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  1. Everyone. Been a long time since I have sold on here, but I mostly lurk in the threads to see how things are going. I still collect comics but mostly into the toy game now. Anyways, I have this book I recently bought and it's time for it to have a better home. For those who don't know me, I have bought and sold and made a whole bunch of dumb post in some of the threads for a long time now. Here's my kudos thread ( I forgot to hyperlink) I will ship this book between 2 pieces of cardboard and fully bubble wrapped and shipped in a priority box through the USPS. Paypal only G&S please. Shipping to most countries other than USA but please ask first. Shipping will be FREE to USA residents amd a $10 credit will be for international buyers. I ship next business day! I don't play around. First wins and trumps any pending PM's No list members. Up for grabs is a Fantastic Four #48 1st App of this cool dude on a surf board. I am asking $850 for this bad boy. I had previously asked for a grade on the PGM thread and some fellow cool boardies said it'd be around the 4.5 mark. Which to me sounds good, but I am not a grader Thanks for looking and please don't hesitate to say hi, or post ridiculous things. I'm very friendly.
  2. As will I. Awax!! Maybe one day I’ll have another #1 Hope they drop hard in price. Lol
  3. I heard this morning. Sad sad day. I always wanted to finish the book and now I know I can catch up. Last I read was Eugene contacting people through the CB radio. RIP WD you will be missed.
  4. Thank you. I was thinking around the same thing. That HULK #2 was pressed to, it came out great.
  5. Hello everyone. Was lucky enough to pick these 2 beautys up at a local comic book shop near me and was hoping to see if anyone could spare some grades. HULK 181 all complete including stamp FF 48 Please and thank you Retro
  6. Hi everyone. I’m currently in the market for a GSXM #1 CGC 6.5 to 7.0 Must have no writing anywhere on the book, OW-W Pages. Looking to possibly buy from a well known dealer or collector here on the boards. Someone who’s also going to ship within 1-2 days. Ready to buy today! PayPal Ready!! Please pm me Thanks Retro
  7. Hi everyone. Been a awhile since I posted and sorry if this is the wrong sub thread, but I was wondering if CGC still does onsite grading at Megacon? I see the events page and the “onsite grading” icon is not there but I was thinking it’s not cause it’s still is too far out. Thanks for any info Retro
  8. TMNT Mirage Studios 1988 Volume One All issues Soft Cover Book $50 BEAUTIFUL COPY