I should be clear (or more correctly I thought it was clear) that I am talking about volume of posts, not quality of posts. Obviously quality of posts was best before Stu got banned...
  12. Kind of do... Morning boys. I was expecting pages and pages to have whizzed by. Not sure what everyone is doing, but whatever they're doing, they're not doing it here. Thanks for trying Ditch. I haven't been around for awhile, so I'm not sure if it's the pandemic or the social media sites that are siphoning people away, but CG is dead compared to what it used to be. I remember when a thread would roll off the first page in an hour or so. A lot of people have as you said "been away", they pop in say this and leave again Make of that what you want, but there are boardies who post all the time and a rolling established boardies that come for a bit There are plenty still that just read and have no need to post though, and it's been that way since the boards changed over to the new format late 2016 It's probably partially due to the new format...people really hate change. But that format change coincided with the huge explosion of social media comic book sites, so it's probably difficult to determine the influence of each. I've seen web-site based forums take BIG hits to their activity levels in other non-comic areas that I'm involved with. Yeah the Golden Age of the boards was probably 3 to 5 years ago. That's when there were so many people on that messages would scroll off a page in hours instead of days. When a Friday thread could get to dozens of pages before Friday was half over.
  13. Interestingly enough the original plan at Marvel was to revive the GA Daredevil.