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  1. Do you specifically request box shipping? Do you offer to pay extra for any additional cost associated with box shipping?
  2. I don’t think you’re being stingy. Whenever there’s a discussion about sellers charging a shipping “handling” fee or trying to pass on the PayPal fees to the buyer, the consensus is always ‘the seller should have that baked in to his book price’ You’ve done that. You know what you need out of the book, what the current FMV is, and what appropriate shipping charges are to get it from point A to point B safely. Unless you’re desperate for cash, I don’t see why you need to budge. I can understand a buyer making an attempt to negotiate on the price of the book. But once the seller makes it clear he’s firm on the price (especially in your case where the book is less than recent sales) then the buyer is the one who needs to decide if he’s going to be “stingy” and risk missing out on your book on the chance he can get it cheaper somewhere else. However, a buyer trying to negotiate the price of shipping doesn’t set as well with me. Your shipping price isn’t way out of line; your explanation of the cost is reasonable. Some buyers are very intent to nickel-and-dime on shipping cost when it’s time to pay. Then when the book ships they suddenly expect Cadillac shipping service. And if there’s the slightest delay or damage - even if such is clearly due their renegotiated cheaper shipping - they want drop all responsibility in the seller’s lap. I’d stick to your guns on your shipping cost. Some will probably strongly disagree with me, but if he’s tried numerous times to renegotiate shipping charges, I might be inclined to block him for fear he buys the book and then claims “damage” on receipt and asks for a partial refund to get his shipping discount on the back end.
  3. Have to say I’m envious of the lengths the local post office went to provide such detail. When my post office mis-delivered a $100 book a couple of years ago it was a lot less CSI: Arkansas and more like Beverly Hillbillies.
  4. I bought a book off of Abe a couple of weeks ago. Requested the seller ship via Priority Mail instead of Media Mail. Book was coming from Florida to California, estimated delivery time 3-4 days. On day 3 - a Friday - the status turns to Delayed. Assumend there wouldn’t be much movement over the weekend. Took another 4 days the following week before it showed up. At first I thought maybe the delay was a result of the seller forgetting my request and shipping MM anyways but when it arrived it was in fact shipped Priority. There was a spat of bad weather in the east/mid-west at the time so I just chalked it up to that. Sounds like it may be an ongoing issue.
  5. I tend to steer clear of free shipping listings because my experience has been that those sellers tend to opt for the least expensive (ie bare minimum to no protective packing to keep the weight down) because the cost of shipping cuts into their profit on the book. I’d rather a seller just ask what he needs for the book itself and separate the shipping cost so I can get an idea of what method of shipping he’s using. If a “free shipping” listing is something I really want I’ll contact the seller and offer to pay more for shipping so I can get my desired method of shipping.
  6. That and the fact that for the last 6 months to year they’ve been going out of their way to mess with my listings under the auspices of “helping” me. At first the work-arounds were pretty easy - ignore the constant messages harping on me to lower my price, decline the offer of Price Management (or whatever it’s called) when I list. But now they’re constantly sneaking stuff into my listings I don’t want. The app is pretty much unasable to me anymore because, unlike the full site, a lot of their “helpful” changes can’t be altered And, of course, the full site doesn’t completely work on my phone because they’re trying to drive you to the app. This latest thing with BINs being mandatory Good ‘Til Canceled and re-listing items without my consent that were 30-day listings created prior to the new policy is just about the last straw. It’s just more hassle than it’s worth to keep fending off krap-bay. Instead of selling stuff with their help, I feel like I’m selling stuff in spite of them. I may still sell cheap stuff there, but I think my nicer stuff is going somewhere else.
  7. Hope you get paid. Last time I had someone win over 1k of merchandise and delayed payment while they “moved money around” turned out to be a stall tactic while they tried to find similar items cheaper. They eneded up not paying.
  8. There was some discussion in the past the revealed that videotaping at the Post Office isn’t the slam-dunk CYA we would assume it would be. As you say, in addition to asking your postal clerk about permission to film, you may want to explain why you’re doing so and ask if such would really protect you in the event of a switch-a-roo fraud attempt.
