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  1. Local dealer posted this. Said every issue was a Deadpool card.
  2. All I know for sure is if Wanda wore that outfit for the rest of the episodes I would be a happy man.
  3. $15 500 - Two and half hours to go! https://www.ebay.com/itm/303869246022?ul_noapp=true
  4. Finally caught up with this thread. Great theories here. This is the show I look forward to the most every week by a huge margin.
  5. I just read the sites you mentioned. Yes, they are reporting that Marvel is not going to reprint it due to this incident. I did not see any opinion by them, just a synopsis. Do you think a comic book site shouldn't report something like that? I have no idea what the bolded part of your post means.
  6. Link to where people are trying to cancel his career? Talented is debatable. I think his art is plain bad.
  7. Further in the article: RS: And editorial should be actively looking for problems like these after their colossal oversight in X-Men Gold #1 a few years back. I went looking for reference photos, trying to see if I could find something that matched this visual, and I could not. The shop window simply does not look like the shops in the NYC Diamond district. Either Ewing asked for the symbol in the -script, or Bennett intentionally chose to add it. It’s a mistake they should apologize for and rectify when the issue is collected in trade, just as Marvel did when collecting X-Men Gold #1.
  8. For people who didn't read the whole article this explains it deeper: There was one small, subtle moment in this issue that I need to call attention to, and I’m sorry to say it isn’t for a happy reason. Early in the issue, Joe stops into a jewelry store to buy a diamond bracelet with some money that he recently pickpocketed. As he does, we get a glimpse of the store’s window display, which bears the name “CRONEMBERG” and, in painted gold relief below it, a prominent Magen David, the Star of David. Even in the best possible interpretation, this is odd. The scene has otherwise no conne
  9. DC Comics Presents #26 is not in any way comparable to the current ads/previews situation
  10. Hulk 180 is not in any way comparable to the current ads/previews situation
  11. They were also trying to warn him about Monica, who seems to work for SWORD.
  12. Wanda does have some control of what's happening. When her mind couldn't handle the beekeeper she reversed time so it didn't happen. But that doesn't explain SWORD et al. I enjoy a mystery so this is cool for me for them to do a slow burn.
  13. Well, that Spider-Man scene is frickin' awesome!