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  1. Thanks for the unpaid, exhausting and potentially life-ending service you give freely to the nation. That you do not get any form of remuneration is an Australian disgrace. From me - a huge THANKYOU.
  2. The only good part about this ridiculous show was Tessa Thompsons naked bottom.
  3. What a lovely vista. Where's that as the wifey want's to move there! What a beautiful sight to wake up to (the view, not my wife...)
  4. Suprising lack of comments. They did this really well. A slow start had me worried but by ep #6 it was full steam ahead. The kids all acted well, in fact much better than the adults (Steve Williams aside as always) - the mother was especially poor. Dodge wasn't as scary as hoped, and I did ask why she didn't put the effort into her performance, when her acting whilst going through omega was excellent. Great ending, the 'soldiers' interacted well, and nicely built for season 2. Eps #1 - #4 - 5/10 #5 - #6 - 6.5/10 #7 - #10 - 9/10 Well worth the effort to grind through the first couple as it finishes extremely well. Highly recommended
  5. antzpantz_undies Anthony Tran - complete waste of oxygen. Avoid, as doesn't like to pay, and then wants to haggle.
  6. Seems to me, if you aren't wearing a swimming costume - well you're safe.
  7. $145 delivered from interstate. Lots of drekky $5 stuff, but the Star Wars books alone gets my $$ back. Thundercats #1 is the 'pick' (very low bar set here...!) , plus run of Uncanny X-Men, Invincible, Deadpool, both Robocop's etc Couple of 1950's Tarzans and some signed books. Small finds, but keep me ticking over.
  8. So what happened? Did we see any nice pics of the 'key' books? (yes I know there are a few in 1st post but he had over 2000 to go through yet...) Who was the lucky dealer who got the books? Enquiring minds and all that....
  9. This thread is the ultimate '1st world problem' Who gives a rats behind what some faceless folks on the internet think. Your books, so if you like them, that should be enough. Facebook likes..... Jesus wept.
  10. #7 - great shout. Not sure any character called Kilowog will ever make the movie screen - plus there are literally hundreds of thousands of copies out there. But GL #7 is a really good call. TTA #52 for me.
  11. Yup. You play the CPR game, you don't always win. I sounded like Tyrion Lannister then. Spooky.
  12. Other box finally arrived. Usual lazy drek phone pic. 26 Vampirella's USA and Aus for $26 including delivery (which was $12!) - result. Nothing special, some in average condition (to be kind) but 26 1970's/80's Vampi's for $14 is my kinda deal)