  9. Not to belabor the point but... He tried to negotiate a discount on the price. You told him you were firm on the price. He said ‘ok, since I can’t get a discount on the price I want free shipping’ There is no such thing as “free shipping”. USPS doen’t offer “free shipping” as one of their shipping options. (You can probably thank eBay for indoctrinating buyers into believing there is such a thing) The only way to give “free shipping” is by reducing the price of your book by the shipping amount cost. So essentially he’s asking you to reduce the price of the book after you just told him you wouldn’t do that. Perhaps I’m too cautious but a 1-feedback buyer who can’t take “no” for an answer wanting to purchase a 4-figure book? I’d pass.
  10. Don’t try and talk yourself into it. If I was buying a 4-figure book I wouldn’t haggle over shipping. This is mail order, shipping is just the cost of getting the book to me. I wouldn’t do it.
  11. Perhaps everyone else was aware of this but thought I’d post a heads-up just in case: As was posted a couple of weeks ago, krap-bay instituted a policy in which Buy-It-Now listings can only have Good ‘Til Canceled as the duration. I had some BIN listings end Friday that were 30-day listings. These listings were created and posted well BEFORE krap-bay instituted their new policy. I just discovered that, without my consent or authorization, krap-bay RETROACTIVELY applied their new policy and unilaterally re-listed those items. And, because I was out of insertion fee-free listings for the month, they just nailed me for fees on those listings. So you’ll need to keep an eye on when your BIN listings end regardless of when they were created in relation to this new policy.
  12. If you feel fairly confident it was him, do you have to catch him in the act to ban him from your booth? A genuine question. I don’t sell at cons so I don’t know what the etiquette is for banning someone from buying from you.
  13. I assume that the original question implies that, with Gates-type money and single book restriction, we’re expected to go for the biggest book possible. That’s a tough choice for me as that usually means Golden Age books. While I appreciate their significance, I usually don’t feel as much of a connection to them as I do with books from the 70’s and onwards. I guess if I had to pick one it would probably be Batman #1. Certainly not for the cover. When my brother and I had pull lists at the LCS back in the late 80’s the shop got in t-shirts that had old Batman covers. He snagged Detective #27 first, I had to settle for the Batman #1 shirt which I always thought was kind of bland. And while it’s significant, that’s not the primary reason either. Again, if I was just going for significance I’d probably pick ‘Tec #27. My first exposure to old comics was checking out the reprint books from the library which included Batman: From the 30’s to the 70’s. I remember the reprinted Batman #1 story made a distinct impression on me as a kid because the depiction of the Joker was so different from what I was used to seeing on TV. The Joker wasn’t smiling and laughing non-stop like an insufficiently_thoughtful_person; there were several panels of him sullen and brooding, even angry. Instead of bright green hair he had black hair with green highlights and voluptuous blood red lips with bags under his eyes. He looked more like a cadaver. Or a vampire. I found it kind of disturbing. So I would probably pick Batman #1 for that reason. But again, there’s other stories in that reprint book that speak to me more. Like Detective #395. But you don’t need Gates money to get that. Honestely, if I had that kind of money to blow on a collectible, I don’t think I would drop it on comics. A really well-preserved true first edition of Nineteen Eighty-Four instantly comes to mind.
  14. You’ll have to educate me on how to access these unlimited free mobile listings as I do most of my listing on my phone. Once I exceed my monthly 50 free listings I start getting charged an insertion fee like everyone else. And as far as phonage, I’m in the 21st century so at least that’s not the issue. Edit to add: In fact, last month I was listing on my phone and their price managing feature was switched on and there was no way to turn it off on my phone. I had to go ahead and post the listings and then go to the full site on my tablet and revise all the listings to shut it off. So you’re definitely enjoying something on your phone that I’m not.
  15. The thought of listing and then canceling at the 30 day mark had crossed my mind, though I’d more than likely forget. They’ve be pushing the Price Management thing (or whatever they call it) pretty hard lately. I have a feeling it’s only a matter of time before they make that mandatory on fixed price listings too.