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  1. That's it for this thread. Invoices will go out Sunday morning. Thanks for looking!
  2. Lot of 4 My Friend Irmas 30, 33, 34, 37 nice reader copies all 4 have had the paper dolls page removed, rest of the books are complete including all stories. All 4 for $35
  3. GREEN HORNET COMICS 18 VG/FN Looks much better but the front cover is loose from the single staple but seems solidly attached to the back A 3.5 just sold for $335 This one is $500 SOLD
  4. ADVENTURES INTO DARKNESS 9 GD/VG 1" spine split at the top and a 1" tear at the bottom front cover $150
  5. CRIME SUSPENSTORIES 17 chipping at the top and bottom of the spine GD/GD+ $125
  6. STRANGE TALES 49 1" spine split at the top VG- There are 2 copies on ebay for $399 each in the same grade range. This one is $250
  7. A few more books tonight. AMAZING ADVENTURES 4 very light sub crease, never had a top staple, bottom staple almost detached and has a tiny piece of tape over it. Looks way better but call it VG/VG+ $250
  8. Thanks! I hate to see it go. Take care of it for me!
  9. I'll be back tomorrow with a few more PCH and a few other items
  10. Last one for tonight: USA 7 CGC Apparent 2.5 CGC notes Restoration includes: "spine splits sealed to cover, tear seals to cover" $2500 SOLD Per PM
  11. One more from a previous thread at a lower price: PHANTOM LADY 23 CGC 7.5 4th highest behind 2 8.0s, one a pedigree, and the 9.2 Okajima which isn't going anywhere. I believe it has already been pressed. I won't take Paypal on this one, sorry. $9500