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  1. There's some great examples but I wish there was a separate thread for intentional homages vs. swipes (or amazing coincidences).
  2. I like the celebrity photos which are perfect to get autographed. Other than those I can take it or leave it.
  3. It shouldn't matter from the perspective that advance previews are not considered a first appearance. But it does answer the OP's question.
  4. I really enjoyed season one. Season two not as much. In my eyes Butcher is unredeemable. And now Starlight crossed the line too. The Deep's storyline is tedious. Please make it stop.
  5. 23174 issues according to my Comic Connect - read 100%
  6. Came here to post this. 50 issues plus some specials. Great Chaykin story and art (until Mike Vosberg took over art duties, that is). I could see this as a TV series pretty easily.
  7. So you didn't like The Original Series, The Next Generation and over a dozen other TV shows and movies but you saw J.J. "lensflare" Abrams and thought "YES! This is Star Trek!"
  8. What Abrams did to Star Trek was worse than his job on Star Wars. He is a hack.
  9. He puts out 10 longboxes a day, and it's a total mystery what are in them. There's a lot of treasure in the drek. Next time I'm downtown I'll snap some photos.