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  1. Mysterious Adventures #11 CGC 5.0 $425 Sold Comcav
  2. Very limited Series and Run Trapped! #2 Gerber 7 CGC 8.0 beautiful color and image $300 Sold Comcav
  3. Crime Smashers #11 Probably the toughest to find in any condition. Gerber 7 CGC 4.0 $325. Sold Goldust40
  4. Crime Smashers #8 One of 3 Tough Books in the Run. Gerber 7 CGC 3.0 $280 Hypodermic Needle Panels Sold Ricksneatstuff Case chipped upper right corner no impact to book. I was going to sub for reholder and will if does not sell.
  5. Crime Smashers 15 CGC 5.0 None on Census Last Issue $250 Sold Comcav
  6. Crime Smashers #6 VG- $140 Sold Comcav 1.5 " Spine split to bottom staple
  7. Warfront #20 Lee Elias F/VF File Copy None On Census $50 Sold to JDS321
  8. Blue Bolt v6 #7 GD/VG Bondage Cover. Presents much higher Water Damage lower let corner through pages $40 very solid book.
  9. Avon Strange Worlds #4 CGC 3.0. Classic GGA Space Cover $400
  10. Putting one book up tonight and will add a couple more tomorrow.  No returns on CGC books.7 days on Raw if I missed something. Shipping is $15 Total for CGC Slabs. $7 total for all raw. No Overseas at this time unless we chat first. No HOS or other bad people. Payment via Paypal unless other arrangement agreed upon prior to sale. Payment due 5 days after invoice. I have been selling here and also on Ebay under the same ID X_Phile. I have done deals with many on the boards with no issues and also have 100% feedback on Ebay. In thread wins over any pm negotiations if it occurs prior to finalizing. If I missed anything let me know and I will edit.
  11. Not a bad mail day to start the weekend:
  12. Wow, now that is a pretty book. Congrats.
  13. Great to see it back in your hand. How did the grader notes read on the cover, just multiple creases color breaking? I am going to sub mine Looks good in the slab! Congrats!!
  14. Grabbed a couple. Lost the one I was really gunning for when I got called away for work during the end of the auction Happy with these though
  15. That's great. If you wouldn't mind can you pass along what they come up with? I would really appreciate that info.
  16. Yeah it was well documented in the description on the CT. I really have been looking for one so couldn't pass up a nice affordable copy until I can upgrade. It really is baffling as to what happened. I don't think they were folded accordion style but they could have been. I was think more along the lines of the books being underneath something that was being worked on where they were using a ruler and drawing lines or something. Curious how CGC will grade them.
  17. Looking for two Shadow comics. V2#10 and v3#11 raw or graded. Need the following Crime Smashers 9,10,13 PM me if you have to sell or a lead where I may be able to find one. Thanks in advance fore any help.