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  1. Looking for a GSXM #1 cgc 9 or 9.2 . Looking for a copy that's offwhite/white or better, and well centered (don't see the black line around the spline). Thanks!
  2. Comic_Zone

    Original Jack Kirby Sketch for Sale

    Don’t want to jump into conclusions, but this looks fake to me. Cap’s right arm and hand proportions seem really off. The perspective of the lines going across his glove and top of the boots all seem off and unnatural. (There are many more things I can list). I don’t doubt there is a authentic letter from Roz, but the original drawing might’ve been swapped with this one that has been traced.
  3. Looking for GSXM#1 CGC 8.5-9.2 and AC #252 CGC 3-4 Pls DM what you've got! Thanks!
  4. Longshot #1 NM- $7 World's Finest #169 FN/VF $15 Sandman #1 FN $5 @ 15% off
  5. Comic_Zone

    Top Ten Batman issues from the Bronze Age

    Thanks so much for this!
  6. Comic_Zone

    Top Ten Batman issues from the Bronze Age

    I don't really mind the digital recolouring in the Batman Illustrated by Neal Adams hardcovers, but volume 1 provides an easy comparison between the original and new presentations. I think I read that Adams got carried away a bit with his remastering and ran over budget before finishing the volume, so that it stops suddenly part way through the Brave and Bold run; around the Sgt Rock issue, IIRC? That's actually really good to know. Does that mean the Adam's Batman Omnibus is not all digitally recolored? Does anyone here own one? Love to know how much of the volume has been touched up. If it's half recolored, I would consider getting the omnibus. Thanks!
  7. Comic_Zone

    Top Ten Batman issues from the Bronze Age

    Here are some cheaper options, I'm not a fan of the new coloring either, but if you don't mind b&w(I love it) Showcase vol 5 collects a ton of great issues. That Treasury looks amazing, is that the only one of Adams I need to pick up?
  8. Comic_Zone

    Top Ten Batman issues from the Bronze Age

    Thanks for the info. I have one of Adam's recolored volumes and the digital coloring did throw me off. I actually picked it up at one of his signings and he was telling everyone how proud he was of the new coloring. I feel there is too much contrast now and I'm focusing more on the bright colors vs the beautiful art and story. I would've sold my copy had he not sketched in my book. I will try to hunt down those treasuries!
  9. Comic_Zone

    Top Ten Batman issues from the Bronze Age

    speaking of Neal Adams batman, can someone recommend a collection (TPB or HC) that has all these classic stories? (and I don't mean the batman Omnibus that has all the new fancy digital coloring) I want the original color printing! I want to read them all now that I've seen all these amazing covers!
  10. Comic_Zone

    Got a comic room??? Showcase it here!

    What a cool idea!