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  1. Superman 49 G/VG $175 top staple has some issues, but staple still attached. Lower right corner piece is missing.
  2. Superman 45 VG $250 has some water damage, book complete and attached. Lois Lane as Superwoman
  3. Tales to Astonish #46 G $30 Book as about an inch tear through it on the spine. Staples still attached.
  4. Hello, Just a few books up for sale, going to a bigger purchase. These books are in lower grade. Rules; First gets it over negotiations. Payment, I accept paypal, check, or money order. $9 for shipping USPS boxed postal within the lower US. I'll accept returns, but if you change your mind, you pay shipping back. First book is Tales To Astonish 52 $35 VG 1st appearance Black Knight.
  5. Take 10% off any remaining books... Thread will close tomorrow 1900 hrs central.