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  1. Things will probably heat back up starting on May 4th. Just a guess
  2. Yeah, there are three stores I frequent near me. Two have bad idea books, which is nice. There always seems to be a decent stream of people, and it looks like product is moving. One of them always seems to have kids with their parents, which is an encouraging sign. I take my son there when I go on the weekends. I hope they can continue their success and can capitalize on this opportunity.
  3. This was the lone Crow book that was in a collection I bought last week. In kinda rough shape (think someone spilled coffee while reading), but haven’t come across a lot of these.
  4. Not sure what this means, but FYI if it becomes something... Also, I guess there is going to be some announcement to go along with issue three.
  5. Looks like a coffee spill that hits the cover and first couple pages. Included a third page that does not appear to reflect staining. Thanks in advance for any opinions.
  6. I believe Matt Kindt already did this with Mind MGMT. it’ll probably happen on creator-owned stuff if it happens at all. Quidd and Topps are already selling NFTish Marvel, Valiant and Star Wars digital collectibles.
  7. Cant tell what the fine print is. I’ll have to dig it out. Yeah, it’s 1988 I think. Punisher War Journal 4 or 5. My reaction is less about the product and more about the ad itself.
  8. We all have a picture(s) of ourselves from days gone by that we look at now and say, "what the heck was I thinking?" Ads in comics are no different. What's your favorite cringeworthy ad featured in a comic? Below is one I recently came across and just thought, WTF...
  9. Same! That collection has some nice Punisher runs, but at the same time has awesome titles like Marshal Law, Dinosaurs for Hire, Last American and so on. I know the modern Big 2 keep trying to rehash old ideas, but the stuff being put out today though Image, Boom, Scout and other indies kinda reminds me of some of the cool looking and weird copper stuff that caught my eye when I'd dig through back issues as a kid.
  10. I think they parted way, but I don't really follow DC stuff. The most I saw about it beforehand was Bleeding Cool highlighting it as possibly being part of a new connected Image universe with Radiant Black and Nocterra.
  11. Yeah, I like all the covers for this book. I'm not sure what drives people to Cover A on a lot of these books, but if one is selling better than the others, that's the one I follow. It's a good story and any heat seems to be based on that, so it can't hurt grabbing more at cover if you can.
  12. Geiger #1 (Cover A) is selling well. Book went back for a second printing before it hit shelves. Stores may have underestimated demand, which is weird being a Geoff Johns Image book.
  13. Same. The news happened right before FOC. Real surprised by the current sales. Cover A does look to be doing a lot better than the Jock variant, though.