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  1. Hi Everybody, 

    Looking to take care of a couple recent purchases, so I've decided to list a book to the boards.

    The usual, no Probies, no HOSer's, and no meanies.  

    Paypal, Check, & M.O. are the accepted payment methods for purchases $1000 and under.  Check, & M.O. are the accepted payment methods for this thread for purchases over $1000. Book will be shipped once payment clears.

    Payment is due within 72 hours of purchase.  Unless, the buyer and seller agree to a longer time-frame for payment before the deal is finalized.
    Fully Insured USPS Priority shipping in the US is included in the price
    International shipping is the actual cost
    Please play nice, and be respectful of the fellow boardies.  
    I'm open to hearing offers via PM  but the first :takeit: on the thread trumps all.

    My slabbed books have a no return policy.  

    My raw books have a 14 day, no questions asked full return policy (buyer pays for the return shipping).

    Give me just a minute and I'll post some pics...

  2. 11 hours ago, Casablanca said:

    My Dear Fiction House Fans,

    I have told a few boardies on here, I have been working on a FH documentary/biopic. I have met and interviewed the incomparable Lily Renee (Phillips) in late May this year.. She is 98 years old. and besides Fran Hopper, the last living member of that era. Mrs Hopper sadly however, is demented and is not coherent at all. . Lily has lost a lot of her eyesight and is a bit( a lot) hard of hearing. But still has a memory like an elephant. She shared some incredible FH stories with me. Those stories only a fan of comic books and FH in general could ascertain ( yes i'm plugging myself). There is a documentary called " Lily" right now produced by Adrienne Gruben and on the festival circuit that is nice. But is more historical and about her amazing personal history.

    I got dirt on all the other FH artists she had worked with. Think about them...Bob Lubbers...Matt Friggin Baker....etc..etc... Some nice...some NOT SO NICE....

    Hoping to have this done by Jan 2020. For those of you in the filmmaking business, You know how long this takes. Here are a few production photos...thats a Planet 39 she's signing. No, there was no CGC witness, and's Lily Renee signing my comic!!!! and that's all that will ever matter to me.





    Thank you so much for sharing this!  I can't wait to see the documentary and hear her stories. What an exciting experience to sit down and chat with the master-artist.  Her work was really levels beyond most of her peers.

  3. Thanks for the friendly words everyone!  Just got home from a short vacation (too short!), and I just added a picture of the back cover to MA #13.  I may add another book or two to this thread later in the evening.


    BTW, please excuse the reflective glare on all of my photos, I was posting these pics from my cell phone and I couldn't really see how 'off' some of these pics looked until I noticed from my desktop.

  4. 3 minutes ago, Inaflash said:

    Can we see a back cover scan of Mysterious Adventures please?

    I'm sorry, I can't believe I forgot to take a pic of the MA 13 back cover (shrug). The back cover is clean and presents very nicely if I recall correctly. I'm currently vacationing with the Mrs. (while I'm discretely posting books on the boards), and we'll be back home tomorrow afternoon. I can post a pic of it tomorrow, but if anyone wants to claim the book in the meantime pending the back image, that's a-ok by me.