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  1. I won't take them seriously until they hire Jason Ewert as their proprietary restoration verification tool.
  2. If the work was professionally done and the book has NOT been trimmed in any way, let it rip via auction. If the work was amateur in nature or includes trimming, park it at a reasonable BIN and wait it out.
  3. Because the world needs another Walgreen's..........
  4. Sell the bronze books at FMV and cherry pick a 5.5 X-Men 1 with good PQ. Just my two cents........
  5. Gary Dolgoff is the first name that came to my mind. Solid guy to do business with.
  6. Picked this one up a couple of weeks ago after shopping for the “right” copy for a few months. Probably the first one I’ve owned in 20 years. Here’s hoping it takes off, but even if it doesn’t I’m real happy with the price, and it has really strong bones for an OW 4.5.
  7. Very happy to be back in this club after a LONG time. Great bones on this 4.5 OW copy.
  8. It's that middle group of keys that inspires the most debate: BB28, ASM1, XM1,TOS39, and JIM83. Whether this year or shortly thereafter, I think TOS 39 is going to take off even more than it has recently. I'm hoping that the lower tier of keys heats up. Books like TTA 35 and 44, Strange Tales 101 and 107......