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  1. Thank you Robert. Item was shipped in a sturdy package very quickly. Great Books,too!! JLA #1 and WW 206 Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!
  2. Repeat Buyer....thanks again!! I bought a bunch of Spider-Man and Batman comics from Greg. Thanks again!
  3. Repeat Buyer....thanks again!! I bought Spec Spider-man 8 17 from Steve. Comics were well packed as usual!!
  4. Repeat buyer ... thanks again Krypto!! I bought Conan #24 among other stuff. Thank you!! Comics arrived securely and quickly. Happy with the grading.
  5. Thanks Mark for the X-Men and Thor slabs. Everything was well packaged, as described, and arrived quickly. Awesome!!
  6. Thank you for The Wonder Woman comics and especially The Uncanny X-Men 94. Great packing, too!!
  7. My second Golden Age comic!! Bought this at a antique store in Sacramento!!
  8. Thank you. I'll keep looking for the other one!! The artgerm variants go on sale Saturday.
  9. And this!!! Thanks, I cant find these comics where I usually buy!!