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  1. I use these: Lineco Archival Box They come in a variety of sizes.
  2. Maybe?
  3. Went on Sunday. Artist Alley was fantastic and was able to get some inexpensive sketches and autographs. Filled a long box for $75 at the end of the show with my buddy from one dealer. Didn't really spend any time in the vendors' section otherwise.
  4. He's fairly active on Facebook as well.
  5. Best of the West was put out by AC Comics. 71 issues of GA/SA reprints.
  6. This is the "Premier" issue of Dungeoneers #1. It's essentially a limited ed ashcan. Kris Silver was selling his leftover stock a few years ago and these were $10. The Grips Premier issue is the only issue of significant value (outside of the Silverwolf Bulletins). It usually goes for $50-$80. Check out my fan website for scans and lists of SilverWolf & Greater Mercury Comics stuff:
  7. Their archival boxes are smaller than what you're looking for but may be worth a look. I've bought bags and non-comic boxes from them for 15-ish years. Reliable company. Also unit price is discounted when you buy multiples.
  8. Paragon Super Heroes #1 Yellow, Blue, Orange Cover versions - VGD or better - $25-$40 Drenched Damsels Portfolio - any grade - $30-$60 Also looking for any prints/posters offered in the 'zines.
  9. It's not like you could trust the grade they put on it anyway so... Just recently purchased a book listed as VGD+. When I got it, the book was in a bag with the seller's own branded price tag that had GD/VGD written as the grade. I went by what I saw in the pictures.
  10. Looks like an extra zero snuck in there.