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  1. Holy Shyt! I think I have that book at home. always good to find a book that you didnt know is actually worth something. But it sucks to be on the other side & know that that's a book that you don't have but needed for a collection that you weren't really focusing on at the moment. Now knowing that when you do get over to working on THAT run, at least one of the books is going to be unnecessarily expensive all of a sudden. Wow dude, just wow! I'm getting in on that action.
  2. It's all good either way. I'm still in search for my grail. I have searched and cannot find it.
  3. FYI I provided that info on recalled. Since then I got new information.
  4. How many Stars Wars Vader Down 1:5000 are out there?
  5. The book came out in 2011 and only 5 surfaced. I still say under 10. If people had the book and they see the rate that it is being sold for more would have came to light.
  6. You open to selling that Ultimate Comics #1 Sketch Variant? Jerome Hey Jerome the 8.5 sold for $2700 Only 5 out there three 9.8s, one 9.2 and a 8.5. Good luck hunting!
  7. You open to selling that Ultimate Comics #1 Sketch Variant? Jerome Why would I do that?
  8. I am very curious to see if anyone has a modern comic grail that they are in search of. For me there is only 1 book that I am trying to get for my modern collection that will send me over the top. As you all know I'm a huge Miles Morales fan and I just have to have this BOOK! I thought hunting for the B&W #1 was tough but this is taking the cake.
  9. Is Kamala Kahn 1st appearance Captain Marvel 14 or 17? I ask because everything that I see states issue 14. Is this another cameo vs 1st full debate with her?