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  1. The God Phoenix has a similar shape to this Micronauts ship:
  2. Just curious, has anyone heard what George thinks of this series?
  3. Considering the rocket tip is now suddenly red I think it’s a definite nod to the toy.
  4. Who says the Western genre is dead? Can’t wait until next week!
  5. ....after selling probably thousands of dollars of books fee-free for years. Yeah, we’re awful.
  6. To point 1: Ok, but why do you take the seller's word that he never received it as "gospel"? It's pretty clear from the seller's own words he changed his mind about the selling the book. How do you know that the seller didn't change his mind about the book, receive the buyer's check, and just toss the check in the trash and claim he never got it because he now very much wants to keep the book? How far down this rabbit hole do we go? To point 2: you're reaching, you don't have to engage in supposition. There's nothing in the seller's own PMs to the buyer that indicates he's "irritated" about not receiving the payment in a timely fashion. He clearly states that he now wants to keep the book and the fact (supposedly) that he hasn't received the check is a convenient excuse to do so. The seller clearly states what his motive is. What motive does the buyer have for not sending the check and then claiming he did? And then falsely accuse John and wrongly get him on the PL list? What does the buyer gain from doing that? Honestly, I've found this whole PL discussion rather bizarre. As several others have said, if the roles were reversed and it was some newbie who did this it would be a slam-dunk PL nomination. But with this we've had long-standing, well-respected Board members popping up to dismiss this as not PL-worthy because...why? Because now it's RICK STARR? I are right about one thing: whether RICK STARR ends up on the PL or not, Cool BooksTM will rule the day.
  7. Considering the seller dismissed the buyer’s dissatisfaction with “it’s only a comic” that does seem to be the most appropriate solution.
  8. Check was listed as John’s preferred method of payment (presumable to avoid PayPal fees). I think it’s a safe assumption that John is aware of the mail slowdown due to COVID. So while 2 weeks would be a reasonable amount of time pre-COVID, is it still reasonable now? Sure he received his checks from other buyers in a timely fashion but that’s the issue: mail is hit-and-miss right now. Did John state in his sales thread that his preferred method of payment had to arrive within 2 weeks or the deal was void? If not, then it seems the standard 30-day rule would be the default.
  9. I don’t think he meant “right” in terms of a sales thread rule. I think he just meant “right” in terms of nobody’s going to go to your house and twist your arm and force you to pack up and ship a book or hit the pay button on PayPal
  10. Good grief. Strange, in that whole wall-of-text FDQ exit, in all his long-winded self-serving explanatory posts, all the surgical dissection of semantics and sentence structure, all the high talk of “nuance” and “intent”, all the claims of injury due to the Board member’s lack of consideration for his being “too busy”....and the ONE thing he conveniently keeps overlooking: if he had time to message Miracle about the pressing details, he had time to remove the book. If he had just removed the book before messaging Miracle this truly would have been a nothing-burger. I think there’s enough of a gray area with Miracle’s claim that I don’t think he necessarily owes Miracle the book, but it would have been a lot better if he would have at least acknowledged that doing that one simple thing would have been better...instead of doubling and tripling down on how the Board’s have got it all wrong. What I’m wondering now: if he’s blown the Boards off and shut off all his he planning on following through on all the other sales he made in his thread?
  11. DOCTOR WHO Story 92 Horror of Fang Rock DVD gently used, like new has BBC paper postcard survey form insert, now Out Of Productions $35 DOCTOR WHO Story 94 Image of the Fendahl DVD gently used, like new has BBC paper postcard survey form insert $13 DOCTOR WHO Story 105 City of Death DVD gently used, like new has BBC paper postcard survey form insert, now Out Of Production $75