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  1. Stormwatch v1 #7? I can only find one or two sales of the book in 9.8 and it looks like they sold for $10.
  2. For #2? Does he appear in the story of #2? I haven't seen any advanced previews.
  3. Anybody think the Witter variant is going to do any better than the Sway variant? Even at the lowest price for the Witter, it’s still the same as what Sway is going for currently.
  4. The character has had a cult following for a while. Nothing to warrant raw prices being over $1, though. However, CGC 9.8s of issue #1 have been selling for around $100 since 2013. Not a bad profit for a book that could have been had for $0.50 for the longest time.
  5. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing. Can’t really go wrong at that price or lower.
  6. Things are just getting crazy, though. I stopped at a LCS I hadn’t been to before, and no DH Star Wars were anywhere to be found. I asked the guy working the counter if they had any and he said they pulled all the DH books and set them aside for sale online. He mentioned that every random book is blowing up. Can’t say I blame him, I just don’t think I’ve seen anything like that before. That may explain why I couldn’t find any DH books at another shop I’ve been to a couple times, albeit briefly both times.
  7. Freedon Nad. Can’t really have tell Exar Kun’s story without Freedon Nadd.
  8. Went dollar bin diving a few weeks ago. Tales of the Jedi #2 is his first appearance. The rest are the other scores
  9. Yup. Strange times. He’s a cool character, but strange times nonetheless.
  10. Yeah. Jek-14 is only a lego character so far. I think what’s driving the speculation is that his character would fit during the current timelines being explored on TV and Film. I guess he could show up in the Bad Batch. Who knows anymore.
  11. I’m curious to see the SDCC book. I think that’s actually #4 from all the quick research I did yesterday. I tried to find some interiors online but no luck.
  12. Lego Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles #1 Included with Lego Club Magazine; #30 March-April 2013. The variant of #1, I believe, was a store exclusive. Insert: Variant: