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  1. Personally, I don't think you could be more wrong if you tried. Why exactly do you feel the need to refer to people who would like to see the original, unaltered version of the film as "butthurt fanboys"? If you prefer the revised versions of the film, guess what? You're in luck because Lucas, Kennedy and those in control of the franchise hold the revised films as the "official" versions of the films. Those aren't going away just because they may release the original versions. Firecracker Death Star explosion? Toy lightsabers? Underpopulated space port? Magic-marker cover-up of the wheels on the landspeeder? Yeah, I'm fine with ALL of it. Why? Because it was a film made in 1977. To my eyes, those facelift "improvements" are incongruous and stand out like a sore thumb. Wanting to see the original version has nothing to do with "butthurt"; I'm just a fan of old films in general - warts and all - and this film in particular. You've got your revised versions. Nobody's ever going to take that away from you. We'd just like the same opportunity to see - and hopefully own - the versions we love. What's so awful about that?
  2. Hmmm, 'evil Rey'. This strikes me as a JJ John Harrison-style bait-and-switch. I could very well be wrong, but I have a feeling that 'evil Rey' is going to be an ESB-type vision quest where Rey battles an evil version of herself. Kind of like in Superman III (which was awesome, btw).
  3. I'm split on this. On the one hand I'm cautiously optimistic for this. Granted, the situation strikes me as similar to Star Trek 6: they can call the character Valerus but everyone can tell it was supposed to be Saavik. But if one can suspend their cynicism I think this may be the direction the Star Wars franchise needs to go: telling a good story that isn't in any way connected to the Skywalker saga nor fill in backstory for an OT character that most really don't feel interested in knowing. They need a new story and characters that will make the Star Wars universe seem like a large story canvas again. Right now it feels like nothing can happen in that universe without bumping into Darth Vader, Han Solo or a Death Star. On the other hand, seeing someone frozen in carbonite in the trailer makes me think they simply won't be able to help themselves in referencing elements from the OT. I know the OT is where the self-referencing started ( different charecters saying "I got a bad feeling about this", etc) so there's a tradition I guess, but for me it's really grown stale. I've said it before, I'm just ready to see something new. I'm also concerned that, based on the trailer, this show will take itself deadly serious. I guess for this type of character it makes sense, it just would be nice to see something that's kind of fun too. I won't buy their subscription service just to see this. Fool me once, shame on you. But I will definitely check this out when it comes out on video. For what it's worth, this has my interest peeked more than the final film chapter. Which is kind of sad I think.
  4. STAR WARS Kenner SAND PEOPLE MOC 12-back variation B - this card version has an additional paragraph that the Action Stand can be obtained free with 12 proof-of-purchase seals. It still has the description of how to operate the double-telescoping light sabers. AFA graded 80+ sub-grades: Card: 80 Bubble: 85 Figure: 85. Hanger tab is unpunched. The photo makes it appear that the crease in the upper left corner of the card is color-breaking. In fact, it does NOT break color, it just pears that way in the photo because of how the spider-vein crease catches the light. There is a tiny mark on the top surface of the bubble - either a tiny stress mark or a touch of paint from one of the head horns, can't tell which. Otherwise, the bubble is excellent with no yellowing. $925 shipped in the US. Shipping outside the US would be more.
  5. Thought I'd give this a whirl here first before going to eBay. But first, some ground rules... RULES: First clear, unqualified "take it" in the thread wins the item. If attempting to negotiate via PM, after mutual acceptance a clear "take it" must be posted in the thread by you or me Asking questions about item details, picture requests, shipping quotes, negotiating price, etc. does NOT constitute a claim or "dibs" on an item No members on the HOS or Probation List may participate. I reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone for any reason. PAYMENT: Paypal only. I do NOT accept Friends/Family payments, thus such a method should not be used to renegotiate the price Payment is expected within 7 days of receiving an invoice. Please allow me to send you an invoice before paying. RETURNS: Itemss may be returned within 7 days after receipt. Please contact me with any issues. About Me: I have done deals with about a dozen board members. Here's my eBay feedback as a seller
  6. A few years ago at one of the local antique shops I saw some photo cover western comic books from the 50’s/early 60’s with a piece of regular brown thick corrugated cardboard which stuck out beyond the margins in the middle of each book and the each shrink wrapped like that. Westerns really aren’t in my wheelhouse as far as collecting so I don’t know how “fair” the pricing was...though my guess is that they were probably way over-priced as typical with antique stores. Hard to judge condition as the shrink wrap makes everything shiny and smooth but I wouldn’t have gambled on them as I couldn’t imagine how that could have been anything but bad for the books.
  7. @paperheart, @Buzzetta hmmm...ok. Let me as a follow-up question: How is Heritage about accepting a return for an item with an undisclosed condition issue that was specifically asked about durning the course of the auction but not answered? Think I know the answer but will ask anyway...
  8. Question: Is there a trick to getting Heritage to respond to e-mail inquires? I’ve bought from them once years ago so I don’t have a lot of experience working with them. Just seems odd that this is the 2nd time in as many weeks that I’ve asked a yes/no question and gotten radio silence.
  9. Thanks for the heads-up on the 1st edition books in the HA auction. I see a book I definitely want to go for though I doubt I’ll win it.
  10. I don’t know that it’s my all-time favorite, but I always really enjoyed the Alan Moore Clayface story in Batman Annual #11. The zinger in the last panel always makes me smile.
  11. Uh-oh. Call me paranoid but I wonder if he suddenly decided to buy your copy, compare it with the LCS copy, decide which is best and send you back the under-copy for a refund. Hopefully he just realized it was less of a hassle just to pay for it.
  12. I think "fault" would depended on whether you were actually open to combing shipping with future wins at the beginning of the discussion. If you weren't open to it then the mistake was 1) not politely but clearly stating "no" at the outset and 2) sending him the list of books you would be relisting as that gave the impression you were open to combining with his current wins. The breakdown in communication seems to begin when he proposes to pay for his current wins and you hold off on shipping. For some reason you didn't directly acknowledge this proposal, insitead you both seem to get sidetracked on a discussion about viewing pictures of these items. His request seems reasonable on the surface and a show of good faith that you won't be left with a bunch of unpaid items. But even if they're paid for, not shipping items for 2+ weeks waiting for the future listings to go up and end might play havoc with your seller performance rating. This was anotheir missed opportunity to clearly state that combining wins from future listings wasn't going to work for you. Things took a turn for the worse when the Unpaid Item notices went out the buyer got deeply offended - as buyers always do ( never understood that). You then responded in kind that you felt you were being jerked around at which point the discussion seems to have deteriorated. I think there was a needlessly prolonged discussion, taking of offense on both sides, and lost sales that could have all been circumvented by simply stating up front that you weren't open do doing combined shipping on listings 2 weeks in the future.
  13. Was on vacation this weekend and stumbled across a pleasant surprise: the original artwork for 2 Sunday strips and 3 daily strips from the Star Wars newspaper strip. The Sunday strips have the color guid attached to back of the frame. The glass on the last Sunday strip is cracked. Hope they fix it soon before the artwork gets damaged, but I have a feeling they probably won’t. Didn’t buy any of them but still very cool to see in person.