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  1. Last one for tonight, maybe more tomorrow. Anyone interested in late 50s Wonder Womans? JUMBO 166 Nice looking book, would be FN/FN+ but for the small corner out of the cover bottom right, top right corner impacted but pretty sure it will almost all press out. Call it VG- with the piece out. $150 SOLD
  2. FIGHT 9 GD- tape on the spine, cover barely attached. piece out right edge $165
  3. FIGHT 16 FA/GD Tough issue, wish it was better, cover is detached, spine splitting 3", rust migration $140
  4. FIGHT 41 GD/GD+ another classic bondage cover, has chipping on the cover in 3 corners, too bad as the rest of the book is FN or better. Cheapest Copy you will see as well. $135 SOLD
  5. FIGHT 44 FA/GD Classic Bondage Cover, has a good cover image but the staples are very rusty and have migrated to the paper, cover detached. looks good in the mylar. Cheapest copy you will find and you buy this issue for the cover anyway. $100 SOLD
  6. WILBUR 28 VG/VG+ Great Cover! name written on cover $65 SOLD
  7. Ginger 3 & 8 Thanks Rick, always makes me wonder if I priced a book too low when it is snatched up so fast
  8. TESSIE THE TYPIST 5 Weird book, the cover was cut wrong in manufacturing, not trimmed, staples are shifted lower. Too bad as the book is about a VF o/w. dust shadow on the back. $100 SOLD
  9. GINGER 8 VG+ but has a 1" spine split at the top $75 SOLD
  10. 10 More Books Tonight Cindy 28 Structurally FN- or so but has some writing, in the "C" of the title, word balloon and bottom of the back cover $55 SOLD
  11. RECAP With a few Lower Prices ANNIE OAKLEY 1 CGC 8.0 OW-W An 8.0 sold about a month ago in a Heritage Auction for $1400 and some change. $1400 $1350 ANNIE OAKLEY 3 Structurally FN+ or better, but has a name written on the front cover 3 times, has discoloration in the I & E of the title from an old sticker that appears to have been peeled off and there is a tiny tape/sticker pull in the "E", has very nice pages. $450 $400 FANTASTIC 9 GD/VG Great Cover has a small piece out of the cover top center, tiny piece out at the top staple and a 1" tear on the top of the back cover $150 $125 CRIME MYSTERIES 14 GD/GD+ cover almost detached at the top staple, 2" tear top of the back cover is taped on the inside of the back cover, 1" spine split by the top staple, small piece almost off top center edge. $100 $85 ARCHIE 45 GD+ cover almost detached at the bottom staple, hanging on to the back. 1/2" tear btm of the spine. $50 SOLD KATHY 5 VG-/VG Some long creases on the front cover but the book is solid. $30 $25 WIN A PRIZE 2 GD unnecessary tape on the spine and 1 small piece on the front cover and back cover. Tough title. $60 $50 HAND OF FATE 25A VG/VG+ some color loss bottom right edge, great cover $100 $85 JUNIE PROM 1 FA/GD Tough title, 2" spine split at the bottom goes into a horizontal 3" tear across the front, 1st 2 wraps split at the bottom as well, torn not brittle, 3/4" tear top edge through the entire book. Good cover image despite the flaws. $125 $110 CAPTAIN MARVEL Dime Action Book 1941 I think GD/VG although BLB collectors may grade them differently like Pulps. Similar to Big Little Books, this one is tough, I've seen 2 sell on ebay in the last several months, $200+ and $135 if I remember right. Bottom right corner is there except for the tip but has top layer color missing $65 $50 JUNGLE COMICS 37 GD tough issue. lots of non color breaking creases, 1" circular tear right center edge, 1" tear btm left, 3" vertical tear on the back cover top right $100 $85 JUNGLE 11 One of the best covers of the run and tough. FR/GD good cover image, 2/3 of the cover is split, has 3 smaller pieces of tape on the spine and another inside front cover, cover is detached. $175 $160