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  1. Some great choices - I'd also have this you can tell Y-The Last Man (IMHO) has some of the greatest covers ever. I believe most were oil on canvas - and I'm pretty sure a boardie owns the one from my 1st post and THIS one. I freaking love this one....
  2. Yeah,I know there's a couple of forums devoted to OA, but unless you are heavily into it then its usually only the officionado's that venture into it. So here in CG I'd thought I'd throw it open to the holy unwashed (that's us btw) If you could find it - what OA would you buy? Lets go personal choice,not for $$ like Tec #27 pages or something. Me - I'd buy this....
  3. Thanks - that was a great read (again). - new members would be well served to read the thread, as when all the messing around is put to one side, what this forum is capable of, is quite astounding. This is probably the only place where the biggest collectors in the world of comics freely share 50 yrs worth of wisdom - you would not find this in any other hobby,especially one with so much $$ attached to it The above is a perfect example. Thanks again @sfcityduck
  4. Page 2 - so bump time.. Batman #16 World's Finest Comic #3 (I know Rick has one but it's $9000 and just out of reach) Oh yeah, the usual...
  5. What about the fabled movie house 1st app of The Submariner? Haven't only something like 8 complete and 3 partial copies ever been discovered. In the world - now that's got to be up there with the most desirable surely? What would one of those actually sell for, should an owner actually ever consider selling one? I believe someone did an awesome thread about it, with scans of some of the pages?
  6. Assuming the staples are attached, that's a book I'd take a chance on. A press won't help 98% of the visable damage, but hopefully would 'tidy' up the book, centre the cover, enough to get a 2.0/2.5 HOWEVER - I do see some kind of ?? foxing/staining on the inside of the cover on the left hand side of the 2nd pic. If there is a large proliferation of that, then it's a -shoot. Perhaps worth sending for a pre-screen, and go from there. I would. Downside - you are out a few $$ for a pre-screen Upside - potential 0.2/0.7 increase. I'd be amazed if anything more than a 2.5 was possible on the sunniest of sunny days.
  7. Damn Rick - just the book I'm after, sadly, the ped puts it just out of reach.... Great Book - and the REAL 1st Scarecrow!
  8. Besides the incredible $10,000 paid for an incomplete 0.5 - current prices are right back in line with GPA 2017 averages. I speak only for GPA, not dealers. The world is in turmoil, people are worried about $$ again, so maybe there is a slight air of caution in bigger books currently. Big events in UK in December and USA in 2020 might want to make people hold off on spending a fair wedge of disposable income. When things settle, perhaps people will have more peace of mind to purchase bigger books. It seems prudent, and lets not forget, some of the prices a 7.0+ have gone for will buy you a house. Maybe sometimes we forget how lucky we are to be able to afford such things, even in the lowest of grades. I consider myself very lucky to have a low grade book (took a year to save for it) - and I only buy books with $$ I make from selling collections of comics,magazines,playboys etc etc that I buy in the wild. No way would I have paid for an AF #15 out of my salary as things currently stand here in Australia - we are teetering on a recession and my home value has dropped 20% over the last 3 yrs - as has most everyone else's here. I'm lucky that I have stable recession-proof employment, but a lot of people in the world don't, so I understand the caution around high value purchases for the average guy (like me!).
  9. Liz - what are ebay bucks exactly - ebay Australia randomly sends a one-time coupon code out ranging from 3% to 10% off 'selected' purchases. Sometimes it has to be over $100 in value to qualify for the discount. It's completely random and sometimes lasts 24 hours or 3 months. But USA ebay lets you accrue 'bucks' - bucks = discount, yes? If that's right, how long do they last. I have bought quite a few books from ebay USA over the years, but never got any 'bucks' - I guess it's at the point of registration that determines what kind of 'bonus' you get? Thanks
  10. Bump time,so the usual visual 'milkshake to the yard' image will accompany this post so that It will bring more viewers. And more viewers hopefully = at least one of the books!
  11. Cheetah. Hasn't been seen for a while - that guy had a great collection and knew pretty much everything about well,everything
  12. Beige


    Get well soon. Stop worrying about funny books on the internet and go spend time with your loved ones. Come back when you are well mate. What would the Big L do? Take it easy - be well - see you soon - health comes first, so go spend some quality family and friends time. This place will be full of the same silliness when you get back Good Luck to you Dude!