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  1. This. Only use it for someone you trust implicitly. Like maybe a friend or a family member.
  2. I think it is on the underside of the right wing - light pencil. Yeah, it looks erased, but you can almost make it out. "Mike S"? Something like that.
  3. Was she related to the girl that @dgarthwaite-migration was dating?
  4. I only have I even a real collector!? I only have 3, but only 3 of them fit my collecting focus.
  5. I had more than I thought I would, given that the condition I can afford (6-7.5) generally doesn't come with white pages.
  6. So, with pink pages and now blue pages we can do a gender reveal party without burning down half of California?
  7. For comics that aren’t much collected, but are fun reads, I’ll nominate American Flagg! I loved that back in the 80’s.
  8. Pulling out some heavy 60's 70's new age fire power there, Jimmers. Can we assume Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance is next?
  9. Just because some of us don't respond as much as we should doesn't mean we don't appreciate your research. You do have 19 people following your posts after all.
  11. Seems like the 23rd through 47th topics that were started to ask what the declared value should be on the CGC submission form would be slightly dumber. Yeah, I can think of dozens of threads that are dumber than this one.
  12. Yeah if that's the worst that's out there I would think people would be pretty confident. He basically raves over the label, the grading, and the clarity. He then says (rightly) that having one card that apparently failed to get heat sealed is not acceptable. On the comic side we are constantly complaining about quality control.