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  1. Not yet. I will if the book I sold him does not come back. Thanks for the tips.
  2. Well...One quick bummer update for everyone. On the bright side, it will be a learning experience for others. I called Collectibles Insurance Services to find out what my next steps should be if the book does not come back. Turns out they will cover loss and damage by the shipping service after you sell a book out of your collection, but they do not cover fraud or scams such as this. So yeah, just be aware of that...
  3. "Buyer" has just dropped the item in the mail for return. A day before the deadline to return. Will provide updates and figure out next steps when it arrives.
  4. Joys of eBay, right? I guess I'll know more when I receive the book back, which I'm not expecting to be the IH 181. I've been directed to call eBay and speak to High Value Claims department. What happens then, I have no idea. As new developments happen, I'll be sure to post them. One thing I will definitely be doing if the book does not come back is alerting any comic shops/pawn shops in New Bedford, MA area about the book and its serial number.
  5. Good idea. I think it’s a small Massachusetts town, so that could work.
  6. Have to let the return process play out and then get in touch with High Value Claims dept. and go from there if needed.
  7. Thanks. Yeah, I’ve been slowly moving away from eBay and this will be the thing that pushes me away for good.
  8. I will make sure to mention that tomorrow
  9. Thanks. He paid pretty quickly. I thought I had my settings set to not allow anyone with a feedback score below a certain number, but I guess I didn’t or it got reset. I’m not sure about FB. Once the eBay situation gets handled, I can share his name, so anyone selling on FB is aware. If anyone sells on FB and wants to flag this person now, send me a PM.
  10. So... This person Purchased this book from me It was delivered today, and I received this message... I’ve called ebay and will most likely have to file a claim with my insurance company, but this one really stings. ebay is calling me back tomorrow because I had to jump off the phone when my wife and kids got home. I’ll post more details/events if there are any worth sharing.
  11. As @the blob said, an eBay completed/sold items search would be very easy, if this is the case. Sort by “ended recently,” and that should give you a good idea of what his stuff is worth now. Everything else you’ve proposed doing sounds like a waste of time.
  12. Wonder if we will get any mentions or appearances of Death Watch. I enjoyed the Clone Wars stories set on Mandalore. Curious to see how much the planet’s history plays into the show.
  13. Bought this book at a local convenience store off the newsstand. Remember it clearly. My grandmother won a few bucks on a Bingo scratch-off ticket and gave me the money to get something I wanted. The rows of comics caught my eye. I'm not sure why I picked this one, but it resulted in a spider-man addiction for a while.