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  1. So you didn't like The Original Series, The Next Generation and over a dozen other TV shows and movies but you saw J.J. "lensflare" Abrams and thought "YES! This is Star Trek!"
  2. What Abrams did to Star Trek was worse than his job on Star Wars. He is a hack.
  3. He puts out 10 longboxes a day, and it's a total mystery what are in them. There's a lot of treasure in the drek. Next time I'm downtown I'll snap some photos.
  4. A LCS (Legends Comics) lost their warehouse space and he is liquidating something like 60 000 comics from the 70's up at a quarter apiece. Sure people are buying bunches but there's still tons and tons of books not selling even at that price.
  5. Didn't Overstreet list IH 180 as the first Wolverine in the 70's or 80's?
  6. Honest question - are there covers featuring Bucky annotated as a bondage cover?
  7. They are reprints of the first appearance. Should be noted by CGC as such. Do the reprints of Action Comics #1 say it's the first appearance of Superman? Anyone have a pic?
  8. I read about this scam on another site. Seller sells some cheap toys, gets some feedback, then offers these. You receive nothing and seller disappears with your money.
  9. According to what I can see #14 came out 27 Dec 2017, cover date Feb 18, and #13 3rd print came out 7 March 18, cover date May 18.
  10. So Uncanny X-Men Annual #14 is the first Gambit, right?
  11. Importance is subjective. I just wanted clarification of what sites are saying that Miles is integrated into the main Marvel universe in that issue.
  12. 2015 series. Sites I've checked list #9 as Miles joining the 616 Universe. Curious if this is correct.