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  1. I don't usually buy store variants but I Love this Cover. Amazing. I Must have.
  2. Heating up and still hot stuff. Daredevil #25 This one puzzles me as everyone knows Matt is getting out of jail. To me this is bad spec. But its still selling. Daredevil 25 Future State Teen Titans #1 This one i understand with some 1st appearances in it. Future state Teen Titans Hot Valley Days and Cocaine Nights Low Print Run Good Story I'm told Hot Valley Days and Cocaine Nights Captain America #25 Heating up again almost back to where it was. Captain America #25 Star Wars High Republic #1 2nd Print Its selling for more than the 1st print.
  3. Set of 5 copies. If you are a home presser, these are the copies for you. Call them VF/VF+. $110 shipped for the set.
  4. It seems its random in each pack its shifts the comics in the back.
  5. The strange academy #1 is different from the other walmart #1 release this one is Blue. The last release was red. I didnt see any difference in the spiderverse #1 from the last 3 pack. Anybody else have more info on them ?
  6. Fast Shipping Amazing Packing !
  7. Per PM Thanks Star Wars KANAN The last PADAWAN X2 Sigs $ 140.00 NOW $ 120.00
  8. Wow Star Wars Heir to the Empire #1 is ON Fire. Fleabay sales
  9. What did you think ? He doesnt look like batman the costume is bad. The trailer was meh.
  10. What are the lazy people on ebay doing ? I'm starting to see people listing the comics as unread as the grade. UNREAD is not a comic grade. Sad part is some of them are actually comic stores. How do they live with the shame ? Over
  11. Maybe we should rename this thread to Things we can argue about in comics. Venom #3 Sales Strange Academy #1 Sales Year Zero #1 Sales Catwoman #23 Sales
  12. Is the Flash Back of a character the 1st appearance ? Yes or NO