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  1. Rules are as usual: First wins over any negotiations, No Listers HOS'ers or Probation List Payment: PayPal unless other arrangements made prior to purchase. Shipping: FREE USPS Priority with tracking and insurance for full amount of book USA buyers only unless we chat prior to sale. Returns: No returns on CGC Graded books. Please PM any questions, I may not be on later but will be early in the am. If I missed anything, please let me know and I will edit. Thank you for looking. High on all PCH Wantlists Fiction House Ghost Comics #6 CR to OW Pages CGC 5.0 $3700 Now $3400 This is highest I have seen offered on the boards in quite some time.
  2. Mollie, Please add to Garvey Cover set: HellChild: Blood Money#1 Showcase Edition (2038820001) Thank you!
  3. Witches Tales #5 CGC 6.5 Northford Pedigree Freshly Graded CGC 6.5 Asking $600
  4. No returns on CGC books.7 days on Raw if I missed something. Shipping is $15 Total for CGC Slabs. No Overseas at this time unless we chat first. No HOS or other bad people. Payment via Paypal unless other arrangement agreed upon prior to sale. Payment due 5 days after invoice. I have been selling here and also on Ebay under the same ID X_Phile. I have done deals with many on the boards with no issues and also have 100% feedback on Ebay. In thread wins over any pm negotiations if it occurs prior to finalizing. If I missed anything let me know and I will edit. Edited February 10 by X_Phile
  5. M- Please add to the Garvey Cover Set: Grimm Tales of Terror #v4 #13 Variant Cover F (203714001) Thank you!
  6. Very nice. I too want to add one to my collection. Great cover!
  7. How? I tried before and couldn't figure it out.
  8. Nice Pablo. That Super Mystery you had on IG was sweet too.
  9. I agree the shadow covers have some great stuff. Recently snagged this one:
  10. For sure Jack! Read it before I sent it off.
  11. Correct, #7 is number 1 in my eyes. Thank you I was away for work and came home to a nice haul.
  12. Hi Mollie, A couple more for the Garvey Cover Set. Van Helsing: Sword Of Heaven #5 Variant Cover E ( ASD Market Week exclusive 2031532004) Van Helsing: Sword Of Heaven #5 Variant Cover F ( ASD Market Week exclusive 2031532003) Black Knight #5 Variant Cover F (2031532001) Black Knight #5 Variant Cover G (2031532002) Thank you as always for the hard work. Bob
  13. A few that I picked up/got back this week. Highest Graded "D" Copy Copy
  14. Love this one. Keeps eluding me. Had one but it ended up being just the cover wrapped around another book. Talk about a bummer.
  15. Mollie, Could you please add the following to the Keith Garvey Cover Set: Grimm Fairy Tales v2 #7 Variant Cover G (2026285003) Grimm Tales Of Terror #7 Secret Retailer edition (2022213002) It's in the system as: Grimm Tales of Terror (2017) v3 #7 Variant Cover C Thank you, Bob