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  1. It's official - in the first 8 episodes, the show lost 1,000,000 viewers. Down to 600,000 viewers - demographic (18 - 49) 0.49 down to 0.15 How to royally destroy a franchise. Well done chaps!
  2. Talk about co-incidence! I just started reading the expanse series by James S.A. Corey (although 'he's' really 2 people) - up to book 4 now. Will read all 7 (I think) and then watch the show. I think I will be better off reading the books first - especially as 'Miller' might be hard to understand without the book backstory. Glad it gets such good reviews!
  3. My pitiful haul is not worthy to follow - however $110 USD got me this lot. Nice reading during these CoVID days. Should sell on well. Some hardbacks were a bonus, plus a couple of those Venom books don't come to Australia that often. On a more serious note - STAY SAFE EVERYONE
  4. One dealer selling to another - I have visions of 2 pigs fighting in a sack! I'd imagine there was a bit of back and forth to say the least - nice books bought, and some interesting items to boot - great stuff! I love this thread
  5. It seems to have disappeared in Oz land. One day we were getting mails about registering out the wazoo, now, nothing. Having some problems during 'testing' Why would ebay (Australia , really Phillipines) need to test whats already running in USA? Strange.
  6. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Congrats to buyer
  7. S3 Ep6 builds nicely the impending reveal of 'The Burn' Kinda 'Battlefield earth' in this weeks setting, costume wise, Discovery gets all shiny, and Michael learns that things have consequences. And Phillipa - have we seen the last of Control? Having a bad feeling about maybe Phillipa and The Burn maybe caused by you-know-what..... More great acting, a really fat cat, and good old fashioned sci-fi keeps this season easily the best Star Trek Season ever - behind only Picard/Locucious and The Borg in TNG. Highly recommended 8 /10
  8. Victorian Cinemas (Australia) have just re-opened today so maybe WW84 gets a release here too?
  9. This just won't work as a short season. Not without losing a heck of a lot from the book - great book too btw. I hope I'm wrong, but this just screams 'Y-the Last Man' scenario. They want to do it, but can't without offending a heck of a lot of people.
  10. She looks like a 3ft tall rooster. I'm guessing this is aimed at the under 13 market? It just looks really half hearted and cheap. Happy to be suprised, but I haven't seen or read anything that will make me fork out $15 to go and see it.
  11. Score brother. Keep working hard, keep finding gold.
  12. He's a chap that does online reviews for all things Walking Dead. Saw the beard - wondered if it was you - without glasses! You do look quite similar in some respects.