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  1. Just finished - above is correct end of ep 2, ep 3 + start of 4 is a little slow - but necessary. It's all vital later on. Gotta say - it was bloody brilliant. Very solid 9/10 and can't wait for season 2 Great story, well paced on the whole and brilliant tunes A show that gets the watchers to exclaim 'holy ****' more than once is doing something right Highly recommended!
  2. Beige

    The Boys 2019

    The Boys are drug enhanced 'meta humans' who keep bad super-heroes in line by force. Backed by the USA Govt. And by 'bad' I mean those who choose to rape, kill or stage a coup etc - just because they can. The 'seven' - who are supposed to be a beacon of light are anything but... They are the top level super-heroes, with team of lesser power hoping, one day to get in - but in the meantime do their own thing. The excesses are very graphic. This is very vague for those who have not read it - but suffice to say, 'The Boys' aren't squeaky clean either... I don't want to spoil it, so best you buy the omnibus and read it - though its free online if you look for it. I loved it - but it certainly won't be for those easily offended. It gets it's R rating for far more than shown above.... Enjoy! PS: try Transmetropolitan as well.
  3. Beige

    The Boys 2019

    I'm guessing you haven't read it. That was one of the milder scenarios - by far!
  4. Beige

    The Boys 2019

    I had hope when Hughie said "F the Seven" I think that's got to be a very watered down trailer. The Highlander looked a bit weedy though. Still going to give it a go, as I loved the series. Jings! PS: I hope Terror plays as in the comics......
  5. Just finished episode #2 Bloody good show - then I noticed it was written by Gabriel Ba - who also wrote this great series.....
  6. Another find. 300+ archie digests and comics, secret origins 1 - 50, Wisden Almanaks (Cricket bibles really) x 20 hardback with Dj's plus Hardback Avengers Marvel and DC big books Plus 3 massive boxes of Barbie (stop sniggering at the back!) and Action Man figures and vehicles - 500 pieces Sorry about pic!
  7. Beige

    Why people hate most modern books

    For a guy that gives a lot of posters the s hits then I'd have thought you'd love a character who's main weapon was a bowel disrupter......
  8. Beige

    The most affordable key comic book?

    THIS is the sleeper! Wait until DC make a movie about a guitar playing hippy who zips around the USA on a scooter. Starring Justin Beiber as 'Scooter' it'll be huge I tells ya, HUGE!
  9. Beige

    Why people hate most modern books

    You hated Transmet and Y-The last Man?? Seriously - like wow, they were great!
  10. Welcome to the general public! One of the stupidest replies I recieved was: "I got a really old comic. I want $3000." That was it. I'm finding people use re-sellers as a pricing guide a lot more nowadays.
  11. Beige

    Why people hate most modern books

    Everyone doesn't hate moderns - I'll 100% agree Marvel and DC have made some shocking comics in the last 20 yrs BUT. How about these for a counterbalance from other publishers? 100 Bullets Alias The Boys DAYTRIPPER - for me, the best modern written to date Planetary The Strain Transmetropolitan Y-The Last Man Early Walking Dead There are others - but give these a read and see what you think!
  12. If she gets accepted, would you not be eligible for a spousal visa?
  13. Yes,Yes and Yes!! One of the top 5 modern comic series imho Read it if you haven't! Already has a GPA high of $1250 some 3 yrs ago for a 9.8. Goodness knows what it will hit now.
  14. Fantastic Season. Could not stop having 2 binge sessions. Highly recommended!
  15. I can only suggest you go the 'other route' and find a company who will sponsor one of you. If so, all good! Best of luck to you - New Zealand is stunning - see Lord of The Rings!