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  1. Overall I liked it even with the plot contrivances. I have to say though that the town definitely had the worst medical examiners/autopsies in the world
  2. I don't think all these pre-production shots are the rebuttal for post-production CGI costs you think they are.
  3. Just got back to Victoria after spending the weekend at the show. Great job, I thought. Well laid out and more comics than in years past. Todd's panel and Arthur Adams/Joyce Chin sketch battle were the highlights for me.
  4. Looking forward to the show. I got an email from Zenescope saying they were going to be there but I can't seem to see them on any list, are they still coming?
  5. Do you mean was Magic Mike the inspiration for this cover? Yes, it was.
  6. Not looking at the actual cover before starting a thread about it?
  7. I love that Batgirl shoved a tire nozzle up Supergirl's nose.
  8. At first I thought it was just kinda flat and boring. But when I thought more it was actually rather bad. None of the action scenes worked. So disappointing after the last movie.
  9. I don't remember seeing one preview for it on TV. It must not have had much of an advertising budget.
  10. You are using buzz words to escalate this conversation. Why can't you tell me what you meant? I will continue to post as I see fit. If you don't want to read my posts put me on ignore. It won't bother me at all if you do.
  11. Glad it's reliable. I have my collection in Collectorz Comics and they're linked to Go Collect. But like some have mentioned, their database is small at this time.