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  1. Looking to buy or I have a 9.4 trade plus cash. Thanks
  2. One of my favorite titles out right now. Not sure why it never caught on with fans? Kirkman's name alone should bring thousands of fans. I was hesitant to jump on because of the art. I've grown to love it over the years.
  3. Same I feel like the fist four came out quickly. It's been a while now since the last issue came out. The story is confusing enough, I don't want to wait that long to read the next one!
  4. Oh man the new IDW Gi Joe series is not what I expected. Not a fan, anyone else read it? Sticking to the old Marvel/IDW series.
  5. If you didn't have to ask for replacements, you are the 1st. Congrats! I was worried when I saw the packaging and opened it expecting some defect. I got lucky I guess. Cool covers too. Anyone know the print run? Is it a standard 3000 print run?
  6. How's the show? Anyone going Sunday? I'm up to meet up at some point?
  7. Really? Voltron had some decent popularity. I see somebody has a real nice one for sale on the boards right now too. Voltron was a TV show kids ran home after school to see n the 80s. A related comic is no drek! Team America on the other hand... I've never seen this in any comic shop let alone dollar bin.
  8. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the first Power Girl. This one broke 2K! All Star 58
  9. What are they and are they worth anything?