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  1. "I'll Take It Pending Pics" are welcome. All are 1st Prints Shazam 28 CGC 9.6 OW-W only one I missed on, thought sure it was an easy 9.8 notes say "spine stress lines spine break color" there weren't any when I sent it in not the 1st time this has happened just saying. $500 Batman 359 CGC 9.8 W $200 Batman 386 CGC 9.8 W $250 Walking Dead 2 CGC 9.4 W $450 Walking Dead 3 CGC 9.6 W $325 Bone 2 CGC 9.2 OW-W $225 Bone 4 CGC 9.4 W $175 Bone 5 CGC 9.6 W $200 Y The Last Man 1 CGC 9.6 W $300 Cerebus 2 CGC 9.0 OW-W $200
  2. Listing a few slabs that will be in today/tomorrow from CGC. If you need a picture please ask, I'll try and get some up as soon as I pick them up at the PO. "I'll Take It Pending Pics" are welcome. PMs are welcome but an in the thread trumps ongoing negotiations. If you send me a PM please don't ask "what is the lowest you will take? or "what's your best price?" My best price is listed, if you want to make an offer please feel free to do that; I'll either say yes, no, or if we are close I may counter. Thanks for understanding. Postage is $15.00 for slabs in the US. I'll cover insurance. Canada/UK pay exact postage whatever that may be. Check/MO/Paypal BUT PLEASE PAY WITHIN 3 DAYS UNLESS PRIOR ARRANGEMENTS ARE MADE. No HOSers or people I have blocked.
  3. That's it for this thread. I'll send out invoices tomorrow. Thanks!!
  4. 1960s EC paperbacks and a couple of similar ones. All are Illustrated. Condition varies but all are in the VG range. Prices are shipped The Best of Creepy $25 Tales Of The Incredible $25 Tomorrow Midnight $25 Famous Monsters Strike Back (#3) $25 The Autumn People $25 The Vault of Horror $25 Dracula (Illustrated) $25
  5. Vampirella Novel Series Complete Set 1-6 The 2 and 3 have quite a bit of wear, the 5 & 6 are the hardest to get and are quite nice. These are all the US editions, there are UK versions with different covers. $100 Shipped
  6. The Thing 15 SOLD Via PM
  7. Battlestar Galactica Novel Series complete set 1-14 Grades range from VG to VF Hard set to complete the 13 & 14 sell in the $25 range each when you can find them and this #14 is beautiful $100 Shipped
  8. Marvel Novel Series 1-11 Complete set from the late 70s I think. grades range from VG to FN/VF $125 Shipped
  9. The Thing 15 GD/GD+ has a tear on the bottom of the back that has been taped on the inside of the bc, the tear goes through 6-7 pages as well getting a little smaller as it goes. a little rust on the btm staple, a ws on the back top right corner. 2-3 copies in worse shape have sold on ebay in the last couple of months for $200+ My Price $200 SOLD
  10. Fantastic 8 VG/VG+ $125
  11. Mysteries Weird and Strange 4 GD/VG 1.5" spine split at the bottom $60
  12. 4 more books tonight and a couple of paperback sets 1st up: Baffling Mysteries 26 VG- has a sliver off the top right and a corner off the back o/w a lot nicer. $75
  13. Flash 107 CGC 7.5 $850 SOLD Via PM
  14. Captain Flash 2 Thanks William!!