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  1. Higher than I thought they would sell for. They are fantastic pages the buyer is thrilled to own them
  2. that is not accurate I did thank you!! THANK YOU AGAIN !
  3. Anybody remember seeing this for sale on a dealer website? What was the asking price?
  4. This Expo is already posted elsewhere on CGC forum. Poor form is to post multiple times on same forum,using CAF email search terms to promote expo etc. Have fun at both shows. Hope you aren't staying at Hotel Penn.
  5. Wish them both the best of luck. Im not a fan of bed bugs,NYC traffic,crowds etc or a promoter that spams art expo on Caf and here and doesn't even have a link or mention of expo on his own site. I guess he would rather post consignment art without pricing or art that has already been sold. Either way good to see the hobby being promoted.
  6. Already posted in its appropriate area with some comments on venue (NOT FRESH!) skipping this EXPO and will be attending the Original Comic Art Con !!!!! Joe Veteri and Dan Gallo present . . . COMIC ART CON MARCH 18, 2018 10:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. "The First Exclusive Comic Art Convention" NO COMIC BOOKS! No fan boys! No hustle and bustle of the big cons! This is a gathering of Comic Art collectors in a friendly venue to buy, sell, trade, network and talk about comic art . . . and only comic art! Vendors and collectors gather from all over the country for what is truly a comic art collectors dream - a jammed packed room with wall to wall comic art. If you collect comic book art then this is the convention for you! SAME GREAT LOCATION: Holiday Inn 283 Route 17 South, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604 Hotel Number (201) 288-9600 6' Tables - please inquire!!! Parking is FREE! Adult admission $10. Children are FREE! Comic book guest artist(s) TBD If you are an artist with a Marvel or DC pedigree (or if you know one or represent an artist) we are filling slots for future shows. We only have 1-2 possible spaces available per show so please contact us ASAP. We look forward to hearing from you. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION OR TO RESERVE A TABLE PLEASE CONTACT: JOE VETERI DAN GALLO click to email - or - click to email (973) 768-6649 (954) 547-9063
  7. It wasnt me i was prepared to go to 30K . 71.7 wow what would my NM#98 cover bring at auction this is getting really nutty fyi Gene I was a buyer on batman adventures #12 at $100k 3 years ago if it turns up lmk