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  1. Not really. What’s weird is I hadn’t sold anything for severalmonths and then suddenly a couple of weeks ago I started selling something every couple of days (mostly trading card stuff). But then the quarantine started and since then it’s died back. Granted, I haven’t added anything new to the items I have listed in probably over a year. I just pulled all my comic listings as I’m planning on having a sales thread here so I don’t anticipate my sales on eBay jumping anytime soon.
  2. Yeah, looks like your right. I’m pretty sure that HA also has an eBay account. I saw the Heritage watermark on the pictures and jumped to the conclusion that it was their account selling these. Looks like he just re-using the pictures from the HA auctions. Wonder if he realizes he’s tipping off potential buyers as to were they can find the previous auction results. Good luck to him. My bad. I’ll go back and delete my original post.
  3. Crud. Now I wish I had looked over every listing in this auction. Better scour to see what’s left. I really try and stay focused with my purchases...but you make hay when the shines too.
  4. Well, I sure hope this IS a trend that holds up through the course of the auction. There’s a couple of non-key books I’m very interested in that end in a few days. Right now, the bidding trend doesn’t look I’m going to get a deal but we’ll see. There are a couple of books I had tracking bids on and now wish I had thrown in one more semi-decent bid.
  5. Ok, my bad. Didn’t look close enough at who the actual seller was on eBay was. So I guess it back to the futility of bidding and getting blown away on HA
  6. A couple of new additions to my collection. The 180 is a ‘not so great’ ow/w paged 9.6 but the book itself looks amazing even with the black cover. The holder has a bunch of scuffs and scratches which I could live with. But it’s missing the sticker on top of the slab which will drive my OCD crazy so probably will have it reholdered. But I got it for just a bit over the slab cost so even with the reholdering it’s still a decent deal. The 181 isn’t a “deal” but it’s a sharp copy. I waited for awhile until I found one with a wrap I liked.
  7. It will be interesting to see how it will play out. Personally, I’m not especially enamored with digital There are aspects of digital content that appeal to me, such as ease of access and the reduction of clutter. But the biggest draw back for me is the tenuousness of digital “ownership”. I know proponents of digital content are supremely confident they own their content. I’m skeptical and still prefer the certainty of physical ownership if I’m paying for something. Having said that: I think print comics are probably done. Print comics seem to have been on life-support for so long that converting to digital-only seems almost inevitable. I’d abandoned modern print comics awhile back so I wouldn’t be one of the ones converting as there’s not enough there content-wise to motivate me to do so. But as far as the total death of print, I’m not so sure. While I do think giant bookstores like Barnes and Nobel will eventually go away (heck, a least a third of their floorspace now is devoted to Legos, Thomas the Train, movies, CDs and “collectibles”) I don’t know that physical books will completely die. I think there is a sizable number of readers who, like audiophiles who swear vinyl produces a better quality of sound, feel that reading a physical book adds to the experience. I wonder if what will happen with books is what’s happening with Blu-ray now: several boutique labels popping up to to produce niche movies in limited numbers at higher price for those who still want a physical copy. And as far as brick-and mortar stores: there’s no denying it’s nice to have your stuff dropped at your front door. Perhaps we are heading towards becoming a society like that depicted in Caves of Steel. But there could be unintended consequences. If more people begin buying everything on-line and having it delivered to their home while they’re at work, we could see an increase in Porch Piracy. It’s clear that neither USPS nor Amazon want to take responsibility for merchandise they delivered but was stolen. The police seem to have more important things to do. Perhaps people will get fed up and want to go back to physical stores just so they can make sure they get their stuff. We’ll see.
  8. Funny, I thought something along those lines (though not quite as colorful): More than one member here has reported an eBay CSR telling them people shouldn’t be selling expensive items on eBay. At least they’re being consistent and showing just a stack of Moderns.
  9. Without knowing the book, my gut reaction would be to buy the blue 9.0. I know Adams charges a premium to sign SS books, and I’m not an expert on the SS economy, but a blue CGC 9.0 price tag for a 6.0 SS seems high to me. I would think you could get a nicer condition copy - maybe up to an 8.0 - SS for the price of a blue 9.0. If the 6.0 presents well I would possibly consider it but again, I would think the point of buying a 6.0 SS would be to get a bit of discount, not pay a premium. I’m not huge into SS but I do have a couple and I understand wanting an Adams SS book. I have one as well - the Batman Power Records book, probably the only Adams comic I actually owned as a kid as most of his comic work was just a bit before my time.
  10. I know that on any given day any given book can be graded a bit more tightly or loosely. But I read comments more than once that seem to indicate there’s a general consensus on certain time periods being relatively consistent with “loose” grades. What are those those time frames that most consider to be loose grading?
  11. For those who may be interested, “Season 3“ of Tom Baker’s Doctor Who on Blu-ray now has a release date of July 21st. These Blu-ray releases have been a bit a mixed bag for me but I will definitely get this one though I’ll be waiting for the price to drop before pre-ordering.
  12. When I was trying to get a SS copy of Batman #400 done, I got the signatures on the back cover because the bc image is identical to the front but doesn’t have all the text. So nice open spaces for sigs where they don’t get cluttered up with fc text. To each his own though.
  13. I know with Micronauts, issue 1, 2, and 3 had the big diamond, issues 4 and 5 had newsstand only, and issue 6 had the regular square box but with a strike through the UPC (like is pictured above) as well as the newsstand version. From issue 7 on, the issues had the newsstand and small diamond direct versions.