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  1. Here's one: ryno2342 Scammer. Avoid.
  2. Hi Someone pointed me this way for a Newt (Carrie Henn) Aliens book, and Gal Gadot WW book Too late? Thanks
  3. If the full size Deadpool statue and full size arcade game is thrown in, then you'd probably only lose half your money. If there was anything good, it would be shown. The fact that the 1st app of Typhoid Mary is the 'best' book shown (current 90 day GPA $68) speaks volumes. Avoid unless you can inspect in person before bidding. If you win - I'll make you an offer for the Deadpool Statue!
  4. So, get a call... Wonder Woman #1 - #20 With the 3 key issues... And then...... Wonder Woman #207 - #329 inc Oh, and this lil' ol' thing... Total Cost - are you sitting down... $300 USD Her price, not mine, happy to oblige. And yes, she'd been on ebay, but wanted the cash quickly for something else. My lucky day! Stay tuned, 4 boxes are heading my way - not as glamorous but possibly very rewarding...
  5. Who is infinity comics? They may have given dylando the info about email addresses. Cold calling / spamming is a no-no on ebay That is reportable, and if you have had no dealings with Dylancrazyverse you should report him to ebay. Gifs are fine, but this kid, and I don't think there is anything wrong with him except being a complete knob, has cheated buyers using a label loophole and tried to extort CGC with false claims. Not to mention his dreadful grading and customer service. I'd be reporting him to ebay BY PHONE if I got this.
  6. I gotta say the size of those people clinging to the skyscraper seem a bit wrong to me. Unless they are 41 ft tall of course...
  7. Looks like the appeal by CGC was denied in July. Does this mean The Meyers won? And now what, damages? It's not like there isn't 745 lawyers on here to explain this stuff...
  8. So, you get ones that go bad, and some that are OK. Simpsons #1 - #60 plus assorted randoms (already sold some before pic)
  9. Resolution of my complaint has now been pushed back again - now to 15th Sept. No comms from paypal, no way to contact them. Phones go direct to voicemail No live chat Messaging not answered The on-site pay-pal community board is awash with the same complaints: No way to contact them Random account freezing Money 'on-hold' with no way to access it In Australia and New Zealand paypal currently appears to be automated fully. I have withdrawn all $$, am moving to managed payments when ebay here starts it in Nov/Dec and will be using my CC for all purchases to get bank protection. Meanwhile the CEO withdraws yet more $$ by selling more shares. I have a very bad feeling about paypal What other alternatives do you guys use for international funds transfers?
  10. Gotta agree with @ADAMANTIUM - not convinced they are the same books. At all. If there is extra length on those lines, then it can't be from a spine roll as it's not even. Different marks on the thick line - on the top, a cbc goes 100% across- the bottom one, not so much, and there is a new line. They are either different books OR They were detached already and 'someone' has tried to shove a few slithers under the staple to have the 'cover detached' removed from the label. This won't always result in a bump - but it makes the most sense. And makes these AF #15's 2.0 / 2.5 detached cover copies at best. So where does he get $60K compo from? If there are other pics, then I haven't seen them - but my guess is that this either pics of different books, or a 'cover reattachment' gone bad. Did someone else say they had come back with resto as well?? If Danielle Perlman is calling him out in public, well that says everything - her and Adam are the nicest couple you will ever meet.
  11. I'm glad you can talk to someone. My 'claim' was just pushed back a week. Soon be outside the 45 day limit - meaning I have to go to the financial ombudsman as the claim will 'expire' This is happening to too many peoplr. Seems like Paypal is in it's death-throws and wants to hang on to as much $$$ as it can. Ebay leaving was probably the end for Paypal.
  12. Should have stopped at season 1 Kreese being introduced has totally ruined it. Season 2 3/10