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  1. I would ignore any review that uses lines like "the violence will get on your Wick". That is some hackneyed writing. The second quote makes it sound like the reviewer didn't like the first or second ones either.
  2. I'm sure it would have did much better if it was released in early December. I found it really bizarre every scene in the movie was set around Christmas.
  3. Was it supposed to be released around Christmas? Because all the Christmas scenes felt really strange
  4. Great post by aszumilo. During my time in the Navy I visited Dubai a few times. It was a fascinating city and I had a good time but you do need to be careful. And respectful. The one thing that really bothered me was not being able to wear shorts in public in that heat. Yeah, guys can't wear short (cargo shorts, to be precise) to the mall.
  5. Yes, I'd love to see the indicia. Otherwise anybody with these two books and a bit of skill has a 'rare and valuable' book, right?
  6. "Honey, I'd like to buy you a Spider-Man comic for your birthday" "Just make sure it's graded by CGC"....
  7. You left a MCU movie without staying for the two after credit scenes?
  8. Just got back too. You summed it up perfectly. My wife also found it slow at first but got much better as it went along.