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  1. For me... Eternal Warrior - I thoroughly enjoy that character along with the Geomancer. Yeah as I said, that was just from the big 2. And as everyone knows most of the best stuff was created in creator owned comics which are outside the big 2 since the 90's at least. Image stuff, Valliant stuff, Dark Horse stuff.
  2. Deadpool? John Constantine? All the Watchmen? Dream and all the Sandman characters? (and that's just from the big 2)
  3. I think they're world's apart, but it does look similar to this book... What do you think? I don’t know. I don’t see it.
  4. Are we still playing? As much as I would love the FFs, that Action 15 is once in a life time. You gotta go for it when you have the chance. Playing? I assumed he was really offering it to us. I'll take the OA.
  6. Welcome Jason, if you have a book that you want signed by two creators you just send it in for the first signature series event, and then send in the signed (and graded) book to the second event. E.g. you would first have a SS Chris Claremont book. Then send that graded ss book to the second event where they could crack it for you and get it signed by Frank Miller and graded again. If you look in The Signature Room you can see quite a few books with multiple signatures that were signed on different dates.
  7. EDIT: And I’m with Buzz here. The minute these old funny books became worth what they are I always assume someone is doing something you aren’t expecting to squeeze a few more dollars out of them.
  8. Furthermore in those cases of golden age books and very minor amount CGC intended to put them in a blue label and you can see that in the certification lookup:
  9. The thing is that if you look up the certification numbers you can see that CGC considers them restored:
  10. I tend to be a pretty understanding person and like to believe in people. I believe you when you say that you didn't know that this was different from golden age comics which can get blue labels with 'very small amount of glue on cover' or 'very minor color touch on cover'. But now that it has been pointed out to you that @Brittany M. has already commented that these are a mistake the next move is up to you. Will you contact the people who bought the comics and let them know the mistake?
  11. And then you blamed Stan Lee for your falling out. Amirite?!??