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  1. Here's an original splash from High School Romances #56 by Bob Powell to "Rage of Night".  It's a page that was made before the code went into effect, so it was heavily edited by the time it was published in late '55 (the dialogue in the speech bubbles are stats that cover the original, more risque dialogue which can be partially read).  I'm wondering the intent of Powell in regards to the girls hand placement in the top panel? 15" x 22" WAS $850 NOW $750



  2. WEIRD SCIENCE #19 Raw 6.5/7.0 nice tight bright copy. Tiny chip out of the top center of the front cover.  Some tanning of the interior cover. really nice OW/W pages.  I don't believe this book has been pressed.  This book appeared in SOTI. Classic Wally Wood cover. WAS $550 NOW $495


  3. Hi Everybody, 

    As of now, I'll be listing one book and one piece of original comic art in this thread.

    The usual, no Probies, no HOSer's, and no meanies.  

    Paypal, Check, & M.O. are the accepted payment methods for purchases $1000 and under.  Check, & M.O. are the accepted payment methods for this thread for purchases over $1000. Book will be shipped once payment clears.

    Payment is due within 72 hours of purchase.  Unless, the buyer and seller agree to a longer time-frame for payment before the deal is finalized.
    Fully Insured USPS Priority shipping in the US is included in the price
    International shipping is the actual cost
    Please play nice, and be respectful of the fellow boardies.  
    I'm open to hearing offers via PM, but the first :takeit:  on the thread trumps all.

    My slabbed books have a no return policy.  

    My raw books have a 14 day, no questions asked full return policy (buyer pays for the return shipping). 

    My Original Comic Art has a no return policy.

    Just give me a minute and I'll get things posted....

  4. 7 hours ago, comicnoir said:

    I just saw a copy of this book sell here and I realized I'd never scanned my copy. One of the first Baker romances I ever picked up. Price? $10.00.

    diary secrets 16.jpeg

    This really is a great looking copy of a spectacular book, but I think you overpaid for it :baiting:

  5. Figured I'd add one more book to this thread before I close it up in the next day or two...

    AMAZING GHOST STORIES #14 raw 5.0 unrestored. Has what seems to be the "Bonnet's" stamp on the front cover. I'm pretty sure this book has been pressed. Dark rich colors on the front cover.  Staples are tight with no rust.  OW/W Pages.  Classic Matt Baker Creatures From the Lagoon cover (His best cover from this run IMO). I can try to get some pics of the back cover and interior later tonight.  Recently acquired another copy so I'm willing to let this beauty go (even though part of me is ok with keeping multiples :) ).  $1800