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  1. I've changed it to see if I can smoke out one book at a time - starting with Batman #16 Love to get one for Xmas.....
  2. Dunno - saw it on GPA. There are a heck of a lot more in the $1600 range than ever - I can see that being the 90 day ave very soon. I freely admit - I sold off all 5 of my copies a couple of years back, and am looking to grab one next year. I was expecting, as probably were you, the book to be $1750 - $1800 in 9.8 If it carries on falling, then I'd be looking to grab a couple. Probably the most worrying thing for those holding a bunch is that there is a new show, and the current season still has a half to go - it's usually at the end of a season that the book drops. Still - $900 - Who saw that coming? I certainly didn't
  3. Seems to be some tweaks: Neg: Still too 'clunky' - too many keystrokes to get to the grades Pos: Instant sign-in via Chrome bookmark Much quicker now around site (not me, the site) I guess I will adapt as it goes on, but I still have to stop and think about where I am going. A suggestion - when I check the boxes to remove resto/SS/Qual books, a default setting option would be great instead of having to do it every time I access the site.
  4. 12/07/2019 $916 1164646001 The slaughter continues - Last time a 9.8 Blue walking Dead #1 sold for under $1000? 2012 I was expecting a solid resistance at $1500 when the $2000 barrier fell. But to go sub $1K? The book is in freefall, and I would expect some bigger buyers to come in to stock up on the book at this price. $900 - Bloody Hell!
  5. Yeah, he was hilarious in Benson. That show has aged really well - still the snarkiest person_without_enough_empathyfest ever made (inc Roseanne and Married with Children) - younger boardies should have a watch. Still has it's zing - and Rene was a big part of it's success. RIP
  6. Yeah, nice to stay comic focused. Opinions seem divided, so I will keep it for a bit, but if something I really want comes up, put it towards buying that.I literally found it in a huge collection, so it cost nada. Thanks everyone, and nice to see some Hawkman books.
  7. 1st one is because I really admire Don Cheadle - so what better way to have his 1st Marvel app signed in high -grade? Been after one for a while - low grade but I think presents much better than a 2.5 I am collecting the 1st apps of the Characters starring in Guardians Of the Galaxy #1 - and Korath was hard to catch (geddit) in 9.8! - Took 18 months to find in the end.
  8. A 6.5 CGC Hawkman #4. I have one, which I found in a collection and slabbed, but it doesn't fit into any of my collecting focuses. On one hand Zatanna is an assistant in a 5th rate Las Vegas magic act. On the other she has potential to be a huge star in the DC multiverse. So hold or sell? What would you do - or where do you see Zatanna heading in the future?
  9. The above image hits home. There really wasn't a need to change design. On the plus side GPA opens up straight away now as a bookmarked fave on chrome without logging in, so that has been fixed. But yeah, unless there was a capacity issue, I'd prefer to keep the old layout Sorry GPA!
  10. Now. 9.8 Blue labels have sunk under the $2000 mark. I think 9 out of the last 10 sales were under (one crazy $3200 in there keeps 90 day average over $2000... Fair few $1500 - $1700 prices. I'd quote some but again locked out of bloody GPA....
  11. And need to re-set password AGAIN. How to ruin years of customer loyalty in 2 days. Epic fail.
  12. Hot Bumpppidy Bump! Lets find me one for Xmas! Fingers crossed...
  13. Seriously? Hi there, It's been 24 hours since our new website launched, and what a crazy 24 hours it has been! We are overwhelmed with the positive feedback that has come through to us, and we are feeling so lucky to be part of this community.
  14. Crashed here - and I live 15 kms from George! Not a good start.
  15. Easy access, and easy to navigate, but also very easy to become overwhelmed with excess info. If you have no interest in restored books, cancel the checkboxes when you search to remove all the non blue label books (except SS if thats your thing) Cuts down the info heaps, especially on a book with huge volumes of sales. "Less is more"
  16. See this is where Mark Zaid needs to step in. It is ridiculous when a call centre employee over-rules the opinion of 3 paid professional graders. CGC needs to fight for it's customers - or people just won't bother, if paypal sides with the buyer. Ebay was quick enough to kiss arse when a $3.2m Action #1 went up for sale - to get the business Why can't I tag Zaid into this thread?
  17. I had a #252 and then a boardie offered Supes #123 on here for next to nothing so I bought that as well. They display very well together, and is a nice talking point (no pics as #252 is a Voldy)
  18. Agreed. I have the odd $200 run of books, but the rest is mostly $5 - $40 drek. Not worth scamming really and all are sent tracked. Bigger items get slabbed and sold here, or on Heritage. Drek sells well, and I use that to fund my keeper books. However - the point remains that this incident is the absolute 'pinnacle rip-off' event that may break the camels back for bigger item ebay sellers. Direct Bank Transfer may well be the only safe way to go for bigger books - although of course, ebay will ding you for not posting on time while you wait for the payment to clear...... It's almost as ebay and Paypal are having a race to go out of business first - yet neither of them can see it coming.
  19. Get on the phone again, and talk to the highest level supervisor you can reach - even if on hold for hours. The helpful rep just passed you over to a 9-5 don't care guy. Keep fighting. As long as you described it factually as a 9.8 CGC XXXXX issue #32 and that's what it is - you shouldn't lose this. However - if you have added, 'glowing colours, super eye-appeal erc erc' there is a point of difference to argue. Paypal are trying to ream people for the extra 3%. Don't give up. I fought over a book for 4 months - even after the buyer was refunded. I eventually bugged Paypal so much, they found in my favour. Now with the book - inspect it thoroughly. IF THERE IS SO MUCH AS A SCRATCH OPEN A COUNTER CLAIM AS NOT BEING RETURNED IN THE SAME CONDITION. Good for the goose. Good for the gander.
  20. Posted 1 hour ago (edited) Picked up an awesome 3000+ collection last month. Lots of good stuff, signed, variants, Graded, and more. Most of the graded stuff was from a different company though so I guess no pics of those Got any Pictures?