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  1. Ironically, my wife also hopes I take a nap or am busy and miss bidding on it lol! I do have a feeling though I won’t be a player on it at the price I think it goes for.
  2. I have a target still well below my max so we will see. I love the Bermejo Joker piece but expecting that to go nuts, maybe breaking 5 figures.
  3. The Starlin modern pieces and that Lim piece were really strong. Anything Thanos is nuts right now. It will be interesting to see prices a few years from now when Thanos is gone from the MCU.
  4. Now that I have had time to look at all the lots and see the early bidding..... TKJ page - I knew another page would pop up after the sale of page one and that final hammer. It will be interesting to see how this one fares in comparison, it is probably the best of the worst pages in the book. I can't wait to see the fireworks when an A page from the story pops up.......For Bolland fans the Camelot $3k cover will make an excellent consolation price. I have always liked that one. Mark Bagley - There are two Bagley pieces in this auction, an ASM splash and a New Warriors cover. Both are REALLY nice Bagley/90's Marvel examples that I love. Silvestri UXM #233 Wolverine page is already at almost $4k, which I thought would be around the hammer. May be an eye popping result here. The Sekowsky JLA #1 Title splash is awesome. SA DC is very hit or miss and this one was is a home run. There are a few Wally Wood early DD pages that are absolutely delightful. There are several very nice Mignola pieces in the auction, including a Shadow cover that is absolutely killer. The DC stuff he did right before Hellboyis some of his best work IMO and this one is no exception. Finally not OA related, but for those who might not know and be interested, this is the first HA signature auction to have video games. I may be after one or two if I get destroyed on my art bids.
  5. I can't wait for the auction to start. I kind of get withdrawals this time of year when the major auction go on hiatus during the holidays. I made consignments to Heritage for the first time so it will be extra fun. I have my eye on one piece, but will probably get destroyed on it as usual during event auctions.
  6. @Panelfan1 congrats! Cool piece. My thoughts were $6k ish don’t think the price was that crazy.
  7. Wonderful pages that are worth every penny.
  8. For me as well. Although there was not alot in my wheelhouse this go round.
  9. For sure. For some reason the early red costume Kid Flash is not really interesting to me at all. He has always kind of looked like a kid dressing up for Halloween.
  10. Did you add anymore Don Newton pages to the collection? I was very tempted by the end page from #367.
  11. Wow, just saw this one. Someone must be REALLY into KGBeast! #112 was the best buy for sure, I was debating picking one of these pages up, but none of them had the images/story for me so I held off.
  12. I usually place my bid rounded up to the nearest $100 to the current bid, just because of a slight ocd for nice round numbers. i guess I consider any bid that should have very little chance of winning a tracking bid, which to me is any bid below 1/2 fmv. I do not place a tracking bid if the number has already breached that point, unless I know I am going hard on the piece.
  13. Still high bidder on a few lots with tracking bids placed in the first couple days of the auction. I usually place my max bids at clink with about 20 seconds to go due to the mediocre bidding system.
  14. Estimated based on experience. I’m fairly certain most people look at fmv and net proceeds from a sale separately. I know I do. It is all a mental calculation after that measuring risk/reward and urgency of receiving funds in the various formats of selling art.