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  1. Really, for the majority of us here watching it's about the friends we made along the way
  2. Great thread! Was busy today and missed this one. Whens round 3?
  3. Haha Echu and Lord Rahl is like deja vu to the Dale Robert's thread! Lol
  4. Thanks for all the feedback guys! I'll definitely check it out. As I said, I love the art, character and genre so I was worried I'd be really disappointed and it would distort my view of Dracula but I think it's worth checking out and collecting.
  5. Erndog


    Both! (But DC first ;))
  6. Erndog


    Bronze age horror?
  7. Thoughts? I love the character. I absolutely love the art. I like how it's a "contained" storyline and good size (70 issues). I love it falls in with the bronze age horror. I love how there are notable comic creators on the book and the covers are AMAZING! But I haven't read it. How's the storyline? (Note: I have some high grade issues, and have access to many others and have been debating just picking up the entire run in fairly high grade).
  8. haha you are the best! Sorry to bog down your sales thread. Awesome books! Carry on!
  9. Wait, aren't you selling a #1 9.8!?!?! I'M ALL CONFUSED!
  10. Awesome! Maybe I missed it, but what's your new focus? Are you keeping your other/earlier Spideys?