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  1. That has been ebay Australia for at least the last 8 years. If in doubt I put 'acceptable' and list the defects in the description. Its just changing your habits really. If you want to go all CGC you can actually put a grade in under the photo section as per @NewWorldOrder - item specifics. Its all still there.
  2. I was dubious for the first half of that trailer - but then you could see Snyder start to work his magic for the rest. Cautiously optimistic.
  3. The first one was a lot of fun. Nothing brilliant, but certainly above average family fare. Looking forward to it.
  5. YOU do not have to do anything. You have tracking showing it was delivered and accepted at the supplied verified address. It sounds harsh - but your job is finished. He can open cases, chargebacks etc etc - and will lose every time. "Tracking shows delivery at registered address supplied by buyer and confirmed as correct by ebay" I assume you kept shipping confirmation (we have address slips that are stamped by PO if we want them that confirms the address we sent them to) ? You have nothing to worry about. Usually, if it's not a scam - and they are muc
  6. The End. #8 - Just pointless. 2 /10 Agree Bosco - had some promise, but I couldn't care less if there is another season or not. Overall 3 / 10 Poor to Average
  7. Ep #6 - Best yet Code is in trouble, Paradise found. 7/10 Going to do a Bosco and push on to the end!
  8. Canadian dollars are real?? I thought it was a joke like 1,000,000,000 South Sudanese Quangos = $1 usd. Wow - so there's like $27.44 USD and a reaaaaly lame comic in that pic? What are those plastic things? Toll passes? I'm not into Canadian stuff
  9. Ep #4 Drugs are bad kids, drugs are bad. Pieces are joining but the timelines are annoying as heck to put together. 5/10
  10. Ep #3 No idea what's happening. At all. Gets a bonus point for gratuitous lesbian sex and good fight scenes. 6 / 10
  11. A couple of stops: Star Trek Hardback Graphic Novels - still sealed x 55 Some 1960 Archie comics, couple of Marvel Presents and a smattering of hardback TWD compendiums, plus assorted TPBs and comics. There's not much about - people are hoarding, and what there is, is no longer cheap. This lot was approx $350 USD I'm more and more heading into TPB /GN hauls, as the profit is there, but a lot slower to get it, as they are reprints basically.
  12. Ep #2 - kinda went around and around and went nowhere until the last 2 minutes. 4 / 10 At least we know where #3 is going - hopefully it won't take for ever and hammer home the same message - thou shalt not kill. Or can you? You've made the point guys - move on!
  13. I haven't read the comic, only vaguely heard of it tbh. There was a fair bit of chit-chat and too much PG13 stuff - so I see where it will fall short compared to The Boys or Invincible. However - I am interested enough to watch ep #2. A duplicate bad-guy, 2 dead 'heroes' (although I'm not sure if I even got their names!) and a throwback to the 1930's is enough to keep me watching. I can see it turning into a brat soap-opera type disaster though, kinda 90210 meets West Coast Avengers - enough with the stereotypical rebel chick, bad- sleezy guy and wannabe her