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  1. Still looking for this issue multiple copies wanted. Thanks
  2. I will buy any grade and all copies you have. Thanks
  3. Well they have been selling well considering they were $1 bin fodder 3 weeks ago. Fleabay
  4. I am seeing this more and more on ebay . This needs to stop ! UNREAD is not a comic Grade.
  5. Captain Marvel #1 2012 and 2014 are starting to see an uptick in price. Fleabay Sales
  6. This is just straight FIRE ! Going Crazy on the Bay. Avenging Spidey
  7. Holy Smokes i take a couple a weeks off and everything is bonkers ! Wow Ebay bids on this comic
  8. Annihilation 6 NM or Better (2007) 3 to 5 copies . Thanks
  9. Amazing is comic size . I have no idea which came out first. I'm just showing the ebay sales.
  10. So this is happening on the bay. The revolution will not be televised The revolution will be LIVE Fleabay sales