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  1. Bump Here is a recent review by Thanatos Comics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUehulYKHeo
  2. Intercept Technology ™ works better than Mylar. Visit our store to shop for CGC comic storage solutions: Coin Armour Whether you know it or not, harmful gases in the environment can deteriorate paper very rapidly. While Mylar provides a passive barrier to harmful gases, which means it blocks harmful gases, it cannot remove harmful gases from the storage bag which means that gases become trapped. Intercept Technology ™can and does remove these gases. By storing comic books inside Mylar, you could be trapping these gases inside the environment which can lead to paper corrosion and deterioration. In short, Intercept works better by not only preventing gases from penetrating, but also cleans the inside of the bag. Our Comic Storage Bags are 9 1/2" x 13 3/4" (3 mil) made from Corrosion Intercept ®. While Our Intercept Bags Cost More, Our Bags Do More Intercept Technology ™ was developed in 1986 by Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs. The scientists at Bell Labs invented a method to transform normal plastic into a high gas barrier material utilizing copper reacted into the plastic molecular chain. By reacting it into a polymer it is locked into place. Intercept has been primarily used in commercial and industrial applications to protect vital components and parts from corrosion. Specifically, Intercept is used widely by the Automotive, Electronics, Telecommunications and Aerospace industries, to name a few. In fact, Intercept meets Clean Room 100 Standards and is approved for use by NASA. Intercept Technology ™ provides a level of protection that other packaging cannot provide, a reactive barrier to corrosive gases Also, our bags contain UV inhibitors and have a zipper seal to lock out any harmful gases that may enter in the future…but don’t worry, if any gases are inside, Intercept will permanently neutralize the corrosive gases. In short, Intercept Technology™ provides effective protection from not only atmospheric corrosion, but also fungi attack. •The inert material will not out gas (release corrosive gases) like charcoal based products. •Is non toxic, non abrasive and temperature independent • Does not leave deposits on items it protects. •Does not contain volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCI). •Cleans trapped air of harmful gases making a micro-environment free of corrosive gases •Protects from fungi attack •Made in USA