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  1. Their archival boxes are smaller than what you're looking for but may be worth a look. I've bought bags and non-comic boxes from them for 15-ish years. Reliable company. Also unit price is discounted when you buy multiples.
  2. Paragon Super Heroes #1 Yellow, Blue, Orange Cover versions - VGD or better - $25-$40 Drenched Damsels Portfolio - any grade - $30-$60 Also looking for any prints/posters offered in the 'zines.
  3. It's not like you could trust the grade they put on it anyway so... Just recently purchased a book listed as VGD+. When I got it, the book was in a bag with the seller's own branded price tag that had GD/VGD written as the grade. I went by what I saw in the pictures.
  4. Looks like an extra zero snuck in there.
  5. 80s Masters of the Universe, MASK, Starriors, Robo Force, and others were packed with mini-comics.
  6. 3rd vote for the masonite sandwich. Which I entomb in a cardboard wrap.
  7. Bags Unlimited Graded Box Don't have any graded mags or this box but, Bags Unlimited is usually pretty good.
  8. What size are they? Laser Discs are around the size of a vinyl record.
  9. I don't trust COAs. That's why I always pay extra for artists to sign in their own blood. DNA authentication is the wave of the future.
  10. I've pretty much only supported Joe Pekar's Kickstarters. He's extremely active, sends weekly updates, responds to all comment questions, and has pretty much been on time with everything. Which is all amazing since he's a one man operation from what I can tell.
  11. Man of Rust #1 1986 Blackthorne - A and B covers parody Man of Steel Rust #1 1992 Adventure Comics - regular and gold foil cover I think they fit your definition.