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  1. Last book for this short thread STAR WARS 42 CGC 9.8 WHITE Pages One of the hottest books on the planet. There are 2 9.8s on ebay for $1550 & $1800 Check only on this one, no paypal. $1350
  2. ETERNALS 1 CGC 9.6 OW Pages $300
  3. UNCANNY X-MEN 121 CGC 9.8 WHITE Pages 7 of the last 8 sales were $800+ $750
  4. STRANGE TALES 178 CGC 9.4 White Pages $225
  5. MARVEL SPOTLIGHT 12 CGC 9.4 OW-W Pages 90 day average is $308 $275
  6. PMs are welcome but an in the thread trumps ongoing negotiations. If you send me a PM please don't ask "what is the lowest you will take? or "what's your best price?" My best price is listed, if you want to make an offer please feel free to do that; I'll either say yes, no, or if we are close I may counter. Thanks for understanding. Postage & Insurance is $18.00 for slabs in the US if you pay by Paypal. PLEASE PAY WITHIN 3 DAYS OF RECEIVING AN INVOICE UNLESS PRIOR ARRANGEMENTS ARE MADE. No HOSers or people I have blocked. NO Returns accepted on CGC books
  7. I can't help you out at $500 but I do have a 9.8W for sale at $625 shipped in the US. Also have a 9.6W for $250 if you were interested in a slightly lower grade.
  8. Just picked these up & have a couple of questions for the Baker experts. Is the Secrets of Love and Marriage a Baker? Is the GCE 11 really that scarce? Only 3 on the census and I've never had or seen another in 30+ years of doing this.
  9. Going to close this thread for lack of interest. Moving everything to another forum. Tough crowd. No one wants to pay market value I guess. Thanks for looking.
  10. MEN'S ADVENTURES 13 CGC 7.0 OW-W Pages The front cover is a 9.0 or better, the bottom of the back has a humidity stain o/w the book is awesome and amazing. 2nd Highest next to a 7.5 Great Heath Cover $650