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  1. MASK 1 CGC 2.5 Off-White Pages CGC notes: tape on interior cover. Last 2 sales: CGC 5.5 sold 11/19 for $24,000 CGC 3.0 sold 9/19 for $11,422 PRICE : $11,000 NOW $10,500 Shipped in the USA
  2. Only listing one book for now. I've decided to slowly move on from some books I've had put away and greatly reduce the # of shows I've done the last 30 years. It's been fun but major surgery has convinced me that I can't take everything with me so it's time to have fun. I don't drink anymore so I'm going to start with some fishing, convorting with women, and some gambling, not necessarily in that order. NO PAYPAL on this book. Check only. USA only unless you can convince me otherwise. No Returns, why would you? No HOSers or people I have blocked in the thread works. PAYMENT SENT WITHIN 3 DAYS, PERIOD.
  3. I have a DD #1 Blue Label 2.0 and a Purple Label 3.5 Drop me a PM if interested.
  4. Just sold a couple of nice asm to Jeff. Very easy to deal with. Thanks Jeff!