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  1. When looking for original art some of us might go to the source itself, the artist. Sometimes they'll still have some pieces( but not always for sale) in their possession and others will have nothing left. In both cases though they might offer to do a commission instead the thing you were interested in. If you don't want a commission what do you think is the best way to reply letting them know you where only interested in their published work? Especially for artists who still have pieces that they don't want to sell but might in the future where saying no thanks might make them not want to sell to you in the future when they let pieces go?
  2. Thanks, and yeah, thinking about it I probably should have. Hopefully I'll still get a click from a potential seller! Yeah they're great, o many artist giving their on take on characters.
  3. Giving this a multi year bump. I've been having the collector bug hitting me a lot lately with an interest in Darkhawk pages by Mike Manley specifically so if you have any you're thinking of selling or might be convinced to please DM me.
  4. It's true, about Felix being great at his job. I don't have an interest in this series since I never read it but can't be denied how successful his site is always having things listed a sold. He seems to be tone of the few people in the comic art sphere whose been able to really utilize social media and break the barrier from the art collector world to the more average fan who might just want one page. His group of artists also seem the best at connecting to the younger generation since many of them are in the same demographic or at least have the same interest in media which draws people in along with their unique and modern art styles. I can't imagine a lot of older artists doing commission or fan work off of anime properties like Akira for example.
  5. I don't really have a sentimental type attachment since I'm too young to have read a lot of these books when they first cameout. If I was, I would probably be going after 90's X-men since the tv show was my first exposure to superheros. The characters I go after are Moon Knight, ROM, Deadpool and Darkhawk. I developed an interest in these characters after discovering them on my own and coming to like them as characters and the stories told through their series even though they aren't as well-known. Well, except for Deadpool, Moon Knight but that seems to be a much more recent development for the later. Having an iconic image of them or their first appearances would be grail worthy for sure but I have to be realistic in what I could afford even if such an item came up for sale. I doubt I could afford a Moon Knight page from WW32 for example. I was the underbidder on a Moon Knight page from issue one that regret not going after with how high prices have gone recently but that's the only regret I can really think of. I was able to more than make up for it with another character at least. Other than those type of pieces I don't have a preference. I have a few certain pages that I would like from the various series but they're more because of the image than having any iconic impact. I also have a preference for an artists who was known to be the one to work on the character or series but as long as it's from the series itself I'm not really picky. PS: If anybody reading this has any art from these character's first run of their series feel free to DM.
  6. I did both in a way. When I looked at auctions or dealers sites I restrained myself so I wouldn't buy or at least attempt to everything that looked nice and caught my interest. I only went after things that I saw as the focus of my collecting trying to get an example of a character, book or artist I wanted and held out for examples I felt was the best I could get in my price range. When I actually had a chance at a super grail I was able to liquidate many of those pieces which let me afford it. I don't think I would have been able to afford it otherwise since the money I spent on the pieces before likely wouldn't haven't of been saved up where I could just have dumped it in one large sum. It also would have made me afraid of spending that amount while I was more comfortable doing it through selling pieces.
  7. I only have 1 unpublished piece which is a cover and I can say that me and the others who bid on it valued it more than if it was a commission from the time period by the artist and depicted character. For me when I bid on it my motivation was the historical significance of it in relation to the character and thought it was cool to see the notes made by the artist asking about the issues to it. Some unpublished pieces also have interesting back stories to them that relates to what was happening at the comic companies and the artists during that time period which is I see as a plus. I also thought it was nice visually despite only being pencils too.
  8. Pencils are more delicate to handle because they are easier to smudge and fade. They can still be stored similarly to inked pieces by placing them in mylars and handling them with care as you'd do with any piece. There also exist some products like this which can make pencils more resistant to smudging if you're willing to spray them and claim to be archival safe.
  9. I think Albert while not outright sales is willing to do negotiating on some of his inventory. While never buying from him myself I do remember talking to him at a con and him agreeing to take a few hundred off a piece I was thinking about getting.
  10. Deadman piece is currently a very good deal since the description says it will be published as a future cover. I had a random thought but what if, Jim and DC could raise more money with these sketches by collecting them into a limited print run pin-up book after they're all completed? A lot of these drawings are great and while I'm sure a lot of people would love to have one not many can afford to drop 5 figures on a piece of art so having a them all published will be a great cost effective way for more people who want to donate or simply like the drawings but can't afford it. More money can be raised and it makes all the pieces published which might be able to help drive up their prices. Just a thought.
  11. The first one I believe sold on CAF for the same price so no movement on that one. You can see that it says 900 in the item description. As for the other one that was actually my win. Looking at it it was pretty flat until I started to bid so I think it would have also sold for 900 too if I didn't jump in. Could have gotten it cheaper too if the other guy didn't feel the need to bid me who I suspect was the one who was buying all the dp pages. I only went so high because I had passed on the other ones and everything else I was looking at went to high for me anyway. I don't mind the price for the page though, the nice deadpool image is worth it imo.
  12. It probably could have since these were much older pieces which you don't see come to market that often but I wouldn't know by how much more. Possibly over a 1k but less than 2k I'd wager. A lot of the deep pocket collectors for example would only be interested in DP stuff if it was a high-end piece like the cover to NM98 or a page from it featuring him which we've seen reach the tens of thousands. Other than that they probably wouldn't be interested in him. Those types are also often older and have more disposable income verse most younger collectors who are probably also the more prominent demographic of people who would collect DP since he was only introduced in the 90s. Concerning people who are fans of the character and collect his artwork this series and the Circle Chase series were DP's first ever solo comics which makes the art a premium for people like us so it should reach higher prices than a lot of the more modern stuff that they seem to put him in that has saturated the market. The only thing that could probably rival it would be early pieces from the first full DP run that started in the 90s by McGuinness. I saw a few early covers by him go for a few thousand when DP was getting more widely popular and before the movie when only a few years before you could get one for three figures.
  13. The thing that always gets me with these type of flips is that they raise the price 5 times the original amount but can't even bother to offer free shipping as if it would be eating too much into their profit if it was to actually sell.
  14. I also suspect that all these pages are coming from one seller with how they all seem to be appearing in such a short time frame.