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  1. John's lineage only matters if you believe that the throne rightfully belonged to the Targaryans, and the only person who thought that was killed by John.
  2. Maybe the writers knew how bad this season would be received, so it was their tongue-in-cheek hap tip - Tyrion rearranging the deck chairs on their Titanic. I'd be lying if I said, that saying didn't run through my head as it happened.
  3. Thank you for this. I, too, hold Ventura county in high regard and espouse its virtues as I travel outside of the United States. The founders would be proud, Cal.
  4. True enough. I mean who drives these prices and who pays them? It seems when some new thing is announced it drives prices to astronomical levels. I often wondered this, but it seems to be people who hope someone else will pay more than they did.
  5. Buying low is never a bad idea if you feel strongly in something. To answer your question, there is a bay of data available electronically.
  6. Every bit of news about a comic becoming a TV/Movie increases demand for a certain period of time. The closer the property gets to becoming a show or movie, the longer demand is sustained. If the show/movie is bad...demand drops. If show/movie is good...demand remains. There was a time any TV/Movie news sustained demand because of the TWD effect. Then, the Sixth Gun happened.
  7. Ah, sorry for missing that. I thought for sure it would have been addressed with any time jump, no matter how small.
  8. So, I take it Varys' message about Jon's true lineage never got disseminated. Or if it did, I guess the council just didn't care.
  9. When I was buying collections from parents who were selling their kid's stuff, I'd find a lot of crossover books and action-figure reprints. Great books to help easily break even.
  10. Sounds like a ton of content to explore for Disney+ The Netflix shows, when they started, dealt with the street level fallout from Avengers. Seems like there's quite a bit of content for Disney+ or Hulu, which Disney owns 67% of, to explore with the fallout from Endgame.
  11. I don't believe he can warg into Drogon, but will instead warg into a bird or wolf looking for him. There may be more to his interest in finding Dorgon, but I think it's as simple as, "Let's not have that dragon come back and kill us all...again."