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  1. I have kids between the ages of 17 and 21. Of the three of them exactly zero have any interest in comics. They have video games, pokemon, magic, and many other collectibles that speak to them, but not comics. I even bought a comic for each of the younger two hoping to spark interest. I bought a New Mutants 98 for my middle son who loves Deadpool and a X-Men 129 for my youngest son who loves Kitty Pryde. They hung them on their walls for a bit, but then asked me to put them down in my collection.
  2. I'm at a loss. We know it's not the X-Men since that was entirely a Jack Kirby creation, right @Prince Namor?
  3. I don't really have anything that's actually lost value, but that said one of my foci is Steranko covers in 9.4/9.6. They mostly haven't gone up for years (or only gone up a tiny bit). Meanwhile the other "hot" artist of the 60's Neal Adams has gone through the roof in the last 5 years.
  4. So most likely possibilities of the hoard: Superman 75 - Tons of people ordered cases of this that they sat on. I'd put this as an odds on favorite (50%) Spawn 1 - Another popular speculation issue. I'd put this somewhere around 20% Venom Lethal Protector 1 - Almost as popular as the first two. Around 15%. Bloodshot 1 - Pretty popular. Around 10%. Something else (WildC.A.T.S 1?, Rai 0? Something Else?) Around 5%
  5. Right, this is kind of what I was saying above: There are plenty of things that I have no interest in collecting that I recognize have value. But in my permanent collection they don't have any extra value since I don't collect them. I never meant to imply that any of these things shouldn't imbue value. If anyone values something more and no one values it less it will intrinsically have more value, even if I'm not the one giving it that value.
  6. So I have sold maybe half a dozen comic books in my life. (Well obviously a lot more back when I had my store, but since I sold it maybe half a dozen). The point is that a 35cv that could be sold for hundreds of dollars isn't going to be sold for hundreds of dollars because I only sell when I've upgraded or when I shift something out of my focus. It's like when people say to me "Sure, you can't afford any more comics at current prices, but think about how much more your collection is worth!" It's worth exactly the same to me because I'm not selling. And therefore it's only the price incre
  7. But since they aren’t a focus of my collection getting one from an uninformed seller would neither make me lucky nor unlucky.
  8. How I voted and my first thoughts on the first 50 or so respondents: Newsstand Vs Direct - It makes no difference to me. Back when I had my store (late 80's) the preference was for Direct editions, at least where I was. The thought being that comics sold through a comic store were more likely to be higher condition. These days with third party grading it makes sense that the rarer comics (whether newsstand or direct dependant on age) would be more valuable. Page Quality - I would pay more for better Page Quality I'm a bit surprised that fewer than half would actually pay
  9. I made it multi select. You could choose all if you so wanted.
  10. Damn it. I knew it was quality of something...
  11. A conversation in another thread about Newsstand vs. Direct comics got me wondering about all you collectors. What are you willing to pay more for when it comes to comics. Do you prefer newsstand comics? Ones with good presentation? Pedigrees? Price Variants? For this exercise imagine everything else is the same for two comics except for the thing noted. So, for instance imagine that you are comparing a Mile High with another comic with the same grade, freshness, smell, etc. Or for the Quality of Production question it's a question of a 9.8 with wonky staples and a 9.8 with perfect stap
  12. I came here to say something similar. It reminds me of the Jaybuck arguments over whether white pages bring a premium. If some people are willing to pay more and some aren't there will be a premium on the ones that some people are willing to pay more for. The barcode makes no difference to me, but the fact that it makes a difference to some people means it will add cost (value) to that comic. And what everyone is missing is this is good for everyone if some people want them with bar codes and some don't care. If everyone wanted them with bar codes they would be even more expensive so the
  13. It took me a while to realize that is Gary Oldman. I kept wondering why they would focus on Sam Rockwell and Dennis Hopper on the cover but put Gary Oldman and Dennis Hopper's names above them.
  14. I was just mentioning in @Buzzetta's Journal that I need to get more in the game, so it might be a good point to say IBTL...