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  1. Blade works as an R rated Film. These aren't cuddly old ladies here - these are mass serial killers of humans. Remember the opening from Blade #1 Best.Opening.Ever. Like to see Jessica Biel return though.
  2. I still reckon it will jump forward to Quicksilvers kids meeting Wandas kids - when Pietro's kids are brought down from Attilan by Crystal. It's the Inhumans Follows on from Avengers #187
  3. It was actually Dr Love but I'll answer. As when you sold your Daredevil set on ebay - you would not have been allowed to list them here. So your X-Men set, whilst on ebay - even not sold yet, cannot be listed here. You have been a non-posting member since July last year, so you must have lurked enough to find this sales forum and post an ad. I sympathise - my wife also has stage 4 - she is in remission. Just sell the next batch here exclusi
  4. My radar pinged as well. - From listing: X-Men #1-10 cg#1. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. All in current CGC cases. #1 graded 09/20. Excellent copy Hoping for best - sadly expecting the worst
  5. Must be the weekend for it! Yet more Marvel Graphic Novels - #1 - #60 new + sealed Savage Sword Of Conan x 50 issues - inc Australian variant of #1 (some random Kull + Conan saga too) Some Funkos 1952 Crime comic with Spencer Tracy photo cover - also Australian variants
  6. You have a thing about cheques! Couldn't a bank transfer or paypal work? You guys seem to be going out of your way to make this as difficult as possible. "The Cheques In The Post" Good Luck!
  7. What's on the way? I assume your refund is not in a snow-trapped package?? So after all this you bought the books? #confused
  8. Mount is tied up in Star Trek though? And having just come out of yet another 'snap' lockdown in Victoria - filming base of Mad Max, Ghost Rider, the Leftovers, and Sydney NSW (also with snap lockdowns) shooting currently Thor, Love and Thunder, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings etc etc - There is no way that anything is getting filmed here soon. We still have quite harsh restrictions, so I can't see Marvel doing much this year. HOWEVER - Covid permitting, Melbourne will be an even bigger hub for Marvel movies - the 2nd biggest arena in Melbourne - 58,000 seater
  9. Be funny if they go straight to Quicksilver being a dad as well as Wanda really being a mother and Crystal and The Inhumans pop up right at the end of the series. It does follow straight after Chthon / Mordred story. Make sense as Peters is defo wearing the comic Quicksilver costume. Avengers #188 I think.
  10. So is everyone made whole now? Refund issued? What a mess.