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  1. Web of Mystery #15 raw FN/FN+ A tiny chip halfway down the spine, near the monster's pinky finger. Some stress creases along the spine. Some tanning along the edges, & a dust shadow on the Lowe back cover. PQ is between OW to CR/OW. A small "15" is written in pencil in the upper right side of the front cover. Very tight, strong presenting copy. was $425 NOW $400
  2. Frankenstein #19 CGC 7.5 CR/OW Amazing Briefer cover, story, & art (another sub-par slab photo by your friendly neighborhood Supernerd) was $1200 NOW $1125
  3. Stepping out for a few hours to enjoy the day, but I'll be back later in the afternoon/early evening to list a few more books.
  4. Mysteries #11 VG/FN to FN- Sweet pch cover and interior. Strong eye appeal CR/OW Pages was $225 NOW $200
  5. Famous Crimes #2 VG+ CLASSIC lingerie cover! Insane Acid Bath panel. Some strong creases on the front cover by the woman's left arm are the only major defect holding down the grade of this gorgeous book. Structurally, very tight, & staples firmly attached. Bright OW/W pages. This is a book that just doesn't appear for sale (last gpa sale was in '06, & Heritage has only had 3 copies). $2500 SOLD
  6. Advenures Into Weird Worlds #7 CGC 7.0 OW/W Awesome Russ Heath monster shadow cover! Interior art by Ogden Whitney. This book has a much stronger eye appeal than my photo depicts (kept getting my reflection in the monsters shadows. Moved to CLink
  7. That's all the books for tonight. I'll list s'more tomorrow. Have a pleasant evening, everyone.
  8. Astonishing #22 VG+ Russ Heath at his absolute PCH Best! Small crease on the cover, just over the man's right shoulder on the tombstone. Some tanning on the back cover. Small chip at the bottom center of the front cover. OW to CR/OW Pages. Great presenting copy of an impossible Atlas issue. Moved to CLink
  9. Startling Terror Tales #7 VG+ Fantastic LB Cole cover. A small chip at the top center of the cover. Slight sun discoloration on the upper left side of the front cover. Small amount of paper loss over the left shoulder of the female on the front cover. Small creases along the edges of both the front & back cover. Staples are firmly attached. CR/OW Pages. Nice presenting copy for the assigned grade. was $350 NOW $315
  10. Mysteries #7 VG CR/OW Pages. Small printing error on the lower left corner m of the front cover. Chip on the lower spine of the back cover. Tight staples. Sweet Superior PCH. Strong eye appeal was $150 NOW $135
  11. Journey Into Unknown Worlds #26 G+ Wonderful, creepy Harry Anderson cover. Very difficult book to track down. There's a small tear below the top staple on the front cover, & a small chip halfway down the spine on the front cover. Some creasing throughout the front & back cover. Both staples are firmly attached. Fantastic eye appeal for the assigned grade was $175 NOW $145
  12. Tomb of Terror #3 FN+ Insane cover, & filled with all kinds of PCH goodness. Nice tight copy. The printing of the main title on the cover has some inconsistencies. Nice OW pages. $250 SOLD
  13. Hi Everybody, Listing a handful books for this particular thread. The usual, no Probies, no HOSer's, and no meaniesPaypal, Check, & M.O. are the accepted payment methods for this thread for purchases $1000 and under. Check, & M.O. are the accepted payment methods for this thread for purchases over $1000. Book will be shipped once payment clears.Fully Insured USPS Registered Priority shipping in the US is included in the priceInternational shipping is the actual costPlease play nice, and be respectful of the fellow boardies. I'm open to hearing offers via PM, but the first on the thread trumps all. My slabbed books have a no return policy. My raw books have a 14 day, no questions asked full return policy (buyer pays for the return shipping). I'll get some of the books up in just a minute.......
  14. Some really lovely books with strong eye appeal on this thread!
  15. Thanks J! Great to see you roamin' around these parts again Go Red Sox!
  16. Thank you for the kind words Bill! I'm really surprised that a WM #5 doesn't reside deep in your vaults.
  17. Scooped up a nice CGC 5.0 copy of UT 5 (always loved this Heath cover). The newton rings really hindered the presentation of the book, so I freed it from its plastic casket.
  18. Picked-up this one not too long ago. Some River City lovin' from the late, GREAT, Mr. Ditko.