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  1. Very impressive set. That's a LOT of time and effort put into accomplishing something like that.
  2. Took some very quick pics this morning before work in order to update my inventory spreadsheet. Figured I'd post them here. All pretty much acquired over the last few months. Cheers!
  3. Can a mod pull this thread? Theyve got quick trigger fingers if a seller forgets to put their return policy but they let a 7 yr old thread run for days.
  4. and I was going to say that as well (if they charged 2 separate full shipping charges). Another good point.
  5. I'm not even sure if that matters in this case. It boils down to the charge of $28 shipping, which was sent via a $12 postage. Their initial price is certainly fair but it becomes gauging after that whether explicitly stated or not. I think anyways.
  6. Clearly hes got a good price here seeing as you arent the only one to take it
  7. What in the world did I just click. Was not expecting this amazing