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  1. Well I'm am about to sell it and would like to make as much as possible.
  2. Could the extra staples be removed and a grade bump received? This book presents very well. Any advice would be appreciated I will go pull grader notes and update I was told by the person I bought the boom from the extra staples are not actually performing a function other than looks. I assume the other ones must be rusty. Thanks in advance Marcus
  3. Good luck getting 1 close to GPA. It breaks GPA with every sell.
  4. Price depends on grade and how it presents. Cream PQ r better. I DNC about white PQ
  5. WTB UMBRELLA ACADEMY Apocalypse Suite Variant 1/1000 CGC 9.8 Special Edition or high grade raws
  6. Man I wish I had some dough, nice book. Is everybody peasant poor like me? Shoot good price.