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  1. Selling a set of 3 layouts Greg did for his Batman run. All in pencil, all signed and noted by Greg. Comes with signed copies of Batman 41 and Batman 20 - signed by Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder. Moved to eBay Includes 1) Cover to Batman 41 2) Unused page from Batman 27 3) Batman 20, page 11 All of them are on 5" x 3" cards
  2. Listing one of my favorite books to help cover some life costs. No probies. I'll cover the first $30 for shipping cost + insurance for anyone to lower 48. Will ship at cost to international. Prefer Paypal. I will pack very secure and am ready to ship. First gets it. Moving to eBay - Action Comics 252 - First appearance of Supergirl. CGC 4.5 (Revised price down and fixed a mistake I'd made on payments - thanks!)
  3. Supergirl 16 Supergirl 1 Turner Cover B Supergirl 1 Turner Cover A Justice League 1 - Jim Calafiore Sketch - SOLD Wonder Woman Rebirth 1 (Artgerm)
  4. Listing a number of SS Books to help cover some life costs. No probies. Shipping is free to lower 48, at cost to international. I will pack very secure and am ready to ship. Open to discounts if you buy multiple books. First gets it. $85 - Batman 50 (Jim Lee Foil Convention Edition) – CGC 9.6 – Triple Signed by Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Alex Sinclair SOLD - Killing Joke 1st Print – CGC 9.8 – Signed by Brian Bolland $165 - Killing Joke 1st Print – CGC 9.4 – Signed by Brian Bolland $50 - Batman Europa – CGC 9.6 – Signed by Jim Lee – Copy 1 $50 - Batman Europa – CGC 9.6 – Signed by Jim Lee – Copy 2 $220 - Batman 612 – CGC 9.8 – Quad Signed by Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Alex Sinclair, Jeph Loeb SOLD - Batman 1 – CGC 9.8 – Signed by Greg Capullo with Bat Symbol Remarque $60 - Supegirl 16 (Artgerm Variant) – CGC 9.6 – Double Signed by Artgerm & Steve Orlando with S Shield Remarque [Take both Artgerm Variants - Supergirl & Wonder Woman - for $100] $60 - Supergirl 1 (Aspen Michael Turner Variant Cover B) – CGC 9.8 – Quad Signed by Peter Steigerwald, Beth Sotelo, Jeph Loeb & Norm Rapmund $60 - Supergirl 1 (Aspen Michael Turner Variant – Cover A) – CGC 9.8 – Quad Signed by Peter Steigerwald, Beth Sotelo, Jeph Loeb & Norm Rapmund [Take both Supergirl 1's for $100] SOLD - Justice League 1 Sketch Cover – CGC 9.6 – DC Trinity by Jim Calafiore $60 - Wonder Woman Rebirth 1 (Artgerm Variant) – CGC 9.4 - Signed by Artgerm [Take both Artgerm Variants - Supergirl & Wonder Woman - for $100] _________________________ Batman 50 Killing Joke 9.8 - SOLD
  5. I have this on ebay, but would be willing to go a bit cheaper for a boardie. I need to raise some funds and have therefore decided to part with one of my treasures. This is a great page from Turner's Supergirl run on Superman/Batman. It features Clark, Kara, and Bruce in Metropolis. Asking $2900 here. Let me know if you have any questions.
  6. So, I've done a number of commissions over the years, and I've never known what to call this. - A full background is obviously self explanatory - creating a setting behind the character - A partial background, as I understand it might be placing somewhere for the character to stand (ground, some rocks, or whatever) - What do you call the type of background which is sort of abstract, but just something to create some depth rather than just a white canvas behind the character - hatching, or a color bar, or some cloud-like or star field smudging etc. Is there a commonly used name for this? Examples:
  7. I wrestled and wrestled with this one - I really want to attend, but have struggled to balance the budget for the con this year. This is going to be a ton of fun
  8. This was a tough one for me, but mine is a tie I think because of the experience of the first - Jim gave my wife this Batman sketch during his spotlight panel for me for our 10th Anniversary - he finger painted a bunch of it. But my favorite overall commission piece is this Superman by Scott Williams and colored by Alex Sinclair
  9. I've had this one for a while from the Doomsday man himself, Dan Jurgens
  10. I really wish this was on Wednesday or Thursday Friday night has so much jammed into it and now this amazing opportunity too! mmmmmm, gonna have to really think this through
  11. It's an amazing piece, but I don't think the original commissioner is kicking themselves. If they'd have kept it, it never would have been used as a cover and therefore would never have become the known image it is today. Catch 22
  12. Usual rules - No HOS/probies and first commitment trumps any negotiation. FRANK MILLER: Batman The Dark Knight Returns Limited Signed and Numbered Gallery Edition $ Item details: 13.5x21 inches or 34x53cm for the slipcase. The inner book (13x20 inches or 33x51 cm, 216 pages) is printed on thick mat paper with sewn binding. This Limited Signed Edition (275 copies-This copy being #181) Comes with a sturdy debossed slipcase with debossed taped-spine. This edition features an exclusive sequentially numbered page signed by Frank Miller! I will ship this item quickly and very securely. Please feel free to ask any questions. Thanks for your interest!
  13. Thanks - nope this one was inked by Jim. Page is sold/on hold - thanks for looking everyone.
  14. This is the quintessential Jim Lee page - Batman vs Joker from Batman Europa (Issue 1, page 3). This was the page used in many of the promotional materials as it shows the two face to face and sets up the story. It kills me to have to post this here, but my wife and I are having kid #2 in just a few weeks and need the funds. Let me know if you have any questions. $SOLD
  15. As the title says - this beauty is the first appearance of Batgirl in the New52 - Batgirl 1, page 3. Selling this page to pay for a comic I recently purchased. Pencils: Ardian Syaf Inks: Vicente Cifuentes $550
  16. Just use Conroy - most of it would be voiceover anyway and he is THE voice of Batman. I would love to see that and he has the look
  17. Yeah the artist edition is amazing. I also had Peter Steigerwald do some hand coloring in mine:
  18. I searched for a long time and have two pieces by him - one, a great Supergirl head sketch, and the other a page from an all time favorite story - Superman/Batman: Supergirl