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  1. I know this is not a 55, but it's a 35... This one is I have been searching for a long time. I bought it raw. I thought it would grade higher, but I have it.
  2. I picked this up this summer, very please with it. It's my first one of this issue. I have this book with 1 cover, but 2... I couldn't resist.
  3. Hello, I am selling 1 piece of original cover art of TNMT Urban Legends by Frank Fosco you will also receive a color print of it, the 1st issue and a black and white variant issue of it both are signed by Frank Fosco for $800. I accept paypal and mo's. Shipping/insurance is also included. Art/print will come in a hard plastic sleeve. If you change your mind and don't what it, shipping is on you. No problem children. Thanks for looking
  4. I have an island and lucky for you it's up for trade....
  5. Hello, I book for sale, ASM 300 newstand CGC 7.0 just back from CGC. Nobody from any lists. I accept paypal and mo's I will only ship to the U.S. No returns you know what you're getting. wins over pm discussions. ASM #300 $265 shipped
  6. It's not new to my collection, but I just got it back from CGC in yesterday's post. Gotta love Schomburg's cover.
  7. Nope I have my original set from the 70's. I had the whole set up on my wall in my bedroom. As a teenager in the 70's I brought my girlfriend over and she see's those up on your wall, there might have been some laughter happening.