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  1. Hi guys I have had a lot interest locally from people who want to get items signed and submitted to CGC for Mad Monster Party Phoenix 2018. I was able to make arrangements with Triston Pence to facilitate the show and Reptileking to be the witness. If you are interested in getting items signed and submitted contact them through private message. There is a huge Nightmare on Elm Street Reunion this year there. Mad Monster Party 2018 PHOENIX July 13th -July 15th
  2. Definitely right about a nothing comic other than being a good read it's main uses are toilet paper and cleaning glass windows. This is a perfect example of the ten of thousands of signatures on items that hold little to no value and items that make you shake your head. It would be like having Stan Lee sign a magazine that has Hugh Hefner is on the cover that came out after his death.
  3. Yeah but that is because people want to meet him not realizing they get two seconds with him. Once he passes away his signature won't be worth more than 30 in most cases.
  4. That video was a snapshot. We don't know what is going on, other than he had a bad day. He could be perfectly fine, but just came back from his bout with pneumonia too soon.
  5. I just did tell you because you are stating your opinion without all the facts.
  6. So just because the guy is 95 he can't do anything? Unless you have the full facts you should mind your own business and don't post on this matter. If based on the snapshot in time that you saw you are not going to get his autograph again that is fine and your choice and you can say that.
  7. How do you know he just wasn't having a bad day? That maybe he is back to normal now. Maybe he just needs limitations put on numbers he signed. How far into the signing was this? Did the person have permission to film him? You don't know what is going on other than you have a snapshot of a moment in time.
  8. Where is your proof? Unless you have proof don't take a side because you don't know the intentions of those making the accusations. What you do know the media is just looking for a story anywhere they can get one no matter who they hurt. So Stan is asking you to back off he doesn't know and can't understand why these vicious reports are coming out against his daughter and friends. Maybe disgruntled former employees who want a piece of his pie still.
  9. Accounts from whom disgruntled former employees who may have an agenda?
  10. I wouldn't pay anything above $50 of what tje comic is worth without Stan's sig. 150 is way too much to add to the value of the comic when his autograph value will drop like a fly after he passes away it is just too common
  11. Stan's daughter needs to be left out of our comments unless you have solid evidence.
  12. It was elder abuse 3 years ago when I stopped getting his autographs done in 2015 from what I saw was going on and a disservice to fans, but his health has gradually declined each year. The question is if Stan has mind dead set can his own crew stop him?
  13. You shouldn't make any accusations unless you have solid proof. I can say some fans had some negative interactions with Max, including Max saying Stan wants to buy your item when really Max wants to buy it himself. I've been in politics and the on the board of directors for conventions. What I can say is everything needs time to play out. Alot of things are happening right now alot of people formerly employed by Stan are releasing stories that we do not know if they are true or not. What are the intentions of his former employees? Are they truly concerned? Are they disgruntled and j
  14. Hey if he wants to get Stan to sign an item he can. No need to discourage him. He can make his own decision from the articles he see