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  1. FWIW the scan of the back cover does seem to show a small crescent-shaped moisture stain on the bottom right edge of the book. So the book may actually have the stain he’s speaking of. Having said that: it looks like a pretty small moisture stain. You have it graded as VG+. I understand the buyer’s point that it would have been nice if the stain was mentioned in the description. But does a moisture stain that size significantly alter the grade of a book in VG+ condition? What’s your stated return policy?
  2. I think the problem may be that you're trying to treat this like it's a math equation. Popular Movie Franchise + 1s Appearance in Comics = Valuable Comic It doesn't work like that. Simply proving that a particular issue is the first appearance of an "iconic" film franchise doesn't automatically generate value. Star Wars is an iconic film and franchise that generated an equally popular and long-running comic book series. Conversely, Raiders of the Lost Ark is an iconic film and franchise from the same period that also had a comic series, but for a number of reasons the comic wasn't as successful, didn't last nearly as long, and therefore isn't worth nearly as much as Star Wars comics. Being an "iconic" film series doesn't guarantee the same type of success in comics. No one is debating that the Back to the Future film franchise wasn't popular. But it looks like there were only 2 mini-series from Harvey, 4 and 3 issues respectively. Clearly, the film's popularity didn't translate into a successful comic series. Not to be overlooked is the fact that the Harvey comic isn't an extension of the film franchise, but of the cartoon series spin-off. While you may not want to see the distinction, that definitely can play a part in the comics value. While the films may have been "iconic" the cartoon series clearly wasn't. That affects demand for the comic.
  3. I've been wondering this myself as I have a book I'd like to submit that looks like a 9.4/9.6 as it stands...except for the fact that it looks to have just the beginnings of rust at the top staple. In trying to get some idea of how CGC might deduct for that defect I came across this book: As you can see in these two pictures, it looks like it definitely has rust at the top staple and maybe some at the bottom staple as well: But what I found interesting is that as I was looking over the book, I spotted a number of defects that would account for the 9.0 grade: In fact, it almost seems to me that there's enough defects to account for the 9.0 grade on their own without even factoring in the rusty staples. At the very least, it seems like CGC didn't deduct significantly for the rusty staples when assessing the overall grade. Granted, we can't see what the centerfold looks like. I would assume based on the grade that there's no staining. I can't really tell if the rust has migrated to the cover at all. And there doesn't seem to be much build-up of corrosion on the staples.
  4. I know this thread is more about sharing acquisitions but I hope it’s alright if I ask a question. Hopefully someone will know. Way back when I was in high school I bought a book called Space Adventure Collectibles, which I still have it’s just packed away right now. Anyway, in the Space: 1999 section there is a photo from what I assume is a Mattel dealer catalog that shows the 3 figures of Koenig, Russell and Bergman along with an alien called a Zython. I don’t remember if the book directly states it or not, it’s not handy where I can check, but somewhere along the line I got the impression the Zython was never produced. I don’t recall if I actually read that anywhere or just assumed it since the alien isn’t pictured on the back of the U.S. card. Flash forward: a couple of months ago while doing my routine Space: 1999 search on eBay I spotted a listing for what claims to be the Zython. It was incomplete without uniform or the staff pictured in the dealer catalog. I suspected that it might be a custom figure being passed off as original. Since then I’ve seen about a half dozen of these pop up, some with the uniform and some without, never with the staff. This is the latest one: There always from a non-U.S. country which could make sense, could be like the 3 3/4” ST: TMP alien figures. But it also sends up some red flags. I would never risk the money they are asking. It just seems odd that I’ve never seen these before in all my years of searching ‘99 stuff and then suddenly within a couple of months several of these pop up. Does anyone know if these are legit?
  5. My apologies. When I used the the “reprint” I forgot that term indicates priority. What I meant to say was they contain the same content. Thanks for the correction. I honestly have no idea which came first or if they were all simultaneous.
  6. Yeah, there’s one for the Black Hole too. There might be others, but I’m not aware of them. Condorman was around the same time but I don’t think there’s one for that movie.
  7. The mention on a Clash of the Titans is mentioned under the heading More $2.50 Comics Published which cites the success of the Fox and the Hound adaptation in this format as impetus to continue the line. I think that’s a reference to this book: And it mentions the Clash adaptation in conjunction with a Flash Gordon adaptation in the same format, which I’m guessing is this book: In that case, we did get the Clash adaptation in this book (I think there’s two different covers): Granted, I think the Flash Gordon and Fox and the Hound books reprint material from the regular comic size adaptations, so it would have been cool to have regular comic versions of the Clash adaptation as well. But I don’t see anything in the article that they were planning on doing that.
  8. Is there any way to display art safely and attractively that doesn’t involve framing? I had a couple of Mondo prints professionally framed with museum glass and it ran me about $300 each. I have a piece of comic art that I bought on a whim a few years ago. Thought it would be cool to own at least one piece of OA but didn’t want to go heavy into it so only spent about $40 on it. I’d now like to display it but based on what the art is worth I really don’t want to plunk $200+ on getting it framed. It would be nice to matte it and set it on an easel on top of my bookshelf. But at the same time I would like to protect the art. Any suggestions for displaying cheap stuff?
  9. Quick question: are you noticing this on just Copper/Modern books or is this across the board all Ages?
  10. I can’t say 100% for sure, but pics 2 and 4 look like just discoloration to me. Pics 1 and especially 3 do look like rust to me. As to whether that should disqualify a book from a 9.8: I would think so, but I seen other things on CGC books that are a surprise to me. I got to be honest, for completely selfish reasons, I kind of hope so. I have a book that looks really high-grade but looks to have the beginnings of rust on the top staple. Not saying I’d expect a 9.8, but it would be nice to still have a shot at a 9.4. However, if I paid the 9.8 premium for a book and spotted staples like that I think I would be disappointed too.
  11. The following post isn't about a board transaction, but does involve someone who is a Board member. Part of the reason of this post is to ask for some outside eyes on this situation and suggestions on what, if anything, to do. Mostly, it's just to vent, so bear with me. (I'm not going to out the seller or post pictures of the books as neither is really material to the question I'm asking) I couple of weeks ago a seller listed some raw books I needed to complete my run. No pictures were listed, but this seller has a stellar reputation with me and most here on the Boards, one of the few I would feel comfortable buying raw books from sight-unseen. It's been a while since I last ordered raw books from this seller, but had no reason to think anything had changed with regard to his grading. His packing skills, in my opinion are just ok, there was a CGC book that bought from them years ago that was damaged in transit (because of poor packing IMO) but he took care of re-holdering the book. He's a stand-up seller. So I order nearly a dozen raw books, all listed as NM+. The books arrive last week, packed well, but as I'm flipping through the books I notice two things: 1, that the most expensive book (relative to the others) is missing and 2, that one of the books, to my eyes, is not NM+, looks more like NM-/NM. Still, not way off, and one out of a dozen is within reason. So I contact the seller about the missing book, he checks and finds the book, accidently missed putting it into the shipment, and says he'll get the book in the mail to me the next day. While I'm waiting for the missing book to arrive, I take the other books, which I had only given a cursory glance to, and start looking them over more closely. I now notice that not just one, but about 5-6 out of the dozen aren't really what I would consider NM+. Their close, in the NM range, but not really up to this seller's usual snuff. And I haven't even taken them out of the bags yet so who knows what surprises are waiting for me on the back cover. So now I'm kind of regretting saying anything about having the missing book sent as I kind of feel like I want to send all of these back...or at least half of them...for a refund. But now the seller has paid out of pocket to send me the missing book so I feel kind of like a heal if I say I want to return anything. So today I check the mail and I find this: OK, clearly the box has been abused by the post office. But the reason it's smashed up so bad is because there's only a few wads of newspaper inside, nothing to really provide any rigidity to the box. I was pretty upset when I saw this, but I held on to the hope that if the seller secured the comic between to really stiff pieces of cardboard, it might still have a chance at surviving unscathed. This is what I pulled out of the box: The cardboard sandwich is made of two thin, hacked-up pieces of cardboard...and both pieces have a crease bend from the box they were originally cut from. So the sandwich easily bends where the creases are. You really can't see it in the picture, but when I pulled this sandwich out, it had a pretty good curve to it. And the comic is sliding around unsecured inside the sandwich. So now the question everyone is going to ask is: did the comic survive? That's the main thing, regardless of the packing. Well, it's hard to say. It's got about 3-4 noticeable spine stresses. I feel like NM+ is kind of if-y for this book. But based on the other books in the shipment, maybe that's the way it looked when they shipped this. I think what infuriates me the most about this I kind of feel like the seller got mad that they messed up and had to ship the missing book on their dime, so they just slopped this package together to be rid of me. Look, I totally understand, it sucks as a seller when you make a mistake, I've done it a couple of times and ended up loosing money to make it right both times. And the total on this purchase was less than $200 so I'm sure paying the shipping for the missing book probably stung. But in this situation, why should I get shoddy packing and (possibly) a damaged book because they goofed? What was I supposed do? Say 'well, I guess I'll just have to eat the $55 loss because I certainly don't want to inconvenience the seller. I might get dumpster packing.' I mean, seriously, there's fly-by-night flippers on eBay that pack better than this. So what should I do? Should I say anything to the seller? They'll probably just blame the post office, and granted, they do share some of the blame on this. I'll probably get the "We're a BSD seller, everybody loves us, you're the only who's complained about our packing" At the very least, the seller is going to ask: "What do you expect us to do for you?" Fair question. My gut says I'd like to just return all these books and wash my hands of it, but reasonably all I can probably expect back is the price of the books less the cost of double shipping to me plus the cost of shipping the books back to the seller. That's a pretty big hit, it's probably just be cheaper to keep the books even though I'm not very happy with them. At they very least, I'd like the seller to take more care packing books in the future so books don't get damaged, but again, I think they're just going to treat me as a minority whiner since everybody loves them. And honestly, this is left a really bad taste in my mouth. I always thought of this seller as a great resource, but honestly, I think I'm pretty much done with them. So I just wanted to ask how guys might approach this situation, or if you would do anything at all. Mostly, I just wanted to vent as it was really bugging me. Thanks for listening.