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  1. I think spoiler tags are vetoed for 20 yr old comics
  2. Wait a sec... Punisher shot and killed Jackal in Civil War right? I never made that connection
  3. I would agree with this. The mylites2 + fullbacks are by far the best for storing/preserving.
  4. A "grail" to me is something I dont have, really want, and is attainable but very unlikely or will have to wait. I.e. Detective 27 cant be a grail for me. It's not happening. I have most of the Marvel SA mega keys except for FF1 and ASM1 so I guess those 2 would be my grails. They're attainable for me, but not right now kind of thing.
  5. Sometimes, as I scroll the boards or something when I see Xmen 129 my first instinct is to think of Punisher. I think the 129 is synonymous to Punisher for me
  6. How often have we seen that though? Take any 5 yr rolling period and Id be willing to be that any 9.8 for a popular character is pricier at the end of it than at the beginning. The ones that "price correct" are few and far between I would think. Off the top of my head I cant think of any.
  7. Well, it's in the "newer" holder so last couple years at least
  8. Haha all good. At the end of the day, if you like what you collect then youll be happy Cheers
  9. Yes and no. I like having multiples of my fav characters. I used to always want just 1 but over the yrs Ive grown to appreciate "hoarding" a few esp of books I love. Nightwing and Gambit are a few others (I have more hoards but not pictures)
  10. No, I just love the book (character). Theres several books I have multiple copies of
  11. Wouldnt mind another 1 or 2 but prob finished for now
  12. Added another to the family. Up to 4.
  13. Everything is cyclical. Even vinyls are back in favour and selling at absurd amounts with many new collectors. My LCS is always busy. It's a large shop, orders everything new, has tons of trades, statues, gaming, collectibles... we are quite fortunate, but the point is, that shop is always packed. I can guarantee comic collecting will be around longer than any of us.
  14. I honestly thought this thread was in jest or an April Fools joke considering how hot the comic market is. It's ridiculous how much key books have climbed in the last 6 months even, nevermind 6 yrs.
  15. Did he crack them in order to get signed and then graded? Or did he crack them hoping for a grade bump? Because if he cracked them hoping for a grade bump, and 3 out of the 5 came back lower grades, than thats pretty concerning that the grades are THAT subjective no? If he got them signed and then graded then all bets are off with the grade sure.