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  1. Thanks for the info concerning the McFarlane Spider-Man 13 DPS. I am definitely not interested in it at 50K. You guys have some really great pieces though.
  2. Thanks for posting the photos. I also would like to know the three collectors contact info. I am interested in the McFarlane Spider-Man 13 page and Spectacular Spider-Man 8 cover. Does anyone know the asking price or if they sold?
  3. Thanks for all of the responses. I think I will have to give up on this page. With the owner being unknown and my max being 50K this will have to be a "What If" i won the lottery piece.
  4. Congrats to the winner of the ASM #129 page. $29,000 was a strong price. I had to back out at $26,000 and was the high bidder for awhile. I thought maybe i would luck out and this auction would fly under the radar. I think it might have done a little better at HA but the high buyer's premium and sellers commission would have offset any other potential profit.
  5. Thanks for the information everyone. If anyone has a copy of CI #27 available that could verify that this pin up is published in it i would greatly appreciate it.
  6. It seems like we have very similar collecting interests Joe. Thanks for the info and let me know if you are looking to sell anything in the future.
  7. Just bought this Eastman 1985 Raphael pin up and I am looking for assistance in finding out if it was ever published. I know it was used for a print that was sold at comic cons in 1985 but i would like to know if it was used for anything else? Thanks Chris