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  1. These have been here for awhile, so I knocked down the prices and I'll leave them for a little longer. As always, feel free to message me if you're looking to deal
  2. Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #135 NM-/NM. $150 This book looks incredible, so please check out the pictures. And a nice and clear date stamp that doesn't mess with the art!
  3. First up, this great looking Neal Adams cover. House of Secrets #88 CGC 7.5 $50
  4. Greetings fellow comic book fiends, I haven't been terribly active lately, but I still like to lurk around and I have some books that are looking for a new home. Hopefully this new-fangled forum doesn't best me! I'd like to think I'm pretty easy to deal with, so if you see something you're interested in don't hesitate to send me a message. If these books see some action I'll probably add some more raw books because I found stacks of things I don't remember buying when I moved Up to 2 CGC books will ship for $12 and $7 for as many raw books as are purchased within the U.S. International shipping will be at cost. Acceptable payment methods include Paypal, check, or money order. I'll certainly work with anyone regarding returns for a few weeks after the sale, and I'll cover return shipping on raw books, and the buyer will need to pay return shipping on CGCs. I'll be listing the following books - House of Secrets 88 CGC 7.5 Showcase 97 CGC 9.4 Showcase 99 CGC 9.6 Avengers 87 CGC 8.5 Jimmy Olsen 134 CGC 7.5 Jimmy Olsen 135 RAW (NM-/NM)
  5. I didn't go, and since I'll be busy all day tomorrow I'm not going to make it this year. I feel badly missing it, but last year didn't have a very comic feel to it, and from the sound of things this year wasn't any better. I hope Wizard finds a way to turn that trend around as opposed to just killing this location.
  6. Is anyone planning to go? I've been down there the past three years but I might end up skipping this one. Seeing Stan might be cool but there is no way I can justify the cost to actually go inside the tent I'm sure they'll have him secluded in.
  7. I was hopeful that the gift I sent would reach my recipient in time (it did!) but I asked another member to send my person a note letting them know that it was headed their way so they weren't in total limbo. Just like so many things on this board a little communication goes a long way. I know things happen, but stick to your commitments and everyone wins. I haven't seen pictures posted here but I know he got the goodies (he sent me a thank you PM) and I haven't had a chance to reveal what I got, but I sent a thank you PM to my SS as well so we figured it out I'm willing to be a backup SS for anyone who was missed as well as needed!
  8. Cutting it a little closer than I would have liked but here is what I'll offer up for this year's raffle - 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank SDCC 2016 Exclusive # 30/50 Both the sealed envelope with the comic in it and the sealed evidence bag as pictured.
  9. I finally got mine mailed out today and it should make it to its destination just in time! I got a box from Amazon that I just opened (since I've purchased a lot from them myself recently) but I think it may be the stuff from my note or anything so either I was in a really altered state of mind ordering stuff off Amazon one night or my SS doesn't want me to know who they are
  10. Any further updates? Did you and Jose weather the hurricane alright?