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  1. Seems odd that all their listings are ended. With the thousands they had ongoing, they had to purposely end all their listings rather than let them expire. That's a lot of comic listings gone from eBay. They had over 400,000 feedback. Maybe they were being forced into managed payments so they decided to opt out?
  2. Just noticed that MyComicShop has 53 listings on eBay. There are typically thousands at any given time. Anybody know if this is a move away from eBay?
  3. I guess I just didn't understand any of the communication. Why did he ask me not to leave neg feedback? I've never done that. Why did he refund all the $$ while the books were in transit? The grammar made me think I was dealing with a child or something. And now all their listings have disappeared. There's something off about this....... But I think I might take your suggestion
  4. Nope, it was another seller. He had several items for sale then all his listings disappeared.
  5. I ordered a couple of comics from an eBay seller for $80 & $85 each. I paid for the items separately but on the same day. I received a confirmation that the items shipped along with a combined tracking#. While the comics were in transit, I received Paypal and eBay notices that I was issued a full refund for both books. This was strange as I requested no such refund. The message with the refund says " merry Xmas. dnt leave negative feed back im by you a gift. if you do i wnt be happy." Ok, weird but let's see what arrives..... I figured that the books were sent out by someone at the
  6. Sold Kevin a really nice GA slab. He was super easy to deal with and made the entire transaction extremely easy. I hope we get a chance to have some more transactions i the future. Thanks again for your business!!!
  7. Buyer completed a recent transaction on the boards within my sales thread. Easy to communicate with and just a very positive experience. Your business is much appreciated!!!