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  1. Completely rando. Bags and boards optional.
  2. Looks like Barry Blair. Maybe Elflord or one of the spin offs.
  3. Looks like this will be a series of blogs/vlogs: Looking forward to more "behind the scenes" stuff.
  4. Bill Black of AC Comics just posted a great video of how his comics were printed in the 1980s-90s. He goes into detail about color separations, color guides, negatives, proofs, printing, and prepress. Highly recommend to learn about what you can buy related to original art. He also shows off some great artwork towards the end by Mark Heike, Erik Larsen and Brad Gorby. Click here --> Youtube Video
  5. They might not be offering points for eBay at this time. I use MyPoints and eBay, Amazon, and Walmart are all zero points per dollar right now.
  6. I use these: Lineco Archival Box They come in a variety of sizes.
  7. Maybe?
  8. Went on Sunday. Artist Alley was fantastic and was able to get some inexpensive sketches and autographs. Filled a long box for $75 at the end of the show with my buddy from one dealer. Didn't really spend any time in the vendors' section otherwise.
  9. He's fairly active on Facebook as well.
  10. Best of the West was put out by AC Comics. 71 issues of GA/SA reprints.