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  1. Or Four Color #9, or the first Spirit Section, or Jungle Comics 1, or Crime Does Not Pay 22, or Planet Comics 1, or if we're including Atomic Age comics Eerie 1, or...
  2. OK, we went over this a while ago in the thread, math teacher acknowledged he was looking at it the wrong way and fixed his calculations Sorry, didn't read that far ahead. Didn't mean to reopen old wounds.
  3. Are you really a math teacher? the 10th root of 3.583 is 1.136 so a 258.3% growth is 13.6% per year The 10th root of 4.016 is 1.149 so a 301.6% growth is 14.9% per year.
  4. I got you covered, pal. However, I think there's a better chance our deal will go the other way. Damn it. There goes my plan on having either of you take care of my collection when I'm gone. I guess I'll have to have @cosmic farmboy or @143ksk take care of them for me. We Minnesotans have to stick together.
  5. Plus when you sell you get taxed at a lower capital gains tax rate. So, this would be above average return for comics (like buying google, apple, or tesla in 2010) and that gain would come to...13.5% per year, .1% a year behind the broad based s&p 500. This is not to say don't put some money in comics. Maybe 5%-10% of your total investment portfolio, but don't go pulling lots of funds from your main line investments to put them in comics.
  6. Here's my favorite Steranko cover:
  7. I still haven't forgiven you for giving that poor girl polio.
  8. My longest dry spell? Or my current dry spell? Current isn’t that long. About a month. Though I only bought two books last year. Longest is probably a three or four years. From 2015-2019 or so. And if you go longest for comics instead of slabs it would be about 15 years. From 1994 when I sold my comic store to around 2008 when I got divorced.
  9. As someone who grew up with this kind of show (I Love Lucy, VanDyke, Bewitched, I Dream of Genie) I'm enjoying the trip down memory lane. I'm not sure that people who grew up in the 80's 90's and 00's would get the same thrill out of it. They will have to bring it all back to MCU type stuff soon.
  10. So for most of their lives comics have been a collectible not an investment. It was only starting around '95 to '00 with the advent of eBay and CGC that they were thought of as an investment. Before then most people sold comics to stores and got much less than they spent on them. As a result people would only buy them for their personal collection and only spend disposable income on them. So if you wanted to come up with a reasonable approximation of what comics are 'worth' without the investment angle I would say to look at prices at that time and adjust for inflation/net worth adjustment
  11. I like to think that I am a fan of good movies no matter who made them. I love the first Wonder Woman, Winter Soldier, GoTG I, Deadpool, X-Men 2, Spider-Man 1 and 2, First Class, DoFP, Into the Spider-Verse. I don't much like Iron Man 2 or 3, Thor the Dark World, or Age of Ultron, Man of Steel, BvS, Justice League, Age of Apocalypse, or Amazing Spider-Man 1 or 2. Overall I think the MCU has had a higher percentage of films I've enjoyed than the DCEU. Oh and my favorite superhero film is still Superman '78.
  12. Yeah, I don't get all the hate. I didn't particularly like the movie, but I didn't hate it either. It was just kind of there. Maybe a 4/10. On another note... I watched one review in which there was debate on whether the movie felt like it took place in 1984. Personally I didn't get the vibe, not like I do in Stranger Things. There were small things that spoke of the 80's to me, but overall it didn't feel like it to me. I thought they missed something by not making Max Lord more like Gordon Gekko, but that would have been a very different movie.