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  1. Usually when these run-ups happen I’m fairly unconcerned as I’m not chasing all the big keys/highest graded copies that everyone is after and are usually the books most affected by this sort of thing. But outside of keys, there’s the common run fillers on the opposite end with the “nice” books in between. It seems this time the “nice” books - desirable books because artist or story content without necessarily being “big keys” are also getting a significant bump up as well. Based on comments here, some of that is probably due to long-time collectors getting priced out on th
  2. Yeah, I get what others are saying about how there’s a lot of stuff that hasn’t been affected...or hasn’t been affected as much. But to me, there’s a line between collecting and hoarding. I’m not going buy stuff just for the sake of buying stuff and filling up comic boxes. Yes, there’s a ton of cool stuff out there, but for a number of us, a good collection is one that’s limited and focused. And I’m not talking about one that’s just full of nothing but keys either.
  3. 1974 releases PR10 Spider-Man PR11 Incredible Hulk PR12 Captain America PR13 Fantastic Four PR14 Frankenstein PR15 Dracula PR16 Man-Thing PR17 Wolf-Man (Werewolf by Night) PR 18 Planet of the Apes PR19 Escape from the Planet of the Apes PR20 Beneath the Planet of the Apes PR21 Battle for the Planet of the Apes PR24 Spider-Man - Invasion of the Dragon Men 1975 releases PR25 Star Trek - Passage to Moauv PR26 Star Trek - Crier in Emptiness PR27 Batman - Stacked Cards PR28 Superman - Alien Cr
  4. Lol, this is what I was afraid of, now I have competition. As far as what’s “most important”, that’s pretty subjective. For Marvel, I would venture PR-24 and PR-31 as those are the two sets that have original content PR-10 and PR-12 reprint Marvel comics that have first appearances With this crazy market it’s possible some flippers could start hyping those as an alternative to the actual comics. I think it’s silly, but it might not be a bad idea to pick those up sooner rather than later. As far as difficulty, none of the Marvel issues seem to be rare or scarce. It’s
  5. Since Futura is a UK paperback publisher and they did a photo novel of Alien, I’m guessing it’s something akin to the Berkeley version of Marvel Super Special #36, done so that it could be distributed in bookstores. That’s just a guess, I’m not speaking with any authority on this.
  6. You’re right. The credits listed inside the book itself have Elliot S. Maggin and Carry Bates. I knew Maggin was a writer not an artist, so I assumed Bates was the artist. I just looked this book up in the Grand Comics Database. Neal Adams and Giordano are listed as the artists for the cover, Jose Garcia Lopez is listed as the artist on the interior. So for some reason the book itself lists both writers, but has no artist credit.
  7. It seems to me that your equating “value” to points on a graph and trying to turn “pleasure” and “enjoyment” into a mathematical equation. Someone mentioned earlier that you seem to take a more statistical approach to the hobby, or that you definitely enjoy the statistical side of the hobby more than most. Based on your previous posts I think that’s a fair assessment. But that’s not me. Whether I’m in the minority....well, I’m not going to presume to claim I know either way. It’s clear that we don’t share the same view of this subject and there seems to be little
  8. You keep making the assertion in bold, that people take “pleasure” in owning stocks, crypto, etc. I can’t speak for others, but that’s not the case for me. Owning stocks, bonds, crypto, etc. has nothing to do with pleasure, enjoyment or pride. It’s simply a matter of “will this investment make me money?” and then I buy/sell accordingly. At the risk of being maligned as a ‘get-off-my-lawn’ oldster, I personally don’t think emotion should play a part in making investment decisions. Thus I’m leery of a company that tries to approach me from a nostalgia angle. If they can demonst
  9. The cover is Neal Adams, the interior art is credited the Cary Bates
  10. I stumbled across this a couple months ago and enjoyed it: Released as an “Amazon Original” I think this was actually filmed a few years ago but didn’t get a theatrical release (I can see why considering what movie-goer’s current taste is) so Amazon just picked it up. It’s not for everyone - slow-paced, no jump-scares, no gory monster, no explosions. If you thought WandaVision was too slow this may not be for you. It’s a very technically proficient film - long unbroken takes where the actors have to memorize long stretches of dialog, an interesting tracking s
  11. You forgot to count in Dylan years. 1 Dylan year = 3 weakling human years
  12. All the Golden Record comic reprints were published in 1966. I know there’s Boardies who collect these as I’ve seen them posted about in the Silver Age forum but I can’t recall if there’s actually a thread dedicated to them or not.