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  1. I’ve read both books and I still truly believe that Invincible is the far superior read. It’s sort of an odd start and I think as a result didn’t hook people early on. It’s the much better read though, IMO. TWD just sort of goes in circles.
  2. Second viewing: Best Spider-Man movie ever made. It just does so much so well. The style is incredible too. As it’s starting today, my son turns and wants to know when it comes out on video so we can watch it even more.
  3. Ha my 7 year old is the one asking to see it again. 7 is a fun age, so far.
  4. Yea it captured the entire family. I enjoyed Homecoming, but I always felt it lacked the depth of Spidey. It was Iron Man 2.0 or something. There was no responsibility. This movie captured it so well. My entire family loved it too. My wife really enjoyed Homecoming, but she loved this. My son wants to go see it again tomorrow and I think we might. He’s never asked to see a movie twice in the theater before.
  5. Loved the movie! It did a great job capturing the essence of Spider-Man while not having Peter as the main character-although he was pretty important. I also loved all the little Easter eggs. Every time someone scrolled a phone I laughed because you’d see creators’ names. I’d honestly say it was one of the best, if not the best, Spider-Man movies I’ve seen.
  6. Really sad news. I was hoping my student was wrong but we couldn’t be so lucky. Thanks for everything Stan.
  7. I’m really enjoying this show. The portrayal of Murdock isn’t perfect. But I’m really enjoying it. Some of the scenes are just so well written and acted and the essence of Daredevil is there. I saw the speech last night with the priest in the bar about midway through the show and thought it was very well done. I can’t wait to finish!
  8. Sorry missed your reply. I thoroughly enjoyed the Ultimate Spider-Man game. It was similar to Spider-Man 2 but looked like the comic. I enjoyed Spider-Man 2, but I played it years later and don’t think it aged well. I loved the Spidey game on N64. This game is incredible though. I did everything I could and got gold on everything. The new DLC has been fun too. I can still swing through the city and laugh in amazement with how well this game is done. I’d really recommend it.
  9. Did you see my review? You can swing around the city fighting crime. It’s done very well- I’d even say it’s Amazing.
  10. Absolutely incredible game. My friend convinced me to pick it up. I was on the fence as I hadn’t really enjoyed a Spidey game in 10 years, and I didn’t have a PS4. He found me a Spidey Collectors edition- this thing is beautiful. I really like the story. My son cheers when we play Peter Parker parts and explore Ock’s lab. They make you care about Peter in a way games have never done. I don’t love how they Lois Lane’d MJ, but I do like that about 3/4 of the way through the game she is a capable, well fleshed out character. Dropping Miles in the story was a nice touch. Mr. Negative as the big bad and all the subplots running through the game is great. The controls are amazing. Web swinging couldn’t be better. The game renders so fast that it still looks beautiful swinging fast. Combat is like the Arkham games on speed. It flows really well, and I’ll have crazy combos without effort because the game just makes sense. The exploration is great. Manhattan is totally open to explore. You can race through the story, but there’s a ton to do on the map. I love the costumes. It seems focused on some obscure costumes, but apparently the creators wanted to reveal more iconic costumes during story moments. 2099 and Scarlet Spider are there so I’m good. If you’re a Spidey fan or honestly even a Marvel fan, you should pick up this game.
  11. Wow I didn’t expect this news today. Really sad to hear.
  12. I also think the like function slows down some of the traffic. Instead of commenting and bumping a thread, a lot of people just like comments now.
  13. Mike at Hero Restoration did the work. He's around the boards and is a nice guy. I'm happy with my book.
  14. I think I posted this raw earlier in the thread, but here's my new baby all fixed up.