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  1. I have what you are looking for but not below gpa. LMK if you decide to spend a little more. Cgc 8.0
  2. I will be at the show but I'm not setting up; however I will have 4-5 boxes of Golden age and some Silver/Bronze Keys with me if anyone is interested. Drop me a PM on here or catch me at the show and I'll be glad to show you what I've got. Saturday only I'm afraid. Black Cat Comics
  3. Last item(s) for this thread 1960's Marvel Flicker Rings there were 12 in the set, I have 9 These are all very nice and may or may not have a little toning, the Thor,Cap, and Super H Ring Club are Gold bases, the rest are Silver if that makes any diff to anyone. $75 EACH Shipped Fantastic Four Thing Doom/Torch Iron Man Super Hero Ring Club Thor Dr Strange Capt America Hulk
  4. A couple more items to list and then this thread will be over. 2 GIANT STORY COLORING BOOKS these are approx. 17" x 22" and uncolored, both have small price stickers on them. Superman Super Powers These sell on ebay for $40-50 each. Take them both for $45 Shipped in the US SOLD
  5. Conan PB Set SOLD Vampirella PB Set SOLD Fink Buttons SOLD Thanks to all!!
  6. No sorry. I have some 60's buttons, pinbacks, marvel flicker rings, and a couple of Gumball Headers to go through this weekend, some of which is already spoken for but no more 70s posters.
  7. Last Item for tonight Full Box of Unopened Fink Buttons by Wolverton from 1965. These buttons sell loose for $15/$25 or so on ebay. The box is opened but the buttons inside are still in the little unopened packages. 24 to a box. I could open them and sell them individually on ebay and make more money but I think it is way cooler as a full box. The box itself is very sturdy and solid but has some staining. Old sticker on the bottom of the box $275 Shipped SOLD
  8. Thanks! I don't know who did the artwork, same person who did most of the Third Eye posters I imagine. Yeah, they are not even real boobs, just drawings of boobs. Can we even say boobs?
  9. 1966/67 MARX Bicycle License Plates. These are really rare and the ones I have are in the best shape I've ever seen on any of these. These came from a vending machine but I think some were also available in a package you could buy outright. The Marvels are from 1967, and I think the DCs are 1966. They are about 4.25" x 2.5" , made of metal. Batman & Robin are sold as a set $400 Joker $400 Catwoman $400 Riddler $350 Penguin $350 Spiderman $400 Captain America $250 The Thing $200
  10. Thanks for the suggestion but I think it was something else, if they wanted to move it they could have. It's all Silver and Bronze stuff and all comic related so in my opinion it should be OK for here. I listed some Steranko calendar pages that showed a little too much of the female body I think but it would be nice to know for sure. We shall see.
  11. CONAN Third Eye Blacklight Puzzle With Box. The puzzle is complete but has a few damaged pieces right in the center of the puzzle, one with the mose damage is the tip of the hilt of the sword, box is in pretty good shape but one corner of the bottom part of the box is torn with a little water stain on the bottom corner of the bottom of the box. I will ship the puzzle already put together as in the pic and the box separate or I can take the puzzle apart and ship all in the box, your choice. These puzzles are way harder to find than the posters and usually sell for way more but this one has a little damage as I said so: $200 shipped
  12. Dan Curtis Set 1-9 Gold Key Mini Comics from the mid-70's. I sold a few dozen sets on here several years ago and didn't realize I had any left. Found 2 sets. Average VF but would be better with a press $20 EACH Shipped