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  1. I recently purchased a complete run of Tales Of Suspense 39-99. Only a few were slabbed and those are the ones I'm listing tonight. If you are interested in filling any holes with raw issues please feel free to drop me a PM and I will get you grades,prices, and pics this weekend for any you are interested in, I can't do it until Saturday/Sunday. Grades range from VG to VF with most #s from 48 up in the 7-8 range; some will be higher, just haven't gotten to them yet.
  2. AVENGERS 1 CGC 1.5 C-OW Notes: "page 15 and 16 detached" as nice a 1.5 as you will see. $1000
  3. IRON MAN 1 CGC 8.5 WHITE PAGES!! $850
  4. A Few Silver-Age CGC books tonight. PMs are welcome but an in the thread trumps ongoing negotiations. If you send me a PM please don't ask "what is the lowest you will take? or "what's your best price?" My best price is listed, if you want to make an offer please feel free to do that; I'll either say yes, no, or if we are close I may counter. Thanks for understanding. Postage is $18.00 for slabs or $8.00 for raw books in the US. I'll cover insurance. Canada/UK pay exact postage whatever that may be. Check/MO/Paypal BUT PLEASE PAY WITHIN 3 DAYS UNLESS PRIOR ARRANGEMENTS ARE MADE. No HOSers or people I have blocked.
  5. Do it O Wise One. I've just been following your teachings for the last 30 years. I learned to price books from the best! I only use Overstreet for the picture of my hero to add to my shrine.
  6. The Kid From Dodge City 1 Rawhide Kid 2 Six-Gun Western 3 Thanks Andy!
  7. Navy Action 17 & Navy Combat 13 Thanks Dan