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  1. I guess it needed a scene where one said "Hello, Predator, it is I, the Alien".
  2. Yellowjacket. The owner Ed talked to Gareth at Legends. Curious has three locations so they might be okay with shipping with the volumes they order.
  3. I know. There's only three shops in the entire downtown core and they are all within 100 yards of each other.
  4. Mine talked to another LCS (on the same city block) but they were probably dropping DC too. There's another comic store (again on the same city block, weird, eh?) but I haven't talked to them yet.
  5. Just as I expected, my LCS informed me today he is no longer carrying DC due to shipping costs. This will save me about $40 a month to spend on other comic companies.
  6. My LCS was already having problems with shipping costs. This will probably break him. He sells gaming cards too and I can see him just stop selling comics altogether.
  7. Since opinions apparently cannot be wrong I say Perez isn't fit to sharpen Byrne's pencil.
  8. This just in...somebody creates alias to answer an 11 year old poll the dumbest way possible.
  9. 1990 Victoria Comic Con with Todd McFarlane Cool, I was at that show. Still have a couple of Spidey's signed by Todd. The room was tiny.
  10. Yeah, it's just their policy. Other slab sites treat signatures differently. What book are you talking about anyways?
  11. No, they were signed by somebody. If CGC doesn't witness it, it's just somebody scribbling on a book.
  12. I found it meandering and ultimately pointless. Spends more time describing meals in great detail than plot (is there a plot?).
  13. okaaaay. Just so I have a frame of reference, which artists do you like?