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  1. Likewise - but without Juice, then they are as usefully as Wee Hughies dead girlfriend - Jings! Seriously though - The Girl was almost killed - and she's the toughest in the comic by someway - so Butcher, Hughie, Frenchy and MM NEED the boost to even match the likes of the B teams. And - where the heck is Terror??
  2. Oh, I'm not whining per se. I really liked Season 1 I just hope that some of the originality that made the Boys such an awesome read shines through. Swap a Nazi for a Weather Woman - I'm cool with that, BUT - if you don't juice up the rest of the Boys, then series 2 is going to be pointless. Without Powers, even a C-Team will rip them apart. Lets not forget - having Juice is the only thing stopping Homelander from killing them all (in the Book) Still Herogasm is confirmed as Season 3, so as readers know, they must have powers by then. The Russian Love Sausage in Season 4 should be interesting.......... I like it so far, but lets not dilute it so much that it's another shambles like Preacher. Looking forward to Season 2.
  3. Despite being in ground Zero of Australia's new COViD epidemic - I still managed to buy these: Anyone love Conan and Sword and Sorcery stuff - then read on, dear friend, read on! Plus of course the #1 Jigsaws, Calendars, Hardback books by Bell and Vallejo, signed Suydam book etc Savage Sword Of Conan #1 - #230 (missing about 25 issues), Conan Saga x 100 issues, Heavy Metal x 20, Epic x 20 + various Conan variants, TPBs, Frazetta Illustrated, DC Conan Australian Variants, Conan The Savage #1 - #8 Total - About 400 Conan comics (SSOC #1 is real nice - off to CGC) plus 20 Hardback books 15 Calenders and Jigsaws + complete set of BV cards. Just a sweet, sweet Conan / Fantasy collection. Deceased Estate. $550 USD aprox.
  4. Another Marvel Ultimates collection - this time all are still sealed - totally unread! 64 books - $135 USD Happy.
  5. Hilariously I managed to sell one of these for $5 by mistake a few years back. Missed off a digit. Oh well, lucky buyer. Always check your listing before posting it up! Only have a couple: And a TTA #13 which I seem to not have taken a pic of. Note to self - update insurance pics.
  6. I gotta say you find some incredible stuff. How do you do this so often (it's ok I'm overseas so no competition for you at an auction ) - is it years of networking, lucky craigslist or secret honey-holes of small car-boot sales? You really do have an amazing success rate - keep the scores coming, love to see them!
  7. Episode #4 has hit Netflix. Series continues to be very good. Happily surprised.
  8. Book is sold pending payment!
  9. $625, then will close tomorrow if no interest Thanks all
  10. I'm not sure why this hasn't sold - oh well - $660 it is! I don't have much GPA data to help really either. A 5.5 sold in March 2019 for $625 A 9.0 for $1440 last month. I think $660 is pretty reasonable. Oh well. Another option: I have this and a Torchy #6 in 5.5 - maybe a trade for a Torchy #1 , #5, or #6 in 8.0 minimum could be possible. If you have a #6 you want to downgrade - reach out! Thanks!
  11. Lets do $675 $660
  12. The rules. Because that's how this works here. 1st by timestamp in PM or thread wins (this is called optimism!) Payment via paypal only in $USD. Payment within 3 days please - if seeking an extention please PM before taking the book. No returns on CGC graded books. If damaged in transit, I will make it right with you, but will be boxed, bubble-wrapped and have cardboard corner protectors. Now postage - international is causing delays so please read guys. USA - Will be sent tracked and insured via Australia Post. There are delays of 8 weeks on top of normal - so expect 8 - 12 weeks. It will most probably be less, but I'm putting it out there as worst case scenario. $40 USD inc insurance. I will cover any extra. UK - As above but up to 10 weeks on top. $45 USD inc insurance. I will cover any extra. Canada - Australia Post have ceased postage to Canada currently, so maybe a USA member can help. Sorry about that. The delays are because Australia have cut flights by 70% to countries with ongoing Coronavirus issues, to protect the airline/postal staff. That's the official line anyway. The last comic I sent was to Texas, and took 8 weeks. Fedex have slapped at $10 surcharge per item for 'handling' - so if you have a FedEx account and wish to use it - there will be a surcharge. For what, I have no idea. It's on their website. You obviously pay them, and I'll take it to their depot Please ensure you insure the book. NZ / Singapore - as the virus is well controlled, postal services are only 7 - 10 days behind - $20 - $25 USD depending on destination (I can get quote if needed - it's mostly the insurance) Australia - $15 USD tracked and insured. Other countries please ask, but it's highly unlikely I will ship there. Please be fully aware of potential delays before purchasing the book. Thanks guys, and apologies, but it's out of my control. Finally - The Book! I've upgraded so I'm selling Torchy #4 CGC 6.5 Off-White Pages Gil Fox has outdone himself with this cover, and art is by Fox and of course, Bill Ward. It presents very well for grade. $725 USD $675 USD $660USD $625 Last drop then closed tomorrow
  13. I agree - the slabbed one is rusty as heck, the raw is shiny. Replaced?