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  1. That's already Prize #22 So, who’s on first?
  2. Can we change it to Ripple? Either the XRP kind or the Fred Sanford kind? Surely you mean comic book coin.
  3. There was this earlier this year. Don't know if that included said comic.
  4. You could do a whole series on Spirit covers. There were so many good ones.
  5. It sounds like the movie is technically good and well acted but with a premise that is a bit objectionable to some and a director who uses political buzzwords like 'woke' that gets under the skins of some. I'm 50/50 on whether I'll watch it in the theater. Have to see how people here (especially those I trust) review it. EDIT: I should add that I'm a strong believer that Movies (or Video Games, or Rock and Roll, or Comic Books) do NOT lead to violence and delinquency. And that my worry would be more like @ADAMANTIUM's that the worry is that this further stigmatizes mental health and not that it may lead some to violence.
  6. And by this I assume you mean their profit/loss books. What comics they have is probably almost irrelevant. I assume most comic shops still make most of their money off of things other than back issues.
  7. Back in the days of run collecting none of this would have mattered.
  8. Yeah, Like Speed Comics #29 which is definitely not Schomburg, though CGC and GCD both attribute it to him.
  9. Yeah it might be the effect of the Biro art. But a lot of Daredevil comics look a lot like his True Crime comic covers. A worthy addition.
  10. People keep telling me to just keep my comics hidden from everything and post pictures of the comics on the walls. Maybe this is the next best thing.