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  1. Great pick-up of an absolutely stunning classic! Thank you for sharing. He was such a visionary and pioneer of early sci-fi aesthetics. Please keep them coming!
  2. Absolutely love it! May we get s'more Frank R Paul awesomeness posted in this thread?
  3. YOWZA! That sure is a pretty book.
  4. Giving a price reduction bump. This book will be up for a couple days before the thread closes. I'll be at C2E2 in less than two weeks if anyone would like to have a discussion about this book (or have a nerd conversation about funny books in general) in person.
  5. Such a beautiful copy with great rich greens on the cover. It seems like a lot of copies of Horrific 3 ended up with brownish, copper toning on the cover due to aging. Thank you for sharing
  6. Reopening this thread & giving a friendly for an amazing book!
  8. Figured I'd reopen this short-lived thread for a classic tough book in grade and it give it a friendly Also, I'll list a nice copy of Adventures Into Terror #17 in just a few minutes...
  9. WOW! Calling this book incredible would be a serious understatement.
  10. What a sharp looking copy! I would've caved for this copy too. Congratulations!
  11. Awesome book! Russ Heath at his finest
  12. Congratulations! Thank you so much for all of your hard work & research. It looks fantastic & I can't wait to purchase a copy.
  13. Great score & impossible book! I have never found a copy of WoF 2 in any grade
  14. Great books! I'm especially fond of the Airboy. Gotta love The Heap!
  15. This book (along with the other books you posted) is just awesome! Thank you for sharing.
  16. This is by far my favorite thread of 2020! Huge congratulations to you and your family Gino!!!!
  17. Hi Everybody,  Wishing everyone a very Happy 2020! The usual, no Probies, no HOSer's, and no meanies. Paypal, Check, & M.O. are the accepted payment methods for purchases $1000 and under. Check, & M.O. are the accepted payment methods for this thread for purchases over $1000. Book will be shipped once payment clears. Payment is due within 72 hours of purchase. Unless, the buyer and seller agree to a longer time-frame for payment before the deal is finalized. Fully Insured USPS Priority shipping in the US is included in the price International shipping is the actual cost Please play nice, and be respectful of the fellow boardies. I'm open to hearing offers via PM but the first on the thread trumps all. My slabbed books have a no return policy. My raw books have a 14 day, no questions asked full return policy (buyer pays for the return shipping). ASTONISHING #30 CGC 5.5 OW/W CLASSIC GIANT EYE MELTING SKELETON COVER. VERY STRONG EYE APPEAL FOR THE ASSIGNED GRADE $2800 SOLD
  18. Giving one more final Wishing everyone a very Happy Holidays!