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  1. I'm pretty sure he's just not looking for 9.8 at 9.8 prices. PM sent. And just so we're clear, I love both my sons equally. (The real thunsicker)
  2. Looking for reader copies of all the Umbrella Academy series. Willing to pay market rate or over. For my favorite son. Who is better than my other son. This is definitely not him writing this. It's me, thunsicker.
  3. Oh man. When I was a young teen I did a canoe camp in Temagami where we canoed all over and slept in tents. One day we portaged through a small town and I remember getting a couple of those. Now it could have been just that it was the first thing I had for a week other than freeze dried chicken and peas with curry, but I remember absolutely savoring that candy.
  4. This is basically it. The late 80’s early 90’s dark and violent characters took over. The Dark Knight Returns in ‘86, The Punisher limited series in ‘86, and the Watchmen in ‘86/‘87. And of course a lot of this was due to Wolverine becoming such a favorite character in X-Men leading up to this. In the late ‘80’s early ‘90’s I had my store and those are all anyone asked about. People who were 12-22 In 1990 are now 42-52 and have disposable income.
  5. More like ‘Ask CGC And We’ll Delete Your Question’. I can understand why they wouldn’t want to answer questions about what goes into grading (well, I should specify that I don’t understand, but they are consistent about that) but the other questions? Odd.
  6. #ReleaseTheSnyderCut of Bat Man!
  7. Not Ditko art Plus, how you can call a book that has spiked in price the last two years a book that the speculators have missed is beyond me.
  8. Specifically HRN stands for ‘Highest Reorder Number’ and is the highest numbered comic that is listed on the reorder form which, as @Robot Man notes, is usually on the back cover.
  9. Back pain's the worst. Get better, Joey.
  10. I can barely afford the cheaper comics in my focus as it is. No way I could afford the more expensive ones I’d like to get. So I guess I’ll just keep buying the ones I can afford and hope I outlive all of you who have the more expensive comics I want.
  11. The power of this panel always gets me. Karen realizing Matt forgives her and the tears streaming down her face.
  12. That’s a pretty impressive collection of threads of people asking what people collect other than comics. How long have you been collecting those?
  13. Badger is 100% correct on this. Your email/password combo was compromised somewhere else and you use the same email/password combo at Comiclink. Nothing Comiclink did. You can check at to see if your email turns up in a search (though they don’t show which password is associated in the databases. And they are trying to sell you their software). But trust google here and just change your password on sites they identify